The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 964

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Chapter 964 – To disclose information (5)

The black-clothed person still knelt there with his back straight, using silence to confront Yunqi's reprimands.

These black-clothed people, motionlessly obstructed Su Luo's way out.

Su Luo smiled coldly: "Yunqi, it turns out you only have this much power."

Yunqi's face that was as calm as the deep sea, now seemed like it was surrounded by dark clouds, stormy, struggling violently to stay calm.

He turned his head, with hands crossed over, his eyes, looking at Su Luo, were filled with profound meaning: "Luo Luo, now, you only have one other choice."

"What else do you want to say?" Su Luo smiled coldly.

"If you agree to return to my side now, I can keep you safe and sound." If not….

Yunqi didn’t say the last part, but it was obvious to everybody, if you were not one of their own, then you were an enemy.

Su Luo's lips curled up in a mocking manner: "You really don’t understand me."

Was Su Luo someone who could be threatened by others?

"You detest me that much?" Yunqi gazed at her bitterly and despairingly.

She'd rather die than return to his side?

Just thinking of her choice, Yunqi felt his chest burst into flames, with rage almost tearing him into pieces.

"Yes, I detest you that much." Su Luo's words were sharp, without leaving a bit of affection.

Having heard that, Yunqi's expression changed, his body also becoming as stiff as iron.

"Good, very good!" He looked at Su Luo with ice-cold arrogance, "Since this is your choice, therefore, the consequences are yours to bear!"

Finished speaking, Yunqi took a step aside.

He made it clear to both side he would not get involved, and let them fight it out on their own.

The black-clothed people's leader saw this, his eyes darted a glance to the group of black-clothed men.

He lifted his right hand and firmly swung it downwards.


This was master's kill order!

Once you see Su Luo, kill without hesitation!

Immediately, around a dozen black-clothed people surrounded Su Luo, leaving five people to attack Zi Yan.

When Su Luo and Zi Yan were being forced apart, Su Luo said something to her.

"If you have an opportunity, then run!"

Zi Yan nodded her head: "You too! A long as there are green hills, there'll always be wood to burn!"

Besides, maybe Third Senior Brother would rush over soon!

"Let's fight!" Su Luo soared up into the air.

Now, the sun was setting in the west, dyeing the horizon a b.l.o.o.d.y red color that was savage and bright. The sight really was dazzling and harsh on the eyes.

Below, was a endless mountain range that rose and fell with uneven gorges.

The sunlight that scattered down was golden and resplendent, everybody was covered in a layer of tangerine-red colored rays of light.

The dozen or so black-clothed people charged towards Su Luo!

No matter who killed this loathsome girl in front of them, master would definitely reward them heavily.

n.o.body could stop their treasure-seeking hearts.

Su Luo stood there calmly, indifferently eyeing the people rus.h.i.+ng towards her.

At this time, she was calm and unperturbed.

There was a plump little white dragon sitting on her shoulders.

Not waiting for the enemies to get close, the little white dragon who loved to battle had already charge forward!


A violent sound resounded, and the foremost black-clothed person was suddenly sent flying with one kick from the little divine dragon, sending him flying to a distance place backward.

The little divine dragon didn't just kicked him flying, he also very cleverly kicked him in the chest where the heart was.

Huge holes appeared in the chest of the person who was kicked. He already breathed his last when his body was midair after being sent flying.

The little divine dragon made the recoil strength and rapidly charged towards the second person.

This time, like an exploding pond, he stilled planned to kick the chests of the black-clothed person.

But because he learned from the previously person's mistake, this black-clothed person covered his chest tightly, all of his spirit energy was concentrated into his heart, afraid of the little divine dragon kicking a huge hole in it.

However, although the little divine dragon oftentimes seemed foolishly adorable, occasionally he would get flashes of inspiration.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 964

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