The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1145

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Chapter 1145 – Cheng Ying Sword (2)

Li Yaoyao's hand had just reached within a meter range of the Cheng Ying Sword before she felt an invisible resistance preventing her from continuing forward.

"Humph!" Li Yaoyao gave a dark snort and concentrated all of her spirit force onto her left hand.

Li Yaoyao's strengh was still considered pretty good, although it was hard, she still, bit by bit, got closer to that Cheng Ying Sword. Finally, she gripped that sword hilt!

Li Yaoyao lifted up her eyes and disdainfully swept Su Luo a glance, her chin provocatively lifted up high.

Su Luo rolled her eyes in annoyance: "If you have the ability, then pick up that sword."

"Exactly, isn't it just holding it for a bit? What's so amazing about that." Zi Yan chimed in.

Li Yaoyao's cold eyes cast sidelong glances at these two people. Then, she switched all of her attention to focus on her left hand.

However, the feeling of being proud of herself in her heart was shown in her tone.

Because when she grabbed hold of this Cheng Ying Sword, she actually didn't sense any resistance nor backlash from the Cheng Ying Sword. As if this Cheng Ying Sword originally belonged to her.

"Humph, pick it up, then I'll pick it up. What's so hard about it!" Li Yaoyao was full of faith in herself and self-confidence.

Without exception, everyone's gazes stared fixedly at Li Yaoyao's left hand.

"Li Yaoyao being this confident, maybe she can really take away this Cheng Ying Sword!" Luo Dieyi anxiously stamped her feet. If she had known earlier, she would have fought to be the first to go up.

"She can take it away? Carefully continue to watch." In comparison, Luo Haochen wasn't that optimistic about Li Yaoyao.

The Li Yaoyao right now was full of confidence in herself.

Li Yaoyao imitated Nangong Liuyun's calm, unrestrained and uninhibited att.i.tude from before, and pulled the sword in pa.s.sing.

Soon after, her expression immediately changed.

Because that Cheng Ying Sword didn't actually move a bit.

"Pfft——" Su Luo and Zi Yan laughed out loud, not giving her face.

Li Yaoyao's heart was very anxious. Obviously, the Cheng Ying Sword didn't resist, how could she not be able to grab hold of it?

Li Yaoyao poured all of her body's spirit force into the Cheng Ying Sword. She didn't believe that she couldn't pull it up with this!

However, what made Li Yaoyao crumble was that after she had poured in her spirit force, it seemed as if this Cheng Ying Sword had opened its mouth wide greedily and swallowed her spirit force in one mouthful.

"How is this possible?" Li Yaoyao's eyes opened wide in disbelief.

How could all the spirit force she had poured in disappear?

Li Yaoyao still didn't believe in this evil trick!

With a flick of her wrist, she poured in another part of dense spirit force. Soon after, the spirit force entered in a steady flow.

From Li Yaoyao's perspective, there would be a time when this Cheng Ying Sword was full. At worst, she first sacrificed a bit and then they discussed it after feeding it fully.

However, what drove Li Yaoyao mad was that she had steadily poured her spirit force into it for an incense stick's amount of time. Her spirit force had almost been consumed completely. However… the Cheng Ying Sword was still motionless, without any reaction.

Whereas her spirit force was like creek water flowing into the vast ocean water, without raising a trace of a ripple.

"This is impossible! Absolutely impossible!" Li Yaoyao's face was pale, dripping wet with cold sweat. But her palm continued to grab firmly onto that sword hilt, reluctant to let go.

Because once she let go, it would represent that there was no possibility of her getting this Cheng Ying Sword.

"Yao Yao, forget it!" Situ Ming, seeing Li Yaoyao's body tottering on the edge of collapse because of consuming too much spirit force, called out in a distressed manner.

However, Li Yaoyao didn't pay him any heed, still stubbornly and unwaveringly pouring the last bit of her spirit force into it!

Now, perspiration covered her entire face, drenched her clothing, even the ground had droplets of sweat….

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1145

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