The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1128

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Chapter 1128 – The Seventh Challenge (12)

"Thank you, Seventh Young Master!" Zi Yan's eyes sparkled with excitement.

"The person you ought to thank is not this young master." Seventh Young Master cast a glance at Su Luo with ghost of a smile and then directly asked the question: "The fish basket has six fish, every one of the six children gets one fish, however, there is still one left in the basket, why?"

This question, could be said to be extremely simple, with a slight move of the mind one could easily figure it out.

However……Su Luo looked at Zi Yan, deeply concerned.

As long as she didn't panic and think it through slowly, she absolutely can think of the answer.

Just now, having been pointed out by Li Yaoyao that she cheated, although Seventh Young Master didn't blame her, but for the time being, Su Luo also couldn't make small cheating movements again.

Seventh Young Master calmly continued to fish.

Zi Yan bowed her head and muttered to herself.

"Six fish, six people to divide it……Still had one left? How could there be one extra?" Zi Yan, c.o.c.ked her head and carefully thought.

Li Yaoyao's gaze was like a sharp sword, closely staring at Su Luo.

If Su Luo dared to hint half a word again, Li Yaoyao absolutely would expose her.

Su Luo raised an eyebrow at Li Yaoyao with not quite a smile. This action of Li Yaoyao's unintentionally already made it clear that she firmly believed Su Luo had guessed the answer. It also made clear that in her heart, she regarded Su Luo highly.

Li Yaoyao heavily snorted, knowing perfectly well Su Luo was taunting her, yet she still didn't move away her gaze.

"I thought of it!" Zi Yan slapped her forehead, so excited that she nearly jumped up: "There isn't an extra fish, rather, that fish and the basket were pa.s.sed to the last child! Luo Luo, what I said is correct, right!"

Under Zi Yan's excitement, she actually turned her head to ask Su Luo if she was right or not.

Su Luo smilingly nodded her head and made congratulating movements.

Seventh Young Master touched his nose: "Enough, you can withdraw."

"Great ah!" Zi Yan, with her head high and her chest out, walked to Su Luo's side before stopping to stand still. She provocatively snorted at Li Yaoyao, "Li Yaoyao, what are you staring at Luo Luo for? Don't tell me your heart firmly believes that Luo Luo could answer it? Oh, saying it like this, you admit that Luo Luo is a lot smarter than you?"

These words immediately choked off Li Yaoyao.

"Hateful!" Li Yaoyao waved her fist, wis.h.i.+ng she could rush up and slap Zi Yan's face several times.

Only, it was a pity, not to mention that she couldn't beat Zi Yan, even this matter of slapping her face, she, who had no palm, also basically couldn't do it ah.

At the moment, this party of eight people had already pa.s.sed half of the challenges. Among their four, only Li Yaoyao had her wrist cut off, this made Li Yaoyao's mental state severely imbalanced.

"Enough, next one." Seventh Young Master snorted lightly. His time was very precious ah.

"Elder Brother, you go." Luo Dieyi pushed Luo Haochen.

Luo Haochen's figure didn't budge an inch, very clearly, he wasn't very willing to stand out at this moment.

He glanced at Luo Dieyi with a complicated expression, a deep shadow in his eyes, hiding a thread of rage.

Seventh Young Master's slender finger pointed towards Luo Haochen: "Then you, come."

Luo Haochen's heart was resentful, he pushed away Luo Dieyi and came forward with a cold face.

How could he not understand the small calculations in Luo Dieyi's heart? She not only wanted him to answer first, if he couldn't answer it, the time she could ponder over it would accordingly also be longer……These methods, if used on others, then fine, but against all reason, it was used on him, this elder brother!

Regardless of how angry Luo Haochen was, he still had to answer his question.

Seventh Young Master snorted, pretending it was accidental: "Just now, the two questions were all answered correctly, really loses my face, this time, it'll be a question that's a bit deeper."

Having heard what was said, Luo Haochen's complexion immediately paled.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1128

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