The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 921

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Chapter 921 – Encountering Yun Qi (2)

"Dead person? You're really stupid. Don't you see that that person's body is emitting a bit of spirit power? If it was a corpse, could it emit spirit power? How could I have a stupid palace maid like you?"

"Oh." Cui Yu received her instructions, hurriedly praising: "Her Highness the princess is still the more intelligent one."

"That's because you're too stupid." The little princess arrogantly cast her a glance.

"This servant is stupid, it's not as if Her Highness the princess hasn't known for one or two days." Cui Yu muttered.

The little princess had her hand behind her back and walked out, then suddenly halted her footsteps and turned around to look at Cui Yu: "This princess knew you were stupid, just didn't know you were stupid to this degree."

Cui Yu: "……"

Her Highness the princess's words were always this sharp, not giving a thread of consideration ah. However, it's no wonder, this little princess the royal family doted on, indeed had the qualifications to not give anyone face.

At this moment, the little princess Yulin who looked like an old man with her hands intersected behind her back, unhurriedly strolled out.

When she stood on the deck, a huge group of people followed behind her with a 'whoosh' sound.

Protecting the princess was a great responsibility, n.o.body dared to slack off.

At the moment, Su Luo's body, flowing with the waves, got even closer to the yacht.

"Go, fish up that person." The little princess, full of imposing manner, arrogantly and bossily ordered her subordinates.

She actually wanted to see, why that person who resembled a corpse, could emit spirit power. It made her greatly curious.

The princess ordered, naturally, countless people rushed to win approval.

Thus, the little princess carelessly picked a maid with good cultivation: "You go."

The maid accepted the order and went, however, before she had walked several steps, the corner of this little princess's mouth suddenly hooked in a strange smile: "Wait."

The palace maid bowed and stopped.

This little princess' temperament was bizarre and volatile. No one could guess what she was thinking in her little head.

The little princess snorted: "If that person is beautiful, then you pick her up. If she is not beautiful, then throw her back to feed the fish, so as not to dirty this princess's eyes."

Finished talking, she waved her hand, carelessly dispatching the maid to go: "Okay, okay, quickly go."

Once the princess said these words, the surrounding people had no reaction.

Because they had all grown accustomed to it.

They were used to this princess saying astonis.h.i.+ng words with a habit of judging one by appearances.

The maids and the palace eunuchs by the little princess's side would specifically choose beautiful things for her, to please her.

Surveying the entire palace, the maids and eunuchs that looked pretty were all gathered away by her.

This hobby of the young lady, if put in modern times, would be severely uncontrollable. Because she was the little princess most doted on by Western Jin's emperor, she was able to carry out this hobby of hers.

The maid jumped down into the water, very quickly swimming to the location where Su Luo was.

The princess's gaze was sharp, if she only used ninety percent of effort instead of one hundred percent, then at that time, the princess would definitely be merciless and not give her face.

The maid, thinking this in her heart, sped up even more. Very quickly, she neared Su Luo.

The split second when she saw Su Luo——

"Ah——" The maid's lips cried out in surprise.

Oh heavens, such a beautiful young lady!

One could only see this young lady quietly lying on the river's surface, her eyes tightly closed, her fingers tightly clenched.

Only could only see her facial features being so exquisite as to be perfection. She had no make-up applied on her face, yet her skin was delicate, so elegant as to be moving. Simply so beautiful that it made people stop breathing.

That light-colored dress, made her look like a fairy, sending off lights in all directions. Its radiance illuminated her and attracted people's eyes.

This…… simply was even more beautiful than the little princess!

Simply…… blinded her eyes.

The palace maid knew, if she brought back this woman, Her Highness the princess would certainly love it, at that time, she would earn meritorious credit.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 921

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