The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1071

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Chapter 1071 – White Jade Bridge (13)

Whereas Su Luo, who was in a dangerous situation, had a relaxed and leisurely expression without a trace of alarm.

Just at this moment, Nangong Liuyun had finished making the complicated seals with his hand.

Suddenly, in the sky, a lightning dragon serpent shaped leapt by!

Immediately following were countless number of lightning dragon serpents that approached like a torrential rush. All of them smashed towards the ground!

The water that Nangong Liuyun sprinkled before, none of the Iron-spined Cheetahs had paid it any mind, completely ignoring it.

But now, it finally showed its usefulness.

The places where the thunderous lightning pa.s.sed, one could only hear a burst of crackling sounds.

The sounds would not end!

Those Iron-spined Cheetahs that had rushed up, suddenly had their bodies wrapped around by the lightning dragon serpents.

Those purplish-red st.u.r.dy bodies were completely enveloped among the flaming lightning serpents.

Each and every one of the Iron-spined Cheetahs were like hanging neon lamps, flickering incessantly.

Su Luo simply gasped in amazement while watching this.

What kind of amazing scene was this?

Wasn't Nangong Liuyun too cool, okay?

Running to mid-air like this, then sprinkling down several basins of water. Then, he had lightning after lightning smas.h.i.+ng down, afterwards, he was able to wrap up these Iron-spined Cheetahs at the summit of ninth rank to a stop.

Nangong Liuyun leisurely stood in mid-air, his gaze was serene and G.o.dlike, aloof and remote as he looked down at the

And those Iron-spined Cheetahs that were wrapped up by the flaming lightning dragon serpents were like the lowly ants. Even though just one of these Iron-spined Cheetahs released in the world could overturn a country.

Nangong Liuyun, seeing Su Luo's shocked little expression, secretly rejoiced in his heart and raised an eyebrow, being proud of himself.

Recalling what Su Luo had said before, our Highness Prince Jin, with a flap of his hand, tossed an Iron-spined Cheetah into the protective covering.

The Iron-spined Cheetah that was tossed into the protective covering had the lightning around it already erased by Nangong Liuyun.

Because our Highness Prince Jin loved his family's Luo girl the most, wherefore would he allow her to be injured even a little bit?

Even though the lightning around it was erased, this Iron-spined Cheetah was already gasping its last breath.

According to normal evaluation of its health, the only thing left of this Iron Spined Cheetah was a layer of blood and fur. It was so weak that it was more or less dead.

How great of a rapport did Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun have?

Su Luo immediately understood his intent with this Iron-spined Cheetah that was tossed in.

She rummaged around her sleeves and took out that Yan Hua dagger.

Even though the Iron-spined Cheetah was almost dead, its fur was still tough with thick flesh, other weapons simply could not cut through.

Even using the Yan Hua dagger, Su Luo felt it was still difficult.

Su Luo, as an, when killing a person was how direct and efficient?

However, now faced with the motionless Iron-spined Cheetah allowing her to slaughter, Su Luo wished to cry but lacked the tears.

Because she almost couldn't cut into its defense.

"Slice, slice——"

The Yan Hua dagger in Su Luo's hand that was incomparably sharp and cut things as if they were hair, cut at the Iron-spined Cheetah's neck.

Nangong Liuyun, who was in mid-air, originally stood there leisurely, inadvertently shot her a glance and saw her sawing-like movements, he nearly stumbled and fell down.

He gracefully supported his forehead and turned his face away, pretending not to have seen it.

Su Luo, who was inside the protective covering in order to show the master of the Nine Different Palace Halls that she wasn't a person to be ignored or disregarded, was busy trying very hard.

Su Luo, at her peak after pouring in spirit force, could stab this Iron-spined Cheetah to death with one thrust of the sword. But now, she could only cut it little by little.

Su Luo originally thought of getting the little divine dragon or the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox to help. But after entering this white jade bridge, don't know what was the matter with those two spirit pets that had entered her s.p.a.ce, no matter what, they couldn't come out.

Su Luo thought to herself, letting her spirit pets help her might not be in accordance to the rules.

As a result, the pitiful Su Luo could only hold the Yan Hua dagger by herself and, with grinding sounds, sawed away.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1071

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