Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 164

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After the “G.o.d-Eating Mask” fell to the ground, Athena fell to the ground and the flame of life on her body had completely extinguished. Her demonic body had also returned to human form while her gaze began to gradually freeze.

Chen Rui couldn't believe the scene in front of him, as if the most precious thing in his heart was suddenly broken. Even his whole heart was broken. The jerking mouth desperately wanted to call Athena's name, but he couldn't make a sound.

The Earth Elemental King's face was finally revealed. His facial features were relatively delicate. Yet, due to the broken elemental heart, the white light in his eyes had weakened to the point that it was fading away. The entire body slowly fell to the ground as he seemed to have lost all of his strength.

However, the “G.o.d-Eating Mask” that was detached from the Earth Elemental King actually slowly floated up again. The power of the entire Soul-Eating territory was only partially weakened. Everyone still couldn't get rid of the bind on their bodies.

The sword containing the flame of life was only able to remove the “G.o.d-Eating Mask”, but couldn't kill Glorfin!

Certainly, forcefully detaching the G.o.d-Eating Mask from the host with external force indeed caused a significant damage to Glorfin's soul, but it wasn't enough to destroy him.

The “G.o.d-Eating Mask” exuded a powerful breath. Although the host was lost, the Demon Overlord's consciousness and the power of artifact were still extremely terrifying.

“Annoying woman! Can't believe she has such ability!” Glorfin's voice of clenching teeth came from the “G.o.d-Eating Mask”. “Just like the troublesome earth elementals, the tauren's and medusa's physiques aren't suitable to be host, even if I live in them, their strength can't be further enhanced! Besides, those who are below Demon King level can't bear the power of the artifact! Initially, that human was the best host since he was close to breaking through. Unfortunately, it is this stupid woman who broke through. Her talent of traveling through s.p.a.ce is not bad, but she is still a woman. Also, she's a Great Demon, so it's even harder to break through…" It turned out that Glorfin occupying the Earth Elemental King's body was also the last resort. Even if the consciousness of Earth Elemental King was completely defeated, his consciousness couldn't truly manifest the strength in the body of earth elementals; the tauren and medusa were the same as well. Besides, their upper limit was Great Demon King. Unless he found a new host, his power would stop at the Great Demon King for a lifetime. Thus, it was even more unworthy than the Demon Overlord-level Earth Elemental King.

After the Earth Elemental King self-destructed his elemental heart, Glorfin knew that he had to change his host as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would only have days of life left. The most suitable person at that moment was the human. Therefore, Glorfin made a temporary decision to cast his Limit Territory to stimulate Chen Rui, who was at the edge to break through the limit and reach Demon King-level. Subsequently, Glorfin would possess him and make him a host.

This plan was initially not bad, but unfortunately, his calculations were wrong. Chen Rui failed to force a breakthrough. Instead, Athena took the lead to break through the limits of Higher Demon and reached Demon King-level strength.

The voice of “G.o.d-Eating Mask” seemed to be hesitating, “This woman is dying, and in this pure soul form, I don't have much time left either. Should I really choose a woman as my host? This is so frustrating!”

The anger in Chen Rui's heart had burned to the extreme. Not only he hated Glorfin, but he also hated himself!

He hated his own weakness. He hated his incompetence for actually watching her beloved woman burn her life for him yet he couldn't say a single word. Now, he had to watch her being possessed by the "G.o.d-Eating Mask" and becoming a puppet.

This anger overwhelmed the grievance, pain and everything. At that moment where his anger completely burned his consciousness, he seemed to have lost all sensations and the severe pain caused by failing the breakthrough couldn't be reflected to the brain. It was to the point that he couldn't hear or see anything around.

There was only Athena's voice echoing in his soul.

Yet, I still love you.

Not just liking but love.

The dim stardust in the 3-D human body once again emitted a dazzling light and started to run frantically. The brightness was unprecedented. It was just like the Athena's flame just now. The stardust that was overwhelming after reaching the limit. They began to explode gradually. However, Chen Rui didn't hesitate as if it wasn't his own life and strength that were being destroyed.

I cannot let Athena dies! If I truly can't save her, then I'll eliminate myself completely as well.

Whether it's destruction or burn! I only need a flash of light. Even if I can no longer fight anymore! Even if this is my last moment in your life!

Under destructive explosions of countless stardust, a black force that blocked the breakthrough finally began to tremble like some kind of flame.

