The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 938

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Chapter 938 – Ouyang Yunqi (6)

She sat on the carriage driver's seat, her two feet placed down, swinging, looking extremely adorable.

Su Luo nonchalantly nodded her head: "Happy."

The Spirit Dance Steps she needed were in the imperial palace, how could she not be happy?

"Yun Luo, you don't need to worry, I won't gift you to Third Older Brother, even if he comes to exchange you with a doughnut, I also won't give you to him!" The little princess said full of courageous spirit.

Su Luo felt like being choked with resentment because of this.

Doughnut? Yunqi, your ability to coax a child was actually not small oh.

Didn't know when, Yunqi rode his horse to alongside the carriage.

The little Princess Yulin's mouth split open in a smile, showing two missing front teeth. She was just about to shout out in excitement, but Yunqi shook his head.

The little princess was usually weird, she could understand people's meaningful glances. Seeing this, she hurriedly covered her little mouth.

Yunqi stuffed all of the paper with oil stains wrapped stuff in the little princess's arms. Afterwards he turned around, spurring on his horse to leave.

The little princess looked at the stuff in her arms, the corner of her mouth hooked into a crafty little fox like smile.

These were Tao Ran Restaurant's steamed buns.

Tao Ran Restaurant, only sold some in the capital, and nowhere else.

Seeing the dew on Third Older Brother and the horse's body that wasn't dry yet, the little girl knew, Third Older Brother had definitely personally urged his horse on and enter the city to buy these steamed buns.

Making a round trip between here and the capital, going as fast as possible, needed at least six hours……Ouch, it seemed this time, Third Elder Brother had truly set his heart on her.

The little girl, clasping the greasy paper wrapped buns and entered the carriage.

Those pair of lively and quick-witted jet-black huge eyes were whirling and turning, when she smiled, two adorable small canine teeth were revealed, appearing extremely cute.

Just at this moment, Su Luo was sitting cross-legged in meditation and had entered a state of cultivation.

Ever since she returned last night, she had continuously entered her s.p.a.ce to cultivate.

Recently she had been continuously chased to be kill, her strength had stagnated and was difficult to improve, this made her feeling of crisis deepened a bit again.

Actually, when Yunqi had spurred his horse just now, she had felt it, but she didn't want to meet that man face-to-face, therefore, she pretended to not know.

Su Luo slowly opened her eyes, her serene gaze looked at the little Princess Yulin.

She felt it was quite necessary to properly have a chat with this weird little girl, so as to avoid her random matchmaking.

The Little Princess was completely unaware of Su Luo's thoughts, she excitedly called: "Yun Luo, quickly come eat breakfast! The best tasting steamed buns from the capital's Tao Ran Restaurant!"

"Ok." Su Luo knew and lightly agreed.

The little princess scratched her head.

She already said the capital and Tao Ran Restaurant these two keywords, Yun Luo still didn't have any reaction?

The little princess raised her voice again: "The distance from here to the capital, going on a round trip on a fast horse takes six hours!"

Su Luo once again lightly gave an 'oh' sound.

"Aren't you even curious about who bought these best tasting steamed buns at all?!" The little princess was unable to remain calm.

"Anyways it would be one of the guards, does it make a difference who among them bought it?" Su Luo, cast a justifiable glance at her.

The little princess immediately was angered to death, slapping the small table in protest: "It was Third Older Brother, Third Older Brother personally went to the capital to buy it and ran back!" Her Third Older Brother's heart had never moved like this towards other girls.

Su Luo smiled lightly: "You really believe it ah?"

The little princess was so depressed to the point of suffering internal injury: "It's true, it's true. Third Elder Brother truly personally went, don't believe—— don't believe then you go look at that horse of his!"

Third Elder Brother's kindness and good intentions, mustn’t be misunderstood! That horse's body was full of damp dewdrops, it was clear with just one look.

Su Luo cast a playing down glance at her: "Just putting layer of dew on a horse, what's so difficult about it?"

Su Luo knew perfectly well these steamed buns Yunqi had truly spent six hours to go buy and return. But she still pretended to not know and deliberately distorted it.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 938

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