The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1006

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Chapter 1006 – To save and treat Su Luo (4)

Medicine refining room.

Inside, one after another brilliant night pearls were dazzling and bright.

Now, the rich sweet fragrance of medicine a.s.sailed the nostrils.

After Su Luo entered the medicinal cauldron, Rong Yun had put in another three kinds of medicinal herbs.

These three stalks of medicinal herbs, in the secular world, every stalk was priceless. It had a price but no market, but in front of Rong Yun, it was merely a stalk of medicinal herb.

A clean and complicated vein pattern was curved on top of the medicinal cauldron, it seemed archaic and mysterious at the same time.

But precisely because of these ancient line patterns, it allowed Su Luo to stay smoothly inside the medicinal cauldron without worrying about being cooked thoroughly.

Certainly, Fairy Yan Xia's ability to inscribe matrix spells naturally couldn't be compared to Rong Yun, thus her medicinal cauldron didn't have this ability.

"Stay in the medicinal cauldron for seven days, after seven days, your body will have improved a bit." Grandmaster Rong Yun looked at Su Luo's face for a split second, his eyes blurring slightly.

Su Luo leaned weakly against the wall of the medicinal cauldron, a shallow smile appearing on her face: "Troubled Master for all the effort, cough, cough——"

"Don't need to say more, circulate your spirit force to heal, it's best that you absorb all of these medicine." Rong Yun frowned, "If only I had Seven Step Smiling Flower, then it would be perfect, unfortunately…."

He knew that Yan Xia had it, however, he had walked through her one hundred and eight secret training bases, searched everywhere, and couldn't find that Seven Step Smiling Flower. It really was regretful.

Just when Rong Yun was about to leave, Su Luo called out to stop him.

"Master that….is it this…."

Su Luo's body was very weak, just using her s.p.a.ce once had consumed a lot of her strength.

She opened her hand and a clear green-colored flower appeared in her palm.

Su Luo's hand was extremely thin and shriveled, it looked as if there was merely one layer, only skin and bones.

A person's heart would give birth to pity and tenderness just seeing her emaciated body.

Rong Yun's gaze turned away from her wrist to the palm of her hand.

"Eh?" At this moment, his eyes lit up immediately.

He hastily walked two steps to arrive in front of Su Luo, took that strange-colored flower and couldn't help but to look towards Su Luo: "This flower…"

Even he couldn't find this flower, how did Luo girl get it?

Su Luo coughed twice, with a splendid smile that was very pleased with herself: "The old witch Yan Xia chased after me to kill me…because I stole her medicine chest…cough, cough, cough…"

Su Luo recalled at that time when old witch Yan Xia took a nap, and how she was pretending to be a maid. Then, the matter of her stealing the medicinal chest.

The more she thought about it, the funnier it seemed.

Grandmaster Rong Yun smiled, in a spoiling manner, he rubbed her head: "It's best that things ended up like this. You keep this Seven Step Smiling Flower, every two hours, you should eat one of the flower petals."

Seven Step Smiling Flower could purify the impurities in the medication.

Currently, Su Luo was very weak, if the impurities in the medication was purified, it would be even easier for her to absorb, otherwise, she it would be like her swallow the drugs whole.

Even if they were the best drug ingredients, she would still have wasted more than half of it.

But now, it was great, with this stalk of Seven Step Smiling Flower, then this problem was resolved.

Rong Yun bitterly smiled and shook his head.

Even injured to this degree, Luo girl's luck was still without a match.

Just casually taking out a flower, and it was a high grade spirit gra.s.s.

When Rong Yun was leaving, his gaze shot towards Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun turned a blind eye to him. He walked to a place about three meters away from the medicinal cauldron, sat down cross-legged and started to cultivate.

Rong Yun nodded his head, turned around and left.

With Nangong Liuyun at her side taking care of her, he felt much more rea.s.sured.

Rong Yun left the refining room, and his figure disappeared in place.

No one knew where he, as the only Grandmaster level Apothecary of the present age, went to.

Speaking of Su Luo here.

The last time Su Luo was shut in a medicinal cauldron to be cooked, those circ.u.mstances were really too hair-raising.

However, this time, there wasn't even a bit of danger.

Right now, Su Luo was comfortably leaning against the wall of the medicinal cauldron, so leisurely and carefree, as if soaking in a hot spring.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1006

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