The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1147

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Chapter 1147 – Cheng Ying Sword (4)

Su Luo's hands were together in prayer, giving Zi Yan her sincerest blessings.

As Li Yaoyao had said, her body couldn't even stand up steadily, with just a blow from the wind, she would fall. How could she go to pull out the Cheng Ying Sword?

Liu Dieyi was injured at the wrist, her strength had greatly decreased. Also, her intentions were not honest, so Su Luo also didn't want her to get the Cheng Ying Sword.

If it was to say who here had the most hope of getting the Cheng Ying Sword, then that could only be Zi Yan, without a doubt.

Zi Yan, who bore the weight of everyone's hope, now, she had already slowly poured her spirit force into the Cheng Ying Sword.

She could clearly sense the Cheng Ying Sword open its mouth wide, quickly sucking in the spirit force she was pouring in.

Time pa.s.sed, bit by bit.

Zi Yan's figure swayed.

"Not good! She is about to be defeated!" Luo Haochen's complexion turned slightly white.

A lot of people also had the same thought as Luo Haochen.

Beichen Ying's heart suddenly was anxious and yelled at Zi Yan: "If it won't work, forget it. We'll think of other ways. By all means, don't fight to death ah. Just now, with Li Yaoyao looking like that, you should learn from her mistake!"

Zi Yan's figure trembled more violently.

Because the spirit force in her body was rapidly being drained off…

Just when everyone thought Zi Yan was about to give up, suddenly, a little blue-colored thing rushed out from Zi Yan's sleeves.

This was that little blue elf, the Elemental Elf that was capable of automatically replenis.h.i.+ng spirit force!

This little thing made a circle like a foolish penguin with a foolish brain. Sensing that Master's situation wasn't good, afterwards, his chubby little face was stretched taunt. Soon after, he spit out one blue-colored bubble after another.

It blew more and more blue-colored bubbles, that orbited continuously around Zi Yan's body, being endlessly absorbed by her.

"Elemental Elf!" Luo Haochen was so startled that his chin was about to drop to the floor.

"Oh Heavens! It really is an Elemental Elf ah!" Luo Dieyi covered her mouth in astonishment!

The rest of the people were also greatly surprised!

If you must know, Elemental Elves were a kind of spirit pet that was a treasure that one could only come across serendipitously! You couldn't find a few on the entire continent.

No matter how strong an expert, during a battle, their spirit force would be decreased. However, with an Elemental Elf on hand, anytime and anywhere, they could replenish their spirit force. How cool of an existence was this?

"Never expected that Zi Yan was hiding such a treasure. So, it seems she would be the owner of this Cheng Ying Sword." Luo Haochen said with a complicated expression.

Everyone had seen this thing before, but everyone thought that this was a fighting spirit pet Zi Yan was raising. However, no one had expected that this was actually an elemental elf that could replenish one's spirit force ah.

Luo Dieyi bit her lower lips, both eyes glowing with hatred!

If she had known earlier that Zi Yan had an Elemental Elf in hand, she would have already gone up first. Rather than so readily surrender such a good opportunity in vain…. Her Cheng Ying Sword ah, just like this, was gone!

Don't say how much Luo Dieyi's heart was full of grudges, in fact, now, Zi Yan also didn't feel so good.

Her Elemental Elf was still in its infancy, the spirit force it could provide was finite ah…Moreover, this Cheng Ying Sword in front of her was opening its mouth, as though it couldn't be satisfied ah.

After swallowing so much spirit force, there wasn't any indication that it was full.

In the wake of time pa.s.sing, don't know when, the Elemental Elf's little plump body had deflated.

On its chubby face, those huge, limpid eyes wanted to cry but lacked the tears. As if it was being wronged and suffering in pain, but was unable to say it.

Zi Yan took a glance and her heart tore painfully from what she saw. Her treasured Elemental Elf, was already unable to keep it up.

However, recalling that behind her was the unreliable Luo Dieyi and the frail-bodied Su Luo, Zi Yan clenched her teeth and still persisted on.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1147

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