The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 946

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Chapter 946 - Mother's secret (3)

The Northern Mo's royal family used to have the strongest military power among the four nations. But following this event, the country rapidly weakened and became the weakest of the four nations.

If not for the Xuanyuan family strenuously supporting them, Northern Mo would have already been eaten away by the other three nations until nothing was left.

Now, after a hundred years had pa.s.sed, Northern Mo's Xuanyuan family could be regarded as having slowly risen up, replacing the royal family and finally bringing Northern Mo to another high.

The old emperor told this period of secret history so vividly, in order to leave an even deeper impression upon Su Luo——

"Gui Ci" were terrifying, very frightening!

"Then——Then who among the 'Gui Ci" was that mysterious person? A behind-the-scenes boss?" Su Luo asked curiously. That cheap mother of hers was really something else, too intrepid. She ought to learn well from her mother.

"Don't know." The old emperor said truthfully, "Back then, I also asked your mother, but she only smiled and didn't say anything. However, I am sure that person's strength was strong, very, very strong."

Since there were no leads, then Su Luo temporarily gave up on it. Once again, she continued to ask in high spirits: "Then, what about that fourth person?"

Everyone else was like little tadpoles looking for their mom, she was a little tadpole looking for her dad. She also needed to pick one out of four, really f*cking easy no?

"The fourth person…" The old emperor choked on his own saliva and waved his hands, "I don’t know."

"How could you not know? " Su Luo simply didn't believe it.

"Does the little girl think Uncle Ouyang is lying? I'm telling you, Uncle Ouyang really doesn't know." The old emperor, being stimulated by Su Luo, immediately came clean, "Whether this person even exists is also hard to say."

"???" Three huge question marks hung over Su Luo's forehead.

The old emperor noticed that Su Luo was h.e.l.l bent on asking, so he cleared his throat. To comply with Su Luo and give her an explanation.

He sighed: "Your mother carried a white jade ornamental thumb ring on her body. At one glance, you could tell that the ring obviously belonged to a man."

Pausing for a moment, he then continued, "At that time, I also asked about it, but your mother said that it was a gift from someone. As for who gifted it to her, that I don't know."

Seeing Su Luo didn’t believe him, the old emperor helplessly gave a deep sigh: "That white jade ornamental thumb ring was of good quality jade, but the engraving skill was poor. At one glance, it was obviously done by a novice, but your mother clearly was very attached to this white jade ornamental thumb ring."

The old emperor's face was full of fondly recalling memories of the past: "At that time when your mother was chased to be killed, she forgot and left the ring behind. She didn’t even run and immediately returned to search for that ring."

"It could be seen that, for her, the white jade ornamental thumb ring was even more important than her own life." The old emperor summed up using his own judgment, "That man occupied a very important place in your mother's heart. As for who he is, in any case, your Uncle Ouyang doesn’t know."

"Then who would know?" Su Luo asked.

"Aside from your mother, I reckon only Grandmaster Rong Yun would know." The old emperor said, after thinking for a moment.

At that time, he was a taciturn youngster, and now, he was already a grandmaster. The old emperor sighed again with emotion.

Four preeminent, outstanding, extraordinary, super high quality men——in the end, which one was her cheap old dad?

Su Luo propped up her chin, with eyes looking at the sky. Her mind was turning around at lightning speed.

These four men, which one was the father of this little tadpole… Su Luo felt her head hurt as she placed a hand on her forehead.

The mother that she had never met was really a femme fatale ah….

The old emperor looked at Su Luo with some regret: "You should live well in the palace. If you need anything, just ask, as long as it's something Uncle Ouyang can do, Uncle will absolutely do it properly for you."

Having heard what was said, Su Luo's eyes suddenly lit up.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 946

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