Crazy Detective Chapter 1026 - Meaning of Left

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Chapter 1026: Meaning of Left

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Next to the screen in the corner of the study, there was a dark door with a pa.s.sword lock.

Cheng Lingfei had lost her pistol. Seeing that Zhao Yu and Miao Ying had broken free of the ropes, she opened the secret door without any hesitation and went in. Seeing Cheng Lingfei leave, A Yun and others had two people block the door.

These people were good at fighting. Although Zhao Yu looked fierce to them, they believed that even if Zhao Yu and Miao were free, the two prisoners would not be able to defeat them

A Yun had particularly high self-esteem. Although he was young, he had previously received extremely rigorous professional training. Even a professional agent wouldn’t be a match for him. He was sure that even if Zhao Yu and Miao Ying came at him together, they wouldn’t stand a chance against him!

Therefore, after seeing Zhao Yu dodging his knife, he was the first to rush up to him and aim a kick straight at Zhao Yu.

Of course, Miao Ying wouldn’t let him hurt Zhao Yu. She performed an awesome air kick in order to stop him.

A Yun was not fl.u.s.tered. Before his leg fell, he caught Miao Ying with a blow to her neck. Miao Ying wanted to attack him straight back. When her fist connected with A Yun, she bounced half a step back.

An excellent fighter would know their opponent’s strength by a single blow. A Yun sneered and prepared to attack Miao Ying again.

However, just as he opened his arms, he suddenly saw something huge coming toward him! It was the chair that Zhao Yu had been tied to. Zhao Yu swung the chair which had more than hundreds of Jin and smashed it at A Yun!

Shocked, A Yun dodged to one side. Although the chair didn’t hit him, he lost his balance. Before he could react, he was kicked hard by Miao Ying and fell to the floor. He hit his back on a huge desk and fell to the ground.

The chair hit the foot of the desk, and the desk tilted before falling straight on top of A Yun. He let out a cry of pain.

Seeing A Yun under the desk, the other hitmen divided into two groups. One group came at Zhao Yu and Miao Ying and the other helped A Yun to get up.

A paper cutter flew at Zhao Yu. He dodged to one side and knocked the man down with his shoulder.

Miao Ying grabbed hold of the wrist of a man carrying scissors, did a judo jump throw, and threw the man directly down onto the desk. A Yun had been about to climb out from under the desk. Just then, the man that Miao Ying had thrown landed on top of A Yun and hit his waist.

A Yun let out another miserable scream. In the next instant, he pa.s.sed out,

Miao Ying cried, “Zhao Yu, hurry up! Find her! I can take care of this.”

Zhao Yu’s Energy Booster was still working. After knocking down several people, he rushed to the dark door. Two men stood in front of it in an attempt to stop him.

Zhao Yu didn’t want to waste time on them. He took their kicks and blows, then he grabbed their hair and pulled their heads toward each other. Both of them pa.s.sed out!

The dark door was locked. This wouldn’t be a problem for Zhao Yu at all. A master key was enough.

Through the door was a small secret room. There were no windows and the light was as bright as daytime. Inside, there was something flas.h.i.+ng!

Zhao Yu glanced back and saw that there were not many hitmen left in the study, so Miao Ying would be able to deal with them easily.

In case the door closed, Zhao Yu grabbed the two unconscious men and dragged them in front of the door. This would also allow Miao Ying to follow him when she was done with the others.

After Zhao Yu went in, he was shocked to find that there were numerous TVs fixed to the walls of the room. Each TV was playing. After a closer look, Zhao Yu realized that these were not TVs but monitoring screens.

They were not monitoring Cheng Lingfei’s house, but many other places, such as company offices, houses, and even men’s and women’s restrooms. It was obvious that these were recorded by secret cameras.

Zhao Yu now understood how Cheng Lingfei ran such a successful business. She stopped at nothing to get what she wanted. These screens were her secret weapon to defeat the compet.i.tion.

Zhao Yu looked around and saw no sign of Cheng Lingfei. He only saw a ladder hanging from the ceiling in the corner of the room. Obviously, Cheng Lingfei must have left from there. Without giving it too much thought, Zhao Yu climbed up the ladder.

By now, Miao Ying had beaten all of the hitmen. She rushed into the secret room and was also shocked by the screens on the wall.

Seeing that Zhao Yu was climbing up the ladder, Miao Ying wanted to go up with him. Suddenly, she saw a cell phone on a sofa! She decided that it was better to contact the police first to get some support and so picked up the cell phone.

However, the cell phone began to ring as soon as she pressed the number one on the keypad. She could hear the sound of a woman and a man having s.e.x. It turned out that this was a bug! Miao Ying threw the phone down in disgust at Cheng Lingfei’s dirty dealings.

After climbing up the ladder, Zhao Yu came to a small attic. There was a window opening in the attic, and Zhao Yu guessed that Cheng Lingfei must have gone out of the window!

Outside the attic was a rooftop garden. Although it was cold now, there were still many colorful flowers in the garden.

Zhao Yu went out through the window. He couldn’t see Cheng Lingfei but heard a huge roar! The roar came from above and was accompanied by a strong airflow that swept the rooftop garden.

Zhao Yu looked up and saw a helicopter in the sky!

He now understood what A Yun had meant when he said that the brother-in-law and Jiang had left!

Crazy Detective Chapter 1026 - Meaning of Left

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