The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 953

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Chapter 953 – Behind was a force that chased after her (2)

The young lady being besieged was dressed all in blue, with a distinctly beautiful face.

Only, under the group of black-clothed people's attack, her face and body were all covered in blood. It was a ghastly sight.

On her shoulder sat a plump little blue elf, that pair of originally perplexed eyes were now furious and bloodshot.

The besieged person was none other than Zi Yan, who had gotten separated from Su Luo before.

Zi Yan being able to persevere until now was already at the end of her strength, very soon, she wouldn't be able to continue this fight.

At this time, several black-clothed people exchanged a glance, sinister and fierce rays of light flas.h.i.+ng through their eyes.

Zi Yan, who was tangled by the three people dressed in black, several of the other people had calculated well and dodged to her back——

Two of the people among them suddenly jumped up and chopped towards Zi Yan's head.

The other two people chopped towards Zi Yan's feet!

Up, down, left, right, front and back, from all directions, she was sealed.

Even if Zi Yan grew wings, it would be difficult for her to fly out!

A touch of despair flashed through Zi Yan's eyes, she was really unwilling.

With great difficulty, she had touched Su Luo's luck and gotten this adorable little blue elf. Unfortunately, in the end, she didn't have the luck to raise it….

Seeing the swords chopping towards her from all directions…Zi Yan closed her eyes in despair.

Just at this critical moment, Su Luo appeared out of the blue——

"Fight!" Su Luo angrily yelled.

At the same time, Su Luo used all of her cards!

The little divine dragon rushed up, in the time it took for him to take one vertical jump, he attacked the two people aiming for Zi Yan's foot. He directly kicked, shuttering their brains into pieces.

The Variant Acacia Tree wasn't to be outdone, it extended out two long green vines that were like two strong arms, firmly grabbing the two people in mid-air!

The two people in mid-air were about to succeed, but they never imagined that just at this critical moment, there would actually be a vine that wrapped around them, stopping them. Then, it pulled back fiercely!

They were completely unable to control their own bodies. They were dragged and sent flying backwards!

"Slam!" Just at this moment, the little divine dragon's hands were free. He wanted to scramble for more meritorious service, sending another two fists towards the two people that pa.s.sed his side from the throw!

"Ah——" The two people gave a bloodcurdling scream of pain, a fist-sized hole was smashed into their foreheads.

But the Variant Acacia Tree didn't get angry.

This kind of partners.h.i.+p was very advantageous to them.

As a result, just like this, the Variant Acacia Tree would wrap around a target, and the little divine dragon would go up and smash their heads.

One wrapped and one smashed, these two were extremely happy and busy. They simply considered this the most amusing game ever.

Originally, Su Luo also wanted to help, but when these two undertook the task, there was no place for her to be useful.

Su Luo hurriedly walked towards Zi Yan.

Zi Yan turned her head and saw Su Luo, her eyes and face were full of smiles, "Luo Luo, you are fine right? That's really great…"

Finished speaking, her body swayed, almost about to fall down.

Su Luo supported her, and said with deep concern: "First, sit down, I'll help you treat your injuries."

"Not fatal, first kill off these offal and then talk later." Zi Yan struggled to bandish her knife and wanted to rush in again.

Su Luo unhappily stopped her: "There isn't enough of them for the little divine dragon and Acacia tree to kill. You should just rest well."

Su Luo looked at her with regret and sadness.

Right now, Zi Yan's head, face and entire body was covered in blood. You nearly couldn't tell the original blue color of her dress.

It could be seen these days, how miserably she had spent them.

Su Luo sighed, sincerely looking at her: "It was I who implicated you."

Zi Yan bluntly waved her hand: "This matter had nothing to do with you."

Su Luo shook her head: "No, the people chasing to kill you are that old witch Yan Xia's subordinates. And the person she really wants to kill is me."

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 953

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