The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1098

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Chapter 1098 – The Fifth Challenge (8)

Li Yaoyao quietly retreated a step back.

However, at this moment, her eyes were twinkling with lights of excitement.

Blood sacrifice!

Second Senior Brother was using blood sacrifice to temporarily borrow spirit knowledge from the master of dark magic. Very quickly, they would be able to easily find the Vulture eggs.

Su Luo! This time, you will lose for sure! Li Yaoyao's eyes flickered with maliciousness and a self-satisfied light.

She completely didn’t notice that Situ Ming's figure was staggering from having lost too much blood.

Even if she had noticed it, she still would pretend that she didn't see it.

Even if Second Senior Brother paid with his life for her, that was because he would gladly endure the hards.h.i.+p. What was there that she needed to care about?

"Yaoyao, let's go." Situ Ming, with great difficulty, squeezed out a smile on his pale face.

"Oh, Second Senior Brother, are you okay?" Li Yaoyao asked offhandedly.

However, Situ Ming's eyes brightened because of her deeply concerned manner.

"I'm totally fine, I will recover very quickly, don’t worry." Situ Ming smiled with eyes bent like half moons, "When the time comes, even if it's to use blood sacrifice again, I can also do it."

"Then things just can't be better!" Li Yaoyao immediately was all smiles.

But she didn’t notice in the slightest that Situ Ming's body stiffened at this sentence of hers.

Turning his body around at an angle Li Yaoyao couldn’t see, Situ Ming slowly exhaled a coa.r.s.e breath. A bitter smile appeared in his eyes.

For her… was it really worth it?

Recalling when she first got to Purgatory City, that extremely adorable little girl with two small ponytails and her little head tilted to the side…

Such a small height, gradually transformed into a slender, elegant fairy with exceedingly good temperament.

"Second Senior Brother, hurry up and let’s go, what are you thinking about?" Li Yaoyao opened her eyes widely and blinked a few times. It made her seem even more innocent and adorable.

Worth it, for this lady in front of his eyes, even if he was to die immediately, that would still be worth it.

Situ Ming smiled faintly, carrying Li Yaoyao, he flitted forward with flying speed.

The him right now seemed to have a new kind of skill.

His nose was sensitive to the degree that it stupefied people.

In the process of flitting by, suddenly, his body stopped, then, he took Li Yaoyao and jumped up the tree trunk.

"Wah! Such a huge Vulture egg!" Li Yaoyao was pleasantly surprised and continuously beamed with joy.

Situ Ming looked at her smiling pair of beautiful eyes bent in an arc, and the melancholy in his heart was swept clean. Suddenly, his heroism seemed to reach the sky. "It's nothing, there's more following this one!"

The follow up was definitely as Situ Ming had said.

He could smell the Vulture eggs from several hundred meters away. He flew up the trees and found an egg every time.

The Vulture egg was not big, but it wasn't small either.

Somewhat bigger than a goose egg, but smaller than a grapefruit, somewhere in between the two.

They searched this whole journey, the eggs on their path could not escape this calamity and were collected until nothing was left.

There were very few Vulture eggs.

Every ten years, the adult Vulture couples could give birth to one egg.

But they were no match for Situ Ming's nose that was more keen than a dog's.

After this journey, Li Yaoayo's arms were so full that she nearly couldn't hold more.

Finally, Situ Ming took off his outer robe, made a makes.h.i.+ft bag out of it, and let Li Yaoyao carry it on her back.

"Second Senior Brother! You're too awesome, so great!" Li Yaoyao excitedly praised in a loud voice.

Situ Ming's whole heart enjoyed the praises, he smiled from ear to ear, in an excellent mood.

"It merely comes from using blood sacrifice, not worth mentioning it." Situ Ming pretended to be modest.

"Regardless of whether it came from blood sacrifice or not, Second Senior Brother is so awesome! This time, we will win for sure!" Li Yaoyao waved her fist in the air.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1098

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