The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 956

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Chapter 956 – Behind was a force that chased after her (5)

After Su Luo finished dealing with Zi Yan's stuff, she sat on a stone to rest, having been bored to death.

All of a sudden, her eyes lit up when she recalled that volume of 《Spirit Dance Steps Rules》 she had stolen previously. She still hadn't read it yet.

At this time, being idle was still being idle, so Su Luo took out that red sandalwood box from her s.p.a.ce.

The box was neither big nor small, on top of it was engraved with carvings of a dragon and phoenix. The workmans.h.i.+p was extremely exquisite.

This box was not locked using the traditional a key and lock, unexpectedly, it used a combination lock.

There were six rows of gears with the numbers 0 to 9. One must push all six little gears correctly before they could open the box.

However, the problem was that no one knew what the numbers Yun Qi had set up for his secret code were….

Having somewhat of a headache, Su Luo covered her forehead.

"Eh, what is this?" Zi Yan, who had tidied herself up, walked over and saw Su Luo holding a superiorly crafted box and stared at it blankly. Zi Yan sat down beside Su Luo, full of curiosity.

Su Luo s.h.i.+fted further inside on the smooth stone, giving Zi Yan some s.p.a.ce to sit.

"Oh, it's actually the Spirit Dance Steps Rules!" Seeing this, Zi Yan couldn't help but open her eyes wide, "Isn't this Western Jin imperial palace's secret manual that can't be pa.s.sed on to outsiders? How did it end up in your hands?"

Su Luo's lips hooked into a smile: "What do you think?"

Zi Yan was speechless: "It's not stolen right?"

"Correct answer, but there's no prize." Su Luo flicked her finger.

"Let me have a look." Zi Yan took the red sandalwood box and looked it over several times, "Who would know what this code is… It'll take at least a few days of experimenting, right?"

"A few days?" The corner of Su Luo's mouth pursed, "Every little gear has a probability of one tenth. One tenth to the sixth power, that's one million sequences, my dear."

"One million times?" Zi Yan looked at her own fingers, then immediately threw the red sandalwood box back to Su Luo, "At that time, your hand would already be crippled while the box still may be locked."

What Zi Yan said was true.

If she was to experiment for one million times, her hand would indeed be crippled. Su Luo had no intention of using this sort of primitive method either.

"Is it possible to smash it open?" Zi Yan's eyes suddenly lit up.

"You should give it a try." Zi Yan was at the seventh rank and extremely strong.

Zi Yan nodded seriously, took that box and transmitted her spirit power from her palm into that box.

However, very quickly, her spirit power were cut off by an invisible wall and unable to enter even a little bit more.

"How very strange. Unexpectedly, I can't open it." Zi Yan muttered puzzledly to herself.

Su Luo nodded: "I can't open it either."

In fact, from the first moment she got the box, she had tried to destroy the combination lock with spirit power. Unfortunately, she wasn't successful.

"Then what are you going to do?" Zi Yan pointed at her lower jaw with one hand, and her distinctly black and white eyes looked towards Su Luo: "How about you just randomly pick several numbers to use. Since your luck is so good, maybe for you, it'll be like a blind cat that finds a dead mouse."

Su Luo was dumbfounded: "With a probability of one in a million, you're telling me to randomly give it a try?"

"Then what else? Can't smash it open, so we can only make wild guesses." Zi Yan shrugged her shoulders helplessly, "How about you just give it a try? Later, when you are unable to tolerate it any longer, I'll help you."

Su Luo examined her finger that was fair as jade, then ultimately grinded her teeth and said, "Sure, let's stake it all!"

Only if she got the Spirit Dance Steps, would her speed be able to increase. And then her Nothingness of s.p.a.ce would be one step closer to being promotion.

This was a process she had to go through; it was unavoidable.

Su Luo crossed both her legs and sat down, placing the box on her knee.

She rubbed her hands and began to take action.

Naturally, Su Luo wouldn't do what Zi Yan said and randomly find a number to stake her luck on.

That one in a million chance, even thinking about it she felt that it was impossible.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 956

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