The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1163

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Chapter 1163 – Asura's Purgatory (1)

"Don't!" Luo Haochen anxiously shouted out loud!

Just recalling Luo Dieyi's crushed figure from a moment ago, Luo Haochen almost cried.

However, he never expected that the iron tower-like strong man before him simply didn't have the slightest human feelings. He was merely a battle puppet, therefore, he was indifferent to Luo Haochen's panicked expression.

He lifted him up high, suddenly using force, he heavily threw Luo Haochen forward!

Don't know if it was intentional or accidental. As the injured him hit that wall made of mysterious iron from deep sea, when Luo Haochen's body was. .h.i.t, it immediately turned into meat patty.

A very strong strength.

Beichen Ying sucked in a cold breath.

He somewhat rigidly gazed at that iron tower-like strong man with a blank gaze: "This time, it will be difficult to deal with……"

He discovered, that even if it was one on one, he completely didn't have a grasp of victory.

If it was said that Beichen Ying had restraining fear in his heart, then one could only use a black pot to describe Situ Ming's complexion at this moment.

Although the preceding eight challenges were dangerous, even could be accidentally maimed, but he didn't have to worry about his life.

This ninth challenge's difficulty was raised in an instant. The Luo siblings' strength wasn't bad, yet, the result was that they died in succession.

This made the always self-confident Situ Ming also a bit timid.

"Second Senior Brother……I'm afraid……" Li Yaoyao wrapped around Situ Ming's arm, raising her palm-sized refined little face weepingly with the desire to sob, as she pitifully stared at Situ Ming.

"Be obedient, Yaoyao, don't be afraid, Second Senior Brother is here." Situ Ming stroked her head in distress.

His Yaoyao ah, originally was the most favored little princess in the Jade Lake's Palace. Before, where would she eat so much bitterness? This girl had never before stuck to him and relied on him like now.

Thinking of this, Situ Ming's heroic feelings broke out, with a taut face, he solemnly told her: "Yaoyao, after we go on stage, you just use martial arts to flee. Just hand over those two enemies to Second Senior Brother."

Li Yaoyao's beautiful eyes were filled with worry: "Second Senior Brother, Yaoyao is worried about you."

Situ Ming's face spread out in a smile, he smiled like an idiot. Since birth, his heart had never been so sweet before. He felt like he had lived in vain for the first half of his life.

For his Yaoyao, he threw caution completely to the wind!

"Yaoyao, as long as you can keep on living happily, even if Second Senior Brother dies, I will be perfectly willing!" Situ Ming seriously made this firm resolution.

Finished speaking, Situ Ming, pulling Li Yaoyao, firmly flew onto the battle stage.

There were two iron tower-like strong men onstage.

"Please." Situ Ming put Li Yaoyao behind his body, lifted up his long gown to stuff a corner into his belt. Then, he made a gesture of inviting those two iron tower-like strong men to fight.

Those two strong men absolutely didn't give a d.a.m.n about him.

Just at this moment, a rumbling sound came from below.

Li Yaoyao turned her head to look and discovered another two iron tower-like men come up. Moreover, these two strong men seemed even more huge and strong.

Li Yaoyao was startled, a bad premonition floating up in her heart: "Second Senior Brother, quickly, you look over there!"

Just as Situ Ming returned to his senses, those additional two iron tower-like strong men came up onto the stage.

With each step they took, a deep footprint would appear on the floor. At the same time giving off bursts of rumbling sounds. From this, it could be seen how enormous their strength was.

Situ Ming's heart was greatly alarmed: "What's going on?"

Obviously, it was two against two, why did four people from the other side suddenly come up?

It was not just Situ Ming and them that was puzzled, Beichen Ying was also completely at a loss: "What's this all about ah, this is?"

Su Luo's heart thought of a point but she wasn't certain.

Nangong Liuyun glanced at Beichen Ying with sympathy and faintly said two words: "Asura's Purgatory."

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1163

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