The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 942

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Chapter 942 - Western Jin Imperial Palace (4)

Wasn't Su Luo becoming Yunqi's concubine still too high of a social climb?

Once senior imperial concubine Li said these words, the surrounding became even more quite.

Old emperor really couldn't continue to watch this.

The facial features of this girl in front of him were nearly identical to that person. She was probably her daughter.

Would her daughter become somebody's concubine? Wasn't this funniest joke under the sun? Just mentioning her would profane her image.

As a result, old emperor lifted his eyes to glare coldly at senior concubine Li. His tone was cold and heartless: "Shut up!"

Senior concubine Li was shocked.

His Majesty was angry… today, he got angry at her repeatedly, could it be that he was… for real?

Thinking of this senior concubine Li's expression became extremely complicated.

Just when she was worried.

Yunqi also looked at senior concubine Li with indifference: "If I can marry her as the main wife, is an honor to Yuqi, concubine Li, please guard your tongue."

Princess Yulin gave a sneer: "You are useless yourself, but don’t look down on others."

"You guys… " Senior concubine Li was left speechless from the reprime.

She felt downright unlucky.

She merely told the truth, why would these people glare at her like ravenous wolves? Who did she cross or provoke?

"I just mentioned it out of the kindness and nothing more. Forget it, forget it, my good intentions were taken for ill ones." Senior concubine Li raised her hands in surrender.

She could finally see clearly all of their hearts had grown biased. They had all sided with that imperial maid of unknown origins called Yun Luo.

Su Luo smiled faintly, her quick-witted pupils that were moving were somewhat taunting : "I already have a person I love, therefore Senior concubine Li should keep your kindness for yourself to enjoy."

n.o.body expected that this sweet country girl, would admit to having a sweetheart in such a public place with so many people present.

Although Western Jin's customs were more open, but they were not open-minded to this extent.

Momentarily, everyone looked at Su Luo with surprise and curiosity.

Su Luo just stood there unperturbed with a calm, shallow smile plastered on her face. She confidently and neither obsequious nor overbearingly, allowed them to examine her.

However, Yunqi's expression suddenly stiffened.

His pitch-black pupils suddenly burst out with specks of cold light, all of it was directed at Su Luo.

After what he had just said, she didn’t even hesitate to announce that she had a sweetheart.

Yunqi wasn't naive enough to a.s.sume that sweetheart was him.

He followed her to this other world. He had already made all kinds of preparations for hard to take blows.

But having just heard this sentence of hers… suddenly, a burst of pain flashed through the chest area closest to his heart.

His heart was being squeezed by a huge hand, squeezing until he almost couldn't breath.

If people were to say who was the happiest person at the scene right now. That would be none other than senior concubine Li.

She made it her business to get rid of every female who dared to get close to the emperor.

In a much better mood that before, she pursed her lips to smile at Su Luo: "Oh, Yun Luo is really straightforward. But who is your sweetheart, why don’t you tell us? Maybe His Majesty will be happy for you and bestow an imperial edict to grant this marriage. That would be a great honor."

In an instant, everyone's gazes were fixed on Su Luo.

But Su Luo still stood there calmly.

The wind blew by, lifting up that cloud and mist like dress, making her look like a fairy, bright and magnificent.

Su Luo's lips curled up, her gaze accidentally swept pa.s.s Yunqi, she slowly said: "He is not from Western Jin. I'm afraid His Majesty wouldn't be bestowing this imperial edict granting the marriage."

He wasn't from Western Jin?

Senior concubine Li was immediately overjoyed, she almost clapped her hands in joy.

If he wasn't from Western Jin then that's great, simply the best.

Having said that, if His Majesty still had plans for her, that would be too damaging to his image.

Senior concubine Li looked to the emperor.

She saw the emperor's eyebrows knit together, as if displeased, but not in an angry manner…

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 942

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