Crazy Detective Chapter 965 - Fight to Win

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Chapter 965: Fight to Win

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After starting the van, Zhao Yu worried that too many police and cameras would be along the main road. Instead, he decided to take the alley behind the plant. The driveway linked two side streets. He made several turns in the narrow lane and finally got to the other road.


Although the smoking seafood supermarket was fading away in the distance, Zhao Yu angrily slapped the steering wheel. Judging from Jiang Ke’s injuries, even if he didn’t die, he might not recover quickly. If Jiang Ke remained in a coma, Zhao Yu’s plan was for nothing. If Jiang Ke regained consciousness, he didn’t know the ident.i.ty of the mysterious man. Zhao Yu never expected that loosening the reins on Jiang Ke instead od tightening them would cause such chaos. Jiang Ke was useless right now, and Zhao Yu didn’t have any more clues about the mysterious man.

Who the h.e.l.l are you? Zhao Yu thought about the mysterious man.

Recalling the supermarket explosion, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but recognize that Kun Qian was indeed powerful! He jumped into a river and witnessed an explosion within half a day after he helped Jiang Ke escape from prison. If things went on like this, what would happen next?

Zhao Yu didn’t know where to got. He drove slowly along the roadside while thinking about his next step.

Calm down! Calm down!

He forced himself to concentrate. Unfortunately, things had reached a point that he had no idea what to do next. He looked back at Jiang Ke lying under a pile of costumes. He knew that the first thing to do was to take him to the hospital for treatment. Otherwise, he would probably die! If he died, there was no way that Zhao Yu could find the mysterious man or explain the prison break. The Criminal Division would dismiss him and possibly put him in jail!

Taking Jiang Ke to the hospital would put him in danger of being caught. He has no way of supporting his innocence if Jiang Ke is unconscious.

He couldn’t let anyone see him if he took Jiang Ke to the hospital! After that, he could only rely on himself to investigate the ident.i.ty of the mysterious man! If he lost the resources of the Criminal Division, it became more difficult to find out the ident.i.ty of the mysterious man. While investigating the case, he had to be careful not to alert the police!

Zhao Yu sighed. He had not intended to turn himself into a wanted criminal. Although he had once been a fugitive in New Zealand, that situation was different from this one. At least he had some support then. What now? Besides Miao Ying, he had no one else to help him.

Solving a case alone sounded as if it would make him a hero, but he knew that it was complicated. When Zhao Yu was investigating the Devil Case, it took a lot of effort and resources to bring Han Kuan to justice. Now he had to find the mysterious man and crack the Ziliu case alone. As Zhao Yu frowned and thought deeply, he felt sorrowful.

What else can I do? Is there nothing left for me to do?

Zhao Yu looked at the map on his mobile phone. He was heading east along the main road to the East District. Haidu International Film and Television City was less than 10 kilometers away. After he pa.s.sed the film and television city, there was a big city in Tongjiang Province – Chaohai! If he went to Chaohai’s Hospital, it would be closer than returning to Yaoming. So, Zhao Yu decided to drive eastward.

While driving, Zhao Yu thought about Miao Ying’s reply to his email and Jiang Ke’s laptop. He wondered what he could do. He slowed down and pulled over to open Miao Ying’s email. Miao Ying’s letter stated what he expected. Miao Ying agreed with Zhao Yu’s idea of faking his death, but she disagreed with his adventurous plan to release Jiang Ke. To keep the mysterious man from using Zhao Yu’s family and friends to threaten him again and to keep them from worrying, Miao Ying would intercept any news about Zhao Yu jumping in the river. She firmly opposed the plan of using Jiang Ke to find the mysterious man. Miao Ying’s reason was straightforward. She worried about Zhao Yu’s safety. Jiang Ke was no ordinary criminal after all. He was cunning and had a powerful group behind him. It was too dangerous to stay with him.

Another reason was that Zhao Yu’s plan broke the rules. His actions fell outside his power. Even if he could find the mysterious man, he would inevitably be held accountable for his actions.

Therefore, Miao Ying made a sincere suggestion that Zhao Yu immediately tell her where to find Jiang Ke and let the police arrest him. Then, they could try their best to investigate the ident.i.ty of the mysterious person together.

Miao Ying also gave Zhao Yu a plan to provide him with a false ident.i.ty. Then, he could continue the work of the special task force and continue to exercise his leader’s rights.

After reading Miao Ying’s letter, Zhao Yu sighed again. After he climbed up the bank from the cold Hongming River, he had considered what Miao Ying suggested. It would be safer to have Jiang Ke under control.

At that time, he was arrogant and thought that his powerful devices were enough to complete his task. He believed that as long as he followed Jiang Ke, he could identify the mysterious man and arrest both of them.

Zhao Yu regretted it now. He had to admit that his decision was too risky, but he had wanted to be a hero.

Why not take back to the police station as Miao Ying suggested? Zhao Yu thought that with all his achievements, and Division Chief Jiao’s help, he might not lose his position as the special investigation group leader. The reason why Zhao Yu chose to take risks was more than being arrogant.

First of all, the purpose behind the mysterious man helping Jiang Ke escape from prison confused him. The mysterious man took a huge risk to help Jiang Ke escape from prison and still didn’t want to hurt him. Maybe the mysterious man needed Jiang Ke’s help. If Jiang Ke was caught and put back in jail, it might upset the mysterious man.

Secondly, Zhao Yu was not sure how powerful the mysterious person was. If he learned of Zhao Yu’s fake death, the mysterious man might take revenge and try to hurt Zhao Yu’s family and friends. Zhao Yu didn’t want to see that happen.

Lastly, since the mysterious man had threatened Zhao Yu, he could use the same method to intimidate others. The mysterious man could even threaten the leader of the detention center or Zhao Yu’s colleagues to achieve his goal.

Zhao Yu looked back at unconscious Jiang Ke. He was under a lot of pressure and didn’t know how to make the right choice.

“A moment of frustration and despair… You can’t help but sigh…”

Unexpectedly, he was frightened when he heard a song in the back of the van.

“…Soulless like a scarecrow…”

Zhao Yu realized that it was a ringtone. He reached into his trousers pocket to retrieve his cell phone, but it didn’t ring.

“Good luck, bad luck, always have to start…”

Zhao Yu discovered that the song came from Jiang Ke’s direction! He stopped the van abruptly, searched Jiang Ke, and found a Huawei mobile phone in Jiang Ke’s jacket pocket. When he took the phone out, the song had just ended:

“30% is doomed, 70% depends on hard work. You’ve got to fight to win…”

Looking at the incoming call number on the screen, Zhao Yu’s hands trembled. He didn’t think that Jiang Ke was carrying a mobile phone, or that someone was calling him. Could it be the mysterious man?

Crazy Detective Chapter 965 - Fight to Win

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