The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 948

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Chapter 948 - Mother's secret (5)

"Not going to bet." As soon as Su Luo saw the old emperor smiling like an old fox, she knew immediately what he was thinking about. Therefore, she directly refused in one breath.

"Ah, kids these days are really hard to raise." Old emperor gave a rueful sigh.

But at the same time, he was also grateful.

Indeed, the remaining blood lineage left behind by that person stood out so much from the

Su Luo rose and took her leave. She returned to little Princess Yulin's Magnificent Gem Palace.

The princess curiously came up, saying this and that. In fact, she just wanted inquire about what the old emperor said to Su Luo.

But how could Su Luo speak about matters regarding the older generation?

Su Luo also rambled on, talking about random topics. The little princess saw that she really couldn't get any answers, only then did she roll her eyes dejectedly.

The night was pitch-black as ink.

Now was the darkest period right before daybreak.

This period was very short. Often, this time was when people were most sleepy during the day.

Su Luo, who was laying on the bed sleeping soundly, suddenly opened her eyes.

In the dark of the night, her eyes shone brightly like daylight, giving off a star-like brilliance.

The corners of Su Luo's lips slowly curled up into a smile. Afterwards, she flipped over and got up from the bed.

With swift and agile movements, she changed into her nocturnal clothes. Then, her nimble leopard-like body flipped out through the window.

The surroundings were very quiet, all the lights were put out.

The bright moonlight poured down like water, covering the whole earth in saffron-colored clothing. It gave off a hazy and blurred beauty.

Su Luo was clad in black nocturnal clothes with speed that was as fast as lightning. She swiftly and quietly disappeared into the endless night.

Before, Su Luo had deliberately inquired about the location of Yunqi's residence.

After getting the approximate location, this matter became a lot easier.

Su Luo could see in the night as clearly as if it was daytime.

At night, the guards patrolled back and forth.

But Su Luo's speed was a lot faster than theirs, so fast as if the wind was blowing by, immediately disappearing.

She blended in with the darkness of the night, and combined with her unparalleled speed, even if Su Luo flew by behind them, they still wouldn't have detected her.

Su Luo didn’t stop along the way, soon, she had arrived at the gate of a magnificent mansion.

"Magnificent Yun Palace." Seeing these three words, Su Luo's eyes flashed.

That's right, this place was where Yunqi lived.

But Su Luo's mouth still grimaced.

Because as she was coming here, she couldn’t help but notice, every residence in this palace had a name with "magnificent (华 )" in it.

The same "magnificent (华 )" from Yan Hua.

This old emperor was really infatuated with her, after so many years, he obviously knew he couldn't have her but he still could not forget.

The bitterness from a secret love…

Su Luo quickly sorted out her mood and noiselessly entered Magnificent Yun Palace.

Su Luo made sure that the sound of her footsteps were at the lightest, like goose feathers.

She adjusted her breathing to the faintest so n.o.body could hear it.

Yunqi's strength was unfathomable, even up till now, Su Luo still was unclear about his limits.

If she advanced carefully and slowly, it shouldn't go badly.

She turned and jumped onto a high palace wall. Her delicate body hid behind the red columns with dragon and phoenix engravings, hidden by the darkness of the night.

She lifted her head slightly, surveying her surroundings carefully.

The candles were extinguished, not a single ray of light could be seen.

The surroundings were very quiet, except for light sounds of snoring, there weren't any other sounds.

But Su Luo frowned, finding that things were somewhat difficult.

Magnificent Yun Place was so huge, where could Yunqi have hidden the secret book?

The study? The bedroom? Or a secret room?

Su Luo frowned and pondered for a moment, and still had no idea.

Forget it, just start searching according to his habits from his previous life.

After thinking it through, Su Luo headed towards the most gorgeous building in the center of this residence.

After a few jumps, Su Luo's figure fell behind some doors and windows.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 948

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