The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1050

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Chapter 1050 - Nine Different Palace Halls (2)

In fact, after entering, Su Luo had known where the entrance was.

Because the little divine dragon was present, there wasn't an entrance that couldn't be found.

However, if Su Luo had so easily found the entrance, not only would those people not be grateful, instead, she would draw their suspicion.

Therefore, Su Luo simply sat here to rest with Nangong Liuyun and let those foolish people search for themselves.

In any case, every blade of gra.s.s and tree was sealed, no one could take it away.

As for Beichen Ying and Zi Yan……according to Beichen Ying's adaptable temper, after he had eaten several losses under her hand, if he still couldn't crawled up, then he wouldn't be Beichen Ying.

The party of four people leisurely sat on the meadow.

With a wave of Su Luo's hand, a small square table appeared in the middle of the four people seated in a circle.

Two boxes with black jade and white jade chess pieces were placed properly on the table.

Nangong Liuyun and Beichen Ying exchanged a smile and unhurriedly and contentedly played chess.

Su Luo waved her hand once again and another shorter table appeared, half-covered with pastries and snacks. Additionally, there was still fresh tea simmering on a red clay stove.

Zi Yan sighed very ruefully: "Are we adventuring or vacationing?"

"We're vacationing, they're adventuring." The corner of Su Luo's mouth perked up into a shallow smile.

The 'them' she said referred to whom, everyone was well aware of.

Compared to their contentment, at present, Li Yaoyao and them were about to collapse.

Their bodies all had injuries.

And inside this Xian's Wood Residence, actually it was filled with the sweet fragrance of medicinal herbs, the aroma a.s.sailing their nostrils.

Just one careless planted gra.s.s on the roadside, had the efficacy of millennium-old medicine, moreover, it could effortlessly treat their external wounds.

Not only that, the stone table, that low small table, each and every one of them were valuable. Just off a little bit of the Fire Star Wood on the short small table would cure their injuries.


What made them collapse was that these medicines they urgently needed, they could only look but couldn't touch, they wanted it but couldn't obtain it.

Because their surroundings were sealed, when their hands moved to touch it, a tenacious s.h.i.+eld would block them.

If they dared to use spirit power, then the person would directly be sent flying.

Li Yaoyao and them didn't believe it, but being sent flying again and again, finally, with expressions of wanting to cry but having no tears, they believed it.

If they hadn't seen these medicines, then fine, but they saw it, moreover, it was within reach, yet no matter what, they couldn't get it.This kind of feeling was like ten million insects and ants biting them, itchy as well as painful.

These four people that were heavily wounded, in this huge Xian's Wood Residence, in the areas they were a.s.signed, they searched, one circle after another. No matter what, they still couldn't find the entrance.

Ultimately, these four people that were exhausted to the extreme gathered together.

"Did you guys find it?" Li Yaoyao gently looked at Luo Dieyi.

You couldn't help but say, Li Yaoyao absolutely was a heroine that was adaptable to circ.u.mstances.

Before, she was itching to run ahead of Luo Dieyi to make Luo Dieyi serve as the sacrificial victim. But now, she had once again become the gentle, soft and good older sister.

Luo Dieyi coldly sneered: "Don't tell me you guys found it?"

"Dieyi, are you still angry at this older sister?" Li Yaoyao stared at her broken-heartedly and pulled her hand, looking as if she had been extremely wronged.

Luo Dieyi shook off her hand and coldly smiled: "With regards to those people that want me to die, I don't have the strength to get angry."

"Younger sister, how could you say it like this……Are you still blaming me for taking you away, bringing you guys into danger? But at that time, no one knew that the Snow Lions were waiting there ah."

Li Yaoyao's tears seemed to appear at will, the action was very smooth.

"Humph!" Luo Dieyi turned her face away.

She didn't forget that, at the most critical moment, Li Yaoyao, this older female cousin, was only worried about herself and running away.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1050

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