The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1157

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Chapter 1157 – Unexpected (7)

However, no matter how loudly Li Yaoyao shrieked, the Snow Lions still charged towards her with strong fighting intent!

"No, no, don't…" Li Yaoyao knew of the Snow Lions' fighting strength. She turned around, wanting to flee, but the pressure in this ninth layer was truly too strong.

Li Yaoyao's speed soared to its peak, but it still looked like a slow motion of s.p.a.ce-walking.

Li Yaoyao was so anxious that beads of sweat rolled down from her forehead to the ground.

The Snow Lions' speed might not be comparable to Li Yaoyao's, however, the Snow Lions were smart oh, and there were more of them oh. The three of them surrounded Li Yaoyao in a circle and trapped her inside. They left her with no escape route and then slowly approached her.

"Second Senior Brother!!!" Seeing that her thigh was about to get bitten, Li Yaoyao anxiously wailed loudly.

Situ Ming had just disposed of a Snow Lion. Hearing Li Yaoyao call for help in such a way, he suddenly turned his head.

Seeing her like this, Situ Ming was immediately very anxious. In spite of a Snow Lion taking a bite out of his back, Situ Ming still charged towards Li Yaoyao like he was flying.

Situ Ming hurried urgently but slowly, and he finally reached Li Yaoyao's side. With one kick, he kicked a Snow Lion away!

"Second Senior Brother! Boohoo, boohoo——" Li Yaoyao grabbed the cloth at Situ Ming's chest and cried so broken-heartedly and with such despair.

"Yaoyao, don't cry, don't cry. Second Senior Brother is here." Situ Ming smiled bitterly as he comforted Li Yaoyao.

At this moment, there were still four people who had yet to enter the fighting ring.

These four people were naturally Su Luo and her group.

"Situ Ming is totally devoted to Li Yaoyao. Look, even the bone on his back is exposed." Su Luo pointed at Situ Ming's back.

Zi Yan wiped away the beads of sweat which continuously emerged on her forehead. With an unconcerned expression, she glared at Li Yaoyao, who was hiding behind Situ Ming's back, and scoffed: "Without Second Senior Brother, she would have died a hundred times over!"

However, pitiful people had places that were hateful. Zi Yan didn't have much of a favorable impression of Situ Ming either.

Spread out before their eyes was a slow motion replay.

Because under this formidable pressure, their every moment was like a slow motion replay, appearing incomparably comical, yet extremely thrilling.

With Situ Ming's protection, Li Yaoyao could rest easy, because when the Snow Lions attacked, Situ Ming would rather use his own arm to block, than let Li Yaoyao suffer even the slightest harm.

When the battle ended, there was not a single part of Situ Ming's body which was in a good state. He was either scratched by the sharp claws of the Snow Lions or bitten.

However, the first thing he did when the battle ended was to take hold of Li Yaoyao and examine her up and down anxiously: "How is it? You aren't hurt, right?"

In fact, aside from her lost hand, not even a single drop of blood had splashed onto her. However, Li Yaoyao still wept and sobbed as she nodded: "I was really afraid just now…"

“Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. Second Senior Brother will always be by your side protecting you." With an aching heart, Situ Ming embraced her.

Looking over Situ Ming's shoulder, Li Yaoyao glared at Su Luo provocatively. Even if she didn't have Third Senior Brother, she still had Second Senior Brother who would give up his life for her!!

Su Luo raised her eyebrows in a smile that was not a smile. Then, she very naturally looped her arms into Nangong Liuyun's arm.

Even though she didn't say a word, just this small action showed who was better between the two.

Li Yaoyao got so angry that she gnashed her teeth, yet there was nothing she could do.

While Situ Ming and Li Yaoyao were having their moment of deep and heavy emotion, the Luo siblings were also engaged in combat with the Snow Lions.

However, Luo Dieyi's luck was clearly not as good as Li Yaoyao's, because she didn't have a 'Second Senior Brother' who was willing to die for her!

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1157

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