The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1148

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Chapter 1148 – Cheng Ying Sword (5)

Men can only hold the Chi Xiao Sword, only women can pick up the Cheng Ying sword. These were the ironclad rules, no one was able to violate them.

In order for these group of people to survive, in order to get to the ninth layer to help Su Luo get the medicine. Zi Yan, with blurred vision and who was about to faint, heavily bit down on her tongue.

The pain from her tongue helped her become somewhat clear-headed.

However now, her complexion was even more unsightly than Li Yaoyao's from before. Her face was white as snow, without a trace of blood color.

"Zi Yan, you should get down." Su Luo's heart couldn't bear it.

Zi Yan shook her head, no, she must persevere on!

"Zi Yan…." Beichen Ying anxiously took two steps forward.

Just at this moment, all of a sudden, the Elemental Elf's small body at Zi Yan's foot, with a 'bang', fell to the ground. Those layers upon layers of bubbles revolving around Zi Yan burst in a flash.

"Puff——" Zi Yan violently spit out a mouthful of blood.

Her body suffered the recoil bite, and was very ruthlessly bounced out.

Fortunately, Beichen Ying was already prepared from earlier, with one grab, held her in his arms. Thus preventing her from knocking against above that hard coffin.

"Vomit——" Zi Yan vomited out large mouthfuls of blood, one after another.

"Zi Yan!" Su Luo was endlessly distressed, she took out the best Spirit Restoration Pill and stuffed it into Zi Yan's mouth.

Now, her spirit force was on the edge of being used up, if it was not replenished, very possibly, her blood vessels would suffer permanent damage.

Before, when Zi Yan was struggling with the Cheng Ying sword, no one was able to get near her. As a result, Su Luo could only hold the Spirit Restoration Pill in her palm, being prepared at anytime.

Seeing Zi Yan's breathing become smooth after swallowing the Spirit Restoration Pill, Situ Ming's eyes sharply shot towards Su Luo: " Miss Su, how can you be this selfish?"

Su Luo's expression was not good as she swept a glance at Situ Ming: "What does Young Master Situ mean?"

"Just before, Yao Yao also received the same injury as Miss Zi Yan. Why, when you clearly had Spirit Restoration Pills, and wouldn't undertake the task to help others?" Situ Ming self-righteously questioned.

Su Luo looked at this infatuated species as if looking at an idiot, and coldly smiled: "Li Yaoyao? What does her being injured have any relations.h.i.+p to me? Young Master Situ thinks I'm the G.o.ddess of mercy Guanyin that saves people in hards.h.i.+p and suffering? Or with mercy at heart, like Mary, mother of Jesus?"

"But we are teammates!" Situ Ming was so enraged that his complexion was deathly white. Through clenched teeth, he squeezed out this sentence.

"Teammates? I don't have teammates that mock and ridicule me while secretly stabbing me with a knife." Su Luo looked at him with a smile. But her eyes were ice-cold without a thread of temperature.

With regards to Situ Ming, in the beginning, she still had sympathy for him because of Li Yaoyao, that ingrate. But as for now, Su Luo finally got it, there must be something hateful about a pitiful person!

Situ Ming was choked off by Su Luo's sentence and his face became red.

He never expected that this little Miss that would fall from one blow of the wind, with a sickly complexion, her words would be so sharp.

Now, there was a strange quiet all around.

All of a sudden, Luo Dieyi walked towards Su Luo, afterwards, she firmly stood at Su Luo's side. She looked at Su Luo with an earnest expression: "Miss Su, may I ask, do you still have more Spirit Restoration Pills?"

Luo Dieyi's facial expression tried to show true sincerity. But her pair of constantly evasive eyes betrayed her.

The corner of Su Luo's mouth hooked into an indifferent sneer: "Oh? Reportedly, Luoyu Palace Hall is famous on the continent because of medicinal pills. Could it be Miss Luo doesn't even have a single Spirit Restoration Pill on her body?"

Truthfully speaking, she really had a lot of Spirit Restoration Pills in her s.p.a.ce. Bottle after bottle piled up, these were all the ones she made this year from practicing to be an Apothecary.

There were still several bottles of Grandmaster level Spirit Restoration Pills that her master gave her.

However, no matter how many Spirit Restoration Pills Su Luo had, she still wouldn't give the calculating Luo Dieyi any for free.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1148

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