Crazy Detective Chapter 964 - Don’t Die

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Chapter 964: Don’t Die

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Zhao Yu coughed and shook off the grilled fish fillets and sea sedges that were on him. How could a dismantled bomb be detonated with fire? Zhao Yu complained. Then, he remembered what he had learned in the police school. Under high temperature and high pressure, bombs made of raw materials such as nitroglycerin would explode.

Zhao Yu was only thinking about how to save Jiang Ke and forgot about the bomb under the van. When he realized that the bomb was still under the van, it was too late. When the bomb exploded, a powerful shock wave shattered the rest of the gla.s.s windows and blew up the metal containers outside the small warehouse. Now, Zhao Yu was underneath the rubble.

The metal containers resisted the explosion and protected Zhao Yu from the flying pieces of gla.s.s. Zhao Yu wasn’t hurt very much by the explosion. An irritatingly charred smell was in the air. Quickly, Zhao Yu climbed from under the container pieces. There was no fire in the hall, but the smoke was thick and pungent. Zhao Yu grabbed a towel to cover his mouth and nose while he crawled out of the small warehouse into the hall.

The bomb exploded from under the van. A metal skeleton was all that was left. The van was burning still burning, and the smoke was billowing out. The young people who came to kill Jiang Ke were laying on the ground. Broken gla.s.s had hit some of them, and they were moaning miserably. Zhao Yu’s detector showed that only a few of them were still alive. Zhao Yu coughed and had to use an Invisible Breathing Device to protect himself from the poisonous smoke.

The sight In front of him was devastating. Hardly anything remained of the supermarket hall. The ventilation ducts on the roof were blown up, and wires and cables were all over the place. Zhao Yu clenched his fists and searched for Jiang Ke. If Jiang Ke was dead, his last hope of finding the mysterious man was gone. Luckily, Zhao Yu found that his Invisible Tracking Device was still working and Jiang Ke’s signal was flas.h.i.+ng on the display screen.

He is lucky. Zhao Yu thought and remembered that Jiang Ke was near the van when it exploded. Zhao Yu wanted to see Jiang Ke first, but with the wind blowing from outside, the fire in the van suddenly began spread. Because of this, the van next to it ignited as well. Zhao Yu must put out the fire quickly. The fire was still out of control. He looked around for a fire extinguisher, but the smoke was so thick he could barely see anything.

To his surprise, the sprinkler system on the roof of the hall started working. Water began to shower from the ceiling. It instantly looked like rain was falling. When Tian Xudong built the supermarket, he had thought there could be a fire emergency. An automatic sprinkler system was installed to cover all of the building. The sensors weren’t very sensitive due to the age of the system. That was why it took them so long to start working. The water began to put out the flames and reduce the intense smoke.

When the water poured on Zhao Yu’s body, Zhao Yu’s mind suddenly became clear. He realized that some police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances would arrive here soon. He had to find Jiang Ke and leave as quickly as possible. Zhao Yu signed. He couldn’t think of any alternative.

Zhao Yu found Jiang Ke on the ground with help from the signal on the detector. Jiang Ke was unconscious now. Zhao Yu quickly carried him away from the hall through the supermarket entrance.

After leaving the hall, Zhao Yu saw the monitoring room next to the entrance. Since Jiang Ke was hiding there, Zhao Yu thought that he might have hidden something important in the room. Zhao Yu laid Jiang Ke on the ground and went into the monitoring room.

The monitoring room consisted of two small rooms. The outside room was the communication room where the security stayed, and the inside room was the functional monitoring room. Zhao Yu went straight to the interior monitoring room, but the monitoring screen was dark. The explosion might have damaged it, or someone had destroyed it on purpose.

There was a small bed in the corner of the room. The dishes that Tian Xudong brought to Jiang Ke were on the bed. There was also a laptop and a stun gun next to it. Without even thinking, Zhao Yu took the laptop and the stun gun with him. He also took a pack of sauce beef and two helpings from the food warmer. Now, Zhao Yu picked up Jiang Ke, positioned the man on his back, and left the building.

He couldn’t go to the street because the police might show up at any time. So, he decided to go to the parking lot. Tian Xudong’s Audi A8 was still there. He had to make a dangerous decision, but he had no other choice. He opened the door and put Jiang Ke in the car. Then, he got in on the driver’s seat.

Fortunately, the key was in the ignition. All Zhao Yu wanted to do when he started the car was to go through the front entrance of the supermarket and find the main road. Just as he started the car, he heard the sirens. Zhao Yu had to go behind the supermarket to the seafood plant.

Zhao Yu fastened both of their seat belts. While doing so, he saw that Jiang Ke was wearing a bulletproof police uniform. The uniform explained why Jiang Ke’s trip from Yaoming to Yanghai was so smooth. The mysterious man prepared this in advance. The outfit would keep the police from being suspicious of Jiang Ke. The uniform also saved him from being killed in the explosion.

Although he was still alive, Jiang Ke’s face was severely injured. He was almost unrecognizable. Blood flowed from his nose and mouth, which suggested internal bleeding. He probably suffered head trauma as well. Zhao Yu noticed that Jiang Ke’s life signal on the Life Detector was weakening.

No, Jiang Ke, don’t die! I have to find the mysterious man. Zhao Yu thought anxiously.

Yes, The Invisible Hemostat. At that moment, Zhao Yu thought of his Invisible Hemostat and used it on Jiang Ke. Jiang Ke’s signal on the Life Detector gradually stabilized.

Zhao Yu knew that if it was cerebral hemorrhage, he must take him to the hospital for surgery. If he didn’t, Jiang Ke was still in danger. If they went to the hospital, they would be exposed. In that case, it would be even harder to find the mysterious guy now with the yellow van gone.

Zhao Yu sighed angrily. He didn’t expect his plans to change abruptly as the sirens grew louder. When Zhao Yu drove the Audi A8 to the plant’s back door, he noticed that there was a rear gate with an iron door. He drove the car into the iron door. The door crashed open, and Zhao Yu drove the vehicle onto the outside road. Fortunately, there was no one around. Zhao Yu took Jiang Ke out of the car and put him in his Wuling Hongguang van. Zhao Yu covered Jiang Ke with some of the costumes in the back of the van. After that, he started the van and drove to the main road.

Crazy Detective Chapter 964 - Don’t Die

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