Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 24

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Published at 15th of August 2019 07:30:49 AM Chapter 24

Although the change of s.p.a.ce surprised Chen Rui a little, he did not put it in his mind . He moved his mind, then he appeared on the throne . This time there were three light screens appearing; one additional screen as compared to the last time . Simultaneously, a large amount of new information was transmitted into his brain .

Within the character’s status panel, the translucent Chen Rui was almost the same as before except the groin part was burning pervertedly with fist-sized white flames . A word “Alkiad” appeared within the flame!

The text description at the side became:

t.i.tle: Star Collector

Evolution Level: One Star

Experience Value: 0%

Aura Value: 21

Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment: E

According to the new information in the brain, the human body had a total of seven Star Pulse, representing the seven states of the Star Power . Star Power was the powerful strength that rooted in the human body and corresponded to the depth of the universe; while Star Pulse was the origin of Star Power .

“Alkaid” was the first Star Pulse, also the name of the first state . It was automatically activated by the initial evolution, but it was limited to the initial evolution . In the future, activation of Star Pulse required mastering of the current state, then breakthrough under a certain condition . Every activated Star Pulse gave a huge leap in strength, powerful abilities and skills .

The next state after “Alkaid” was “Mizar” . The states after it would need to wait until he fully developed the “Mizar” state to know .

As for “Experience Value” and “Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment” were data presentations of strength . The “Experience Value” referred to the proficiency and usage of the current Star Power state . Reaching 100% for “Experience Value” was also the most fundamental requirement for breaking through to the next state .

The screen of the skill tree also changed . An additional layer was lit up above with three new icons added . It should be the new abilities of the Star Collector .

There were five different skills at present: pa.s.sive abilities were ,

The motion image of

He wasn’t sure what could

Chen Rui suppressed his excitement in his heart, and finally set his sight on the newly added third screen . Several architectural models of various shapes appeared before him, including “warehouse storage”, “training ground” and “exchange center” . There were several buildings in grey with no names or descriptions; they were obviously not available at this state .

He focused his mind on the “warehouse storage” building, then its description appeared .

Activation Requirement: 500 auras .

Function: store all kinds of inanimate objects; can be deposited and withdrew with the mind; size of the warehouse automatically grows with the evolution level of the owner .

The activation requirement of the training ground was 1000 auras . It provides various training s.p.a.ces with various special conditions; specific rules need to be purchased with aura .

The activation requirement of the exchange center was 1000 auras and can be used to exchange various special items with aura .

Only after completing the initial evolution that Chen Rui realized, the aura he hated the was actually the most important thing . It was equivalent to the energy of the entire Super System or could be called currency .

Aura was necessary for reaching a new state, activating new buildings of the temple, exchange items and even use active skills in combat .

Chen Rui really wanted to activate these three buildings, but his current aura was only 21 . Although the automatic aura growth rate was twice as fast as before the evolution, it still took about half an hour to gain 1 point; only 48 points in a day . It was still too slow . It seemed that

Chen Rui exited from the Super s.p.a.ce and opened his eyes . He felt that his five senses were unprecedentedly sharp . There was a strange power that seemed to be endless in the body . He immediately jumped up from the bed, but not knowing that he used too much force . His entire body was in mid-air, and his head hit the ceiling, then “Poom!” dropped down again .

He touched his a.s.s and stood up with surprise .  The distance between the bed and the room’s ceiling was 3 to 4 meters high . Without using all my strength, I am able to jump such height simply . If I can return to Earth now, I can definitely go to the Olympics and win everything .

Chen Rui grabbed a piece of wood and tried using his strength . The hard piece of wood was suddenly crushed into powder . He then grabbed a two-fingers-thick solid iron bar at the corner of the door and folded the two ends effortlessly . There was even a shallow fingermark left on the rod .

Strength! This is the feeling of strength!

Finally, I’m no longer trash that can be bullied by anyone! Chen Rui was really excited . He straightened and twisted the iron rod into a dough twist . If it wasn’t for fear of alarming Aldas and Slee, he really wanted to create havoc in this room . He just wasn’t sure what level of power was E-rated Star Collector equivalent to?

Thinking of the

The night came, a guy wearing a dark green cloak covering his head and face was walking in the shadow of the alley . It was just like many other demons with such costume, so it did not attract other’s attention .

This person was Chen Rui . Originally, he wanted to go out of the city to test the power of the

“Requires 1 Aura Value; lasts for 10 minutes . ”

Up till now, the aura was only 22 points . Each point spent was really painful .

After the

Chen Rui now understood that this skill was just like a detector . It could evaluate the opponent’s level and strategize against the enemy in a battle first; a very practical skill . The higher the level of evolution, the “unknown” data would be clearer .

At that moment, a strange voice came from behind, “Would master give me enough to eat today?”

Chen Rui turned around but did not see anyone . He could not help but startled as the

“Wu wu, the bone is too far . I can’t reach . ”

Chen Rui focused and saw that it was actually a little h.e.l.lhound tied to a door that was talking . It was pretty much like a guard dog or pet animal .

Since when a lowe-level demonic beast like the h.e.l.lhound can speak the common language of the Demon Realm?

No! Could it be… the

To confirm the hypothesis in his mind, Chen Rui found the bone that the h.e.l.lhound said that it couldn’t reach, picked it up and threw it to the h.e.l.lhound .

The little h.e.l.lhound shook its tail happily and whimpered . In Chen Rui’s ears, it became, “Thanks!”

“No worries . What else do you want to eat?”

Chen Rui tried to ask, but he did not get a response . When he asked with his mind, the h.e.l.lhound finally answered . The language was still relatively simple, “Meat!”

“If I can, I’ll bring meat for you to eat next time . ”

Chen Rui tried again . When the time limit of the

While walking, he suddenly heard noises coming from the alley in front .

“You sly dwarf dare to hide the money!”

“Please forgive me, sir . The few white crystal coins aren’t earned today . It is the money that I kept a few days ago to buy food for my daughter . Please don’t take them away!”

“Pathetic thing, Sir Ganke is nice enough to let you live . If you still dare to be pesky, we’ll take your daughter away to pay off!”

“Gob, don’t have to argue with him . Beat him to death and take his daughter away!”

Bullying men and taking away women; robbery and violence; it seems that no matter which world there will be evil deeds that raise one’s hackles . By the way, Ganke? I seem to have met an acquaintance .

Chen Rui pondered for a while . He sorted out his costumes, took a piece of cloth to cover his face and carefully sneaked to the source of the sound .

Indeed, it was the leader, Ganke who accused Chen Rui of colluding with thieves at the city gate previously, with two men, bullying a pair of dark dwarf father and daughter .

At this time, the

If he didn’t have the ability, then being busybody might be stupid, but if he had the ability and still be a bystander then that was numb . Although it was common in the Demon Realm, Chen Rui did plan to have a trial run, so it was just nice to teach Ganke who framed him a lesson .

Ganke was about to catch the dwarf’s poor daughter, but he suddenly heard someone shouting from his back .

“Stop! Under broad daylight… No, under the beautiful two moons of the Demon Realm, you dare to bully . Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Demon Realm’s survival rules had always been to relying on the strong and bully the weak . This non-mainstream sentence made Ganke and the others stunned, even the father and daughter who were victimized were shocked .

Due to the pa.s.sive ability , this guy wearing a cloak and covering his face appeared to have no fighting power in the eyes of those three . The centaur named Gob sneered and said, “Where is this idiot from . Let me tell you with my strength that being weak are the ones that are ashamed!”

After saying that, he rushed over while waving his rod . Unsure whether it was the

Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 24

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