The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1018

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Chapter 1018 - Sudden change in travel plans (1)

As a result, when Li Yaoyao asked him to accompany her to Xian's Wood Residence, Situ Ming agreed on the spot.

"Nangong, who are you carrying in your arms?" Seeing that Nangong Liuyun only coldly sneered at Li Yaoyao's question, Situ Ming frowned and immediately followed with another questioning sentence.

Situ Ming was smart, he could somewhat guess at who Nangong Liuyun was carrying in his arms.

Li Yaoyao also stared at Nangong Liuyun anxiously.

Nangong Liuyun's arms that was wrapped around Su Luo tightened some more, his eyebrows furrowing even deeper.

His Luo girl right now was so weak, she couldn't be subjected to even a bit of grievance.

Nangong Liuyun's speaking speed wasn't slow nor fast, but still sounded chilly and threatening: "You guys don't need to know, nor do you have the qualification to know."

A touch of annoyance slipped past Situ Ming's face.

Although before, Third Junior Brother was cold and detached, he would never be this rude. In the end, who was in his arms that would make him this nervous?

Li Yaoyao, because she had Situ Ming's support, took a few steps to walk to the front of Nangong Liuyun. Her sharp gaze stared at the figure in his arms.

Su Luo faintly sighed in her heart.

That pair of eyes, was sharp as cold blades, as if they could penetrate through the heavy fur to shoot straight into her heart.

Being provoked like this, if Su Luo continued to be like an ostrich seeking protection in Nangong Liuyun's arms, then what qualification did she have to stand shoulder to shoulder with Nangong Liuyun?

Let alone it was in front of Li Yaoyao?

Su Luo's jet black eyes shone slightly, a sharp ray of light flas.h.i.+ng past without notice.

Su Luo moved her hand, and pulled down her furry hat, revealing an ill but unearthly beautiful face!

Seeing this suffocatingly beautiful face, Li Yaoyao felt her throat clog up as she subconsciously took half a step back.

This person…

One could only see these exceptionally beautiful delicate facial features, especially that pair of eyes, so watery and moving.

That very elastic skin was sparkling and translucent as snow, delicate like fine porcelain, with qualities that was out of this world, elegant like a fairy.

Li Yaoyao had always bragged that she was the most beautiful woman in the world, but having seen this face, she suddenly felt unworthy and inferior.

Such a familiar face, especially that pair of eyes, dazzling like a sharp sword, glittering as if she could see clearly into people's heart.

These clearly were Su Luo's eyes.

But this face!!!

An intense sense of uneasiness struck her, Li Yaoyao only felt as if the world was spinning, her vision blurred, her entire body trembled!

"You, who are you in the end?" Li Yaoyao held onto that last thread of hope.

No, it can't be her… absolutely cannot be Su Luo, that little s.l.u.t!

Last time, she only had a hasty glance at Fairy Yan Xia's place. In the gloomy light, she couldn’t see clearly.

But now…their eyes met, she could clearly see every detail on Su Luo's face.

Li Yaoyao's pair of hands clenched tightly into fists. Her pair of eyes stared fixedly, with rapt attention while holding her breath, finding it hard to believe.

Su Luo was calm and naturally relaxed, she repeatedly laughed shallowly, so graceful and subdued, allowing Li Yaoyao to look.

"Miss Li, long time no see, you actually didn't recognize me?" Su Luo's eyes were calm and peaceful, with a perfectly composed expression.

Hearing this familiar voice, Li Yaoyao could only feel her heart tremble!

Her eyes opened wide from disbelief, her whole body starting to tremble, both of her fists clenched even tighter!

"The last time, Miss Li was corroded by a strong acid, now you don't look any different, really fortunate oh." Su Luo laughed gracefully and generously.

Li Yaoyao tightly bit down on her lower lip, nearly drawing blood!

If she still couldn’t recognize who the person in front of her was, then she could immediately go and hit herself against a wall!

Su Luo!

It actually really was that s.l.u.t!

How did she become so pretty, so beautiful, so devastatingly gorgeous, so exquisitely n.o.ble?

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1018

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