As Glorfin was preparing to possess Athena, he felt that Chen Rui's power was different. He saw that Chen Rui's eyes including the sclera had all turned into a deep black. Within the back were faint red irises which looked really strange. His breath also became abnormally manic, causing the entire palace to start trembling slightly.

Glorfin stopped immediately. He was overjoyed: Finally, my effort wasn't in vain. The most suitable host finally appears!

In Chen Rui's consciousness, not only did all the stardusts exploded, but there were also strange changes happening at the s.p.a.ce outside of the Galaxy Divinity Temple.

In s.p.a.ce, the fiery red clouds seemed to be constantly squeezed by some irresistible force. Floating dust particles began to rotate rapidly around the red clouds. The temperature was getting higher and higher. A faint spherical shape appeared within the fiery clouds.

When the pressure reached its limit, the center began to explode and collapse. A huge air pillar ejected from the center and penetrated the entire s.p.a.ce. The cl.u.s.ters floating around were moving crazier in this tremendous force and collided with each other.

At the moment the air pillar ejected, Chen Rui's brain had a "Poom!" sound. The destructive outburst of stardust finally broke through the surface after risking it all. After the black force was broken through, it didn't dissipate. Instead, it merged with the destructive explosion and began to truly burn.

In Glorfin's eyes, the manic breathe had turned into another feeling. It was like something was reborn. Then, he saw Chen Rui's body was burning with a flame. The color of the flame was black. It radiated a strange energy that made the surrounding crystals that were formed from the territory's power to melt.

The breath of the black flames shook Glorfin's soul. He instinctively felt the danger and blurted out, “Nirvana's Flame! Is this guy belong to the Asmodeus Royal Family?”

“No, he doesn't have Nirvana nor the body of the l.u.s.t Royal Family. Besides, I've never heard that the Nirvana's Flame can be used in this way!” Glorfin then denied this speculation, “Yet, this flame is clearly Nirvana's power. This is so weird!”

Chen Rui's eyes had returned to the normal color. When the last touch of fiery red was withdrawn into his black eyes, all the crystals on his body had shattered, but the black flame was still burning.

It is indeed Demon King of the middle level! According to the human realm's division, it is called the Master level.

The eyes of the “G.o.d-Eating Mask” emitted a surprise light. This human's strength is too special. The momentum of his breakthrough can even affect the Soul-Eating Territory! The most important thing is that human has no upper limit of potential like the ordinary demons. As long as I can occupy this body and completely devour his soul, then with the power acc.u.mulated by the artifact coupled with my Demon Overlord-level consciousness, I'll definitely improve my strength quickly in the fastest time and return to the top ranks of the powerhouses!

This human wasn't the Earth Elemental King, so Glorfin didn't think that Chen Rui would have the ability to resist his Demon Overlord consciousness. It would only require a little strength to completely swallow Chen Rui's consciousness.

“G.o.d-Eating Mask” laughed loudly and dashed toward Chen Rui.

Chen Rui disappeared instantly and appeared beside Athena. He squatted down and hugged her tightly.

“Remember, you are my most beloved woman. I will never allow you to die, even if it takes my life.”

It wasn't sure whether it was the power of that sentence or the strange effect from the black flame, Athena's lingering eyes suddenly condensed.

“Human can also teleport? Interesting… However, your breakthrough is one step late. I didn't choose this woman as my host just now, so she can't be saved now.” Glorfin had the intention to crush Chen Rui's final psychological barrier, so he wasn't in a hurry to attack.

Chen Rui ignored Glorfin and two bottles of black potions appeared in his hand. They were carefully fed into Athena's mouth in turn. The potion was extraordinary as it was automatically absorbed when it entered the mouth.

“Trust your man and sleep peacefully. Everything will be fine when you wake up.”

Chen Rui leaned down and kissed Athena's forehead. Athena's red eyes showed tranquility and her eyes were closed slowly. The pale and cold face gradually recovered a touch of redness. It felt like her life that was annihilated due to exhaustion was recovering slowly. There was no danger to her life anymore. The biggest stone in Chen Rui's heart was finally removed.

Athena broke the limit for him and Chen Rui also surpa.s.sed himself for her. The exchange center of Alioth state didn't let him down as resurrection potion and longevity potion had appeared. Each bottle cost 1M auras, and he gave both for Athena to drink.

As for other things, Chen Rui had no time to look at it. For Athena and everyone else, he had to destroy Glorfin even if he dies together.

