The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1001

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Chapter 1001 – Rong Yun's Fury (3)

Grandmaster Rong Yun's deep eyes were as cold and sharp as a falcon's.

"You just hate her that much?" He looked at Fairy Yan Xia indifferently.

"Yes, I hate her! I hate her so much that I wish she would just die!!!"

Mentioning that taboo name, Fairy Yan Xia immediately started to act irrationally!

"If it was not for that s.l.u.t, how could you not want me! And still saying some brother-sister bulls.h.i.+t, the most nauseating was her! That s.l.u.t…"

Before Fairy Yan Xia could finish speaking.

"Slap——" One could only hear a heavy slap pa.s.s by.

Fairy Yan Xia's emaciated body was immediately sent flying and she heavily smashed into a wall. The explosive sound from her hitting the wall resounded.

"Cough, cough, cough——" While Fairy Yan Xia coughed out blood, she also laughed like a maniac. She laughed until tears came out.

Grandmaster Rong Yun's tall figure was rock-firm and unyielding, he stood there motionless. His face had no expression and was as cold as frost.

"Rong Yun. Rong Yun, why must you defend her like this? WHY?!" Fairy Yan Xia shrieked and shouted with her heart tearing and lungs splitting open.

Rong Yun indifferently looked at her as if looking at a dead person.

"Cough, cough, cough——" Fairy Yan Xia suddenly howled with laugher, "Rong Yun, you are too late. You want to kill me now, it's already too late."

Rong Yun remained silent.

Fairy Yan Xia continued to laugh like a maniac: "Have you seen that cheap girl's face? Hahahahahah——she is toast, she will certainly die!"

Rong Yun's expression suddenly changed. His figure was as fast as lightning, flas.h.i.+ng by, leaving an afterimage.

In the next second, he already grabbed Fairy Yan Xia by the throat: "Who did you tell?"

"Hahaha——" Fairy Yan Xia laughed until tears came out. Her face was twisted into a sinister expression that was shockingly horrible to see.

"Who have I told? Who do you think I told this to? Hahaha——"

Rong Yun looked all around and when he saw a dark red bloodstain in a corner, a cold light flashed through his eyes.

Fairy Yan Xia, who once considered herself to be unparalleled, was now like a crushed doll that was carelessly tossed on the ground by Rong Yun.

Ron Yun used his finger to dip a touch of the bloodstain and sniffed it with his nose.

Very quickly, his dark, thick sharp eyebrows knotted tightly.

When Fairy Yan Xia saw him like this, her laugh became increasingly more deranged. She even hammered at the ground with both hands as she laughed her head off: "Su Luo, that cheap girl, will definitely die! She is toast! Hahaha——"

"b.i.t.c.h!" Rong Yun's always gentle and tranquil face, in a flash, looked like a gale storm.

Right now, he simply could not restrain his rage.

"Hahah——enter the demonic path, become the Demon Lord, the return of the King of Demons, hahaha——"

Fairy Yan Xia seemed to have gone completely insane.

At this moment. she had a head that was disheveled and she cut a very sorry figure. Her entire person seemed to have sunk into some kind of a dream, her eyes lifeless and blurred.

However, she clearly seemed very happy and very excited, continuously laughing and laughing…

"Speak, where is that person?" Rong Yun very fiercely squeezed Fairy Yan Xia's emaciated shoulders and shook her with a lot of strength.

The strength was so great that it nearly shook Fairy Yan Xia into pieces.

However, Fairy Yan Xia continued to laugh, laughing like a dimwit, laughing nonstop.

Rong Yun's expression suddenly seemed somewhat anxious.

In this world, there shouldn't be something that would make Rong Yun anxious, but right now, he was definitely impatient and uneasy.

"Who is that person?" Rong Yun clenched Fairy Yan Xia's Lingtai acupuncture point.

Lingtai acupuncture point was the location where a cultivator's powers were stored.

Fairy Yan Xia was sober for a split second, and suddenly, she shouted: "Yun Qi, run! Quickly run! Do not let Rong Yun catch you!"

Yun Qi?

"Yun Qi! 《Peak of the Demonic Path》! You have to become the Demon Lord, you must become the Demon Lord!"

Rong Yun clenched both fists tightly as his heart gradually sank to the floor…

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1001

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