The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 922

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Chapter 922 – Encountering Yun Qi (3)

Only, even though this young lady's eyes were closed, her whole body still emitted a clear cold light, appearing very indifferent and heartless.

Involuntarily making people want to retreat, as if even an extra look was blaspheme.

Truly was……really like a fairy from the ninth layer of heaven that had fallen into the mortal world ah.

Too beautiful!

The maid stared blankly, her mind recalling the little princess' orders. Not saying another word, she lifted Su Luo up and was just about to return.

However, what was hard for her to imagine was, within a range of one third of a meter from this young lady, her hands unexpectedly couldn't reach!

Just like, this young lady's body had an invisible rectangle-shaped protective cover, enveloping her entire body.

The maid's gaze suddenly flashed.

Wasn't it so? Soaked for so long in the river water, this young lady's clothes weren't even wet, so clean, not even a trace of a water spot was on her body……

There absolutely was a protective cover s.h.i.+elding her.

On the yacht, the princess saw the maid rigidly standing still in the river water and couldn't help but to frown slightly.

However, before she could pa.s.s down an order, that maid had already put away all her doubts. She turned to swim to Su Luo's back, pus.h.i.+ng her body towards the yacht.

Sure enough, the people at the little princess's side, there wasn't a single stupid person.

Very quickly, the maid holding Su Luo, flew up and jumped onto the deck.

The instant she saw Su Luo, the little princess's eyes immediately shone.

"Oh my, this one looks really good!" Seeing that face of Su Luo's, the little princess's eyes stared until they was straight, clicking her tongue in astonishment.

The little princess seized the opportunity to touch Su Luo's face, discovering that her face was powdery soft. It felt exceedingly good.

This little princess admired everything that was beautiful, including people.

It could be said that at her young age, it was already completely out of control.

The people serving at her side, not a single one was stupid. Also, not a single one of them looked ordinary.

Everyone would say that when the maid at Princess Yulin's side walked out, even the prized daughters of aristocratic families couldn't compare to them, this was a fact.

"But, how could the clothes on her body be dry?" The little princess had the same doubts as that maid.

The surrounding people looked at each other in dismay.

The highly intelligent Little Princess Yulin couldn't understand. How could they, this group of insignificant servants, possibly understand?

For a moment, it was deadly silent on the deck……

The little princess held her chin and pondered, and circled around Su Luo, the sleeping beauty.

She tilted her little head, thought for a long time and still couldn't understand. She finally just waved her hand: "Not going to care, first carry her back, pay attention, must have the imperial physician carefully give her medical treatment. If she doesn't recover after treatment, you guys ask the imperial physician to come see me with his head!"

Ever since the little princess saw that face of Su Luo's, afterwards, when she once again lifted her head to see these young maids and palace eunuchs at her side, she immediately frowned.

The people ah, depended on being compared.

Having Su Luo's exceptionally beautiful countenance as a comparison, the surrounding group of people were immediately eclipsed. They all became ugly people.

Don't know how long had pa.s.sed, Su Luo's pair of thin as a cicada’s wings thick eyelashes fluttered slightly.

Afterwards, she opened her eyes.

Where was this?

Su Luo's heart was full of questions.

Last night, she swam until she was completely spent. She had fought for a long time with the black-clothed people in the river. Only after she had killed a portion of them, was she then able to escape their encirclement.

Afterwards, she once again swam for a long time.

After that, she wasn't aware of anything more.

Just when Su Luo was in a moment of confusion, the door was pushed open with a creaking sound.

Su Luo raised her eyes, then met with a delicate and gorgeous little face.

This was a very beautiful young girl.

Especially that pair of eyes, vivid and moving, as if they could speak.

The young girl had both hands behind her back and leisurely walked to in front of Su Luo.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 922

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