“Impossible! Her life was obviously burned out!” Glorfin's mocking laughter abruptly ended. Thinking of the color of the two potions just now, he then exclaimed, “Could it be the black potions that signify grand master highest achievement, resurrection potion and longevity potion? It must be!”

“Nirvana's Power, , resurrection potion, longevity potion… That's great! It seems that the great Demon G.o.d has once again cared for the Beelzebub Royal Family!” An ecstatic laughter came from the G.o.d-Eating Mask that was flying toward Chen Rui at high speed.

Chen Rui's eyes glowed with anger. His figure teleported inconceivably again, appearing behind the mask. His palm glowed a faint light, and he fiercely struck toward the “G.o.d-Eating Mask”.

Clanking sound rang and Glorfin groaned in pain yet the mask was still stable, whereas Chen Rui flew backward due to a strong impact. He felt severe pain in his wrist. His bones had fractured. It was the first time that

“This attack can actually damage my soul!” Glorfin wasn't angry but happy after the painful groan, “Perfect power! Perfect skill! I am definitely taking your body!”

At the moment that Chen Rui landed, the “G.o.d-Eating Mask” had already came to the front of his eyes and erupted a strong mental suppression. Although Chen Rui had broken through to Alioth state and he possessed the Dark Will, such direct mental suppression from a Demon Overlord wasn't something he could resist with his current strength, so he couldn't move at once.

Glorfin was approaching. Suddenly, the “G.o.d-Eating Mask” seemed to have stopped, as if it was blocked by some force. It turned out that Chen Rui's body was surrounded by a strange blue light that looked like a round, transparent crystal s.h.i.+eld that protected his body.

The yellow light in the eyes of “G.o.d-Eating Mask” shone brightly. The blue crystal cover lasted for about two seconds before it broke and disappeared.

“Whoos.h.!.+", the black flame on Chen Rui's body was blazing again. The entire Soul-Eating Territory began to tremble slightly. Even the imprisoned people felt a slight recovery in strength.

The power of this black flame was very special. The speed of the “G.o.d-Eating Mask” was suddenly slowed down, but it was still advancing. Glorfin's voice sounded, “It really is the Nirvana's Flame of the Asmodeus Royal Family! Even my soul can feel that annoying burning force! If your strength reaches Demon Overlord, this flame alone can destroy my soul. Even if you're just Demon Emperor, I can't even occupy your body! Unfortunately, you're just a Demon King! Weak guy, although I don't understand why you have the power of the l.u.s.t Royal Family, but soon all your strange abilities will be mine!”

Glorfin approached step by step, but Chen Rui seemed to have antic.i.p.ated it. He wasn't anxious nor did he tried to escape. He just stood still and stared coldly at the “G.o.d-Eating Mask”, one of the seven demons' artifacts in the legend.

Finally, the “G.o.d-Eating Mask” covered Chen Rui's face.

“I made it!” In the mask, Glorfin's laughter echoed across the tauren's tribe.

The surrounding Chief Tauren and Tim who were still conscious were shocked. At that moment, the laughter stopped suddenly.

Chen Rui's body was motionless. He didn't say any word and just stood still there as if something was wrong.

It was indeed out of situation. Glorfin was trying to occupy Chen Rui's consciousness. Yet suddenly, he felt that the surrounding scene was distorted and he was immediately moved to this place.

In the distance, there was a huge red ball burning. The light was extremely blinding. It was slowly rotating, and the flame carried the fiery heat that could destroy the world!

There were also b.a.l.l.s of various sizes and colors in the s.p.a.ce that were rotating. They were not only rotating by themselves, but they were also rotating around the fiery ball in a special sequence, forming a quiet yet beautiful scene.

What exactly is this place?

Glorfin felt that his body, which had been destroyed by the Earth Elemental King was restored to its original state and floating in the air. Yet, it shouldn't his actual body, but it was just his consciousness.

Then, he saw Chen Rui's body appearing in front, also floating in the air.

Chen Rui knew his place. He knew it was impossible to destroy the Glorfin's Demon Overlord consciousness with his early Alioth state's strength. He once had the experience of confronting the Eye of Incubus. At that time, the Super System could counteract the Demon Emperor-level Broc's most powerful talent. Now that he had achieved a new evolution of Star Level, the power should be greater.

Therefore, the Super System in his consciousness was the biggest trump card to eliminated Glorfin; it was also his last trump card.

Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 164

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