Crazy Detective Chapter 165

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Chapter 165: Expert?

Zhao Yu who was familiar with this trade. He had already known that these group of people who stirred trouble at the hotpot restaurant were merely small punks without any power, unlike those local gangsters with strong backings. Although they looked frightening, they were all quite young, and some were even underage students. Zhao Yu could tell from their subtle expressions and gestures that they were all newbies. The unscrupulous developers were good at business. It was definitely more cost efficient to hire this group of people to make trouble than to hire those experienced gangsters. Zhao Yu had also decided on his pretence after he was certain that these people were inexperienced.

 Now, it seemed like the time was right. The group was all scared stiff by him! Zhao Yu smacked the tall guy across his face and blood flowed out from his nose. Zhao Yu quickly followed with a kick and caused him to knock over a few tables. After seeing how brutal Zhao Yu was, the rest did not dare to strike again. A few had wanted to sneak off but Zhao Yu shouted, "Hey! Let me warn you, if you do not want to lose your limbs, you better stand still! We haven’t settled the score yet!"

 "Big brother, big brother!" At that moment, a more mature-looking delinquent stood out and said, "Let’s talk this out. We...we were not aware that there are rules here, we…"

 "d.a.m.n it!" Zhao Yu gave him a kick before he could finish, and then pressed his knees against his elbows, followed by two big slaps! The two slaps were loud and crisp, and the other punks were terrified hearing them.

 "Shut up if you don’t know the rules! Just answer whatever I ask

you, understand?" Zhao Yu kept a straight face and shouted at the others, "Now, tell me the name of your leader, if I’m unable to deal with him, I shall not be called Brother Tianba from Shunfeng Street! If that doesn’t work, our Master Su will go and have a talk with him!" Su Yang swallowed hard after hearing this, but he still glanced coldly at the group in order to match Zhao Yu.

 "We...we don’t have a leader!" The tall guy under the table said as he covered his head. "Big brother, we’re sorry, we won’t do this again!"

 "Won’t do this again?" Zhao Yu stared at him and mocked, "You young punks really know how to talk! Just a ‘won’t do this again’ and that’s it? You!" With this, he pointed at one of them again. "Tell me, who’s the one who told you to stir trouble here! Is it Flying Dragon or Blonde Zhang?"

 "It’’s the one wearing specs…" the young punk stammered. "I think he’s called Horsey Chao. He hangs around Haihe Road. Yes, it’s him! He’s the one who gave us money!"

 "d.a.m.n!" Zhao Yu shook his head. "That’s who it is? Just that stupid fool! d.a.m.n, he dared to do this behind my back. See how I’m...mmm...Quick, call him now and get him over here!" Actually, Zhao Yu had never heard of the name before.

"Big...big brother!" One of them gathered the courage and said, "We do not know him very well! We don’t have his number! He only gave each of us one-hundred RMB and told us to stir trouble at Liuheshun. We only needed to scare the customers away!"

 "Ha!" Zhao Yu laughed. "You little fools, our Master Su just had dinner with the big boss, and they offered twenty-thousand RMB! Horsey Chao only used one-hundred RMB to hire you guys! Master Su," Zhao Yu turned and asked Su Yang, "this is against the rules. Do we have to settle with this Horsey Chao? How can this go on?"

Su Yang was speechless, and could only raise his neck and finish a mug of beer.

 "Alright, if that’s the case, you are also victims, then…" Zhao Yu regained his kind looks and said nicely to the young punks, "just leave the money on the table and you can leave!"

 "Ah!?" Not only were the young punks were shocked, but so were Su Yang and Yao Jia. Even the owner and waiters all stared in disbelief.

 "What?" Zhao Yu asked arrogantly. "Any objections? Alright, boss, please take out a few more pots, I’ll treat these young friends to a nice meal!"

 "No, no…" the young punks sensed that something was not right with Zhao Yu’s words, and a few of them quickly put the money on the table. After these few took the lead, the rest did not dare to resist anymore and all of them put a one-hundred RMB note on the table. The young punks saw that Zhao Yu stopped paying attention to them and quickly escaped from the restaurant.

 After seeing that the young punks had all left, Su Yang raised his thumb at Zhao Yu and praised him, "Amazing, you’re amazing! I’ve really chosen the right person. Your presence is simply top notch! You’re truly an expert!" As Yao Jia was also present, Su Yang did not say what he really meant. Zhao Yu had not only beaten up the young punks, but he had also gotten important information from them, such as Horsey Chao, which could become Su Yang’s investigation evidence in the future.

 "Kekeke…" Zhao Yu grinned and wanted to brag, but what Su Yang had just said seemed to remind him of something and made him feel very important!

"Hahaha...Master Su! This name, hahaha…" Su Yang was still feeling emotional as he said to Yao Jia, "Thirteenth Sis! Great name, hahaha…"

Although Yao Jia had not had many interactions with Zhao Yu, but she had already understood the pretence just now and was also laughing. "I was really scared stiff and sweating non-stop! I didn’t expect Officer Zhao to have such great acting skills! Your acting just now was really convincing! Kekeke…" She had no idea that Zhao Yu was not acting, but just showing his true self. Usually, Zhao Yu would have a load of nonsense to say, but he seemed to catch something important from a thought that flashed past his mind and started pondering over it.

"What?" Su Yang noticed Zhao Yu’s unusual behavior. "Something wrong?"

"Boss," Zhao Yu quickly asked, "you...what did you say I was just now? In the first sentence?"

"I said...I chose the right person?" Su Yang answered, his face full of doubt.

"No, at the last part!" Zhao Yu asked seriously.

"The last part? Oh…" Su Yang recalled. "I said, ‘you’re truly an expert’!"

"Expert!? Right! It’s this word!" Zhao Yu suddenly stood up on a chair and gave Su Yang and Yao Jia a shock.

"What are you doing? What’s with the sudden fl.u.s.ter? What happened?" Su Yang raised his head and asked.

"Wait!" Zhao Yu touched his head and was started thinking about something. "Expert!? Expert… Mianling Kidnapping Case, expert!? Holy sh*t… Could it be…" With this thought, Zhao Yu quickly said to Su Yang, "I’m sorry Boss, I suddenly thought of something about the case. Could I trouble you to send Miss Yao Jia back?" Then he turned to Yao Jia and said, "I’m sorry Miss Yao Jia, I have something important to settle, and I have to make a move first! Let’s meet up more often in future!"

"Eh?" Su Yang and Yao Jia called out at the same time. They wanted to say something more, but Zhao Yu was already gone!

Crazy Detective Chapter 165

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