Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 28

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Published at 21st of August 2019 05:38:50 AM Chapter 28

Sure enough, they heard Alice’s voice, “Slee? Why are you here? Is Chen Rui upstairs?”

Imp saw the little princess actually remember his name, he quickly nodded with excitement, “Master is on the second floor . ”

Alice went to the second floor by skipping . When she saw Chen Rui, she said happily, “I wanted to look for you, who knows you come to me first!”

Who wants to come to you… Chen Rui had been focusing on the Super System for the past two days . Suddenly, he realized that he still owed an “interesting story” . He quickly s.h.i.+fted the topic and pointed at the “Princess Chess” and said, “Isn’t this Huarong Dao, how…”

“Hehe, am I not amazing!?” Little loli had no shame to pirate, instead, she had a smug look, “If I didn’t have the idea to change its look, this can’t even be sold . You have to learn more . ”

“That’s right, little princess is indeed amazing . ” Chen Rui smiled and nodded . Now, piracy was even more arrogant than the original, but he also technically pirated others’ property .

“Since you’re here, come over and help . ” Alice raised the storage bracelet on her wrist and threw out a bunch of huge things . Fortunately, there weren’t any s.e.xy lace bras that he saw during the last picnic .

“Help me categorize them, then Kia mark the price . ”

Truly thick-faced… Chen Rui had no choice but to clean and cla.s.sify with Kia on the ground . Kia had an innate fragrance, coupled with her attractive body and appearance, so she was super effective against men . Chen Rui knew that the danger index of this essence-sucking woman had reached rank S . He focused his mind and looked steadily forward, lest he slipped and had his attention attracted by her .

Little loli saw his nervousness, so she pondered and asked, “Oh right, Chen Rui, I heard that the last time my sister seemed to say to grant Kia to you in the future . Are you excited?”

Chen Rui was taken aback, How does Alice even know this?

“Princess Royal truly said that?” Kia was stunned . Seeing Chen Rui’s nervous look, her red lips pulled out a narrow smile, and she deliberately approached him, “So, by then do I need to call you… Master?”

The word “master” was deliberately lengthened by the succubus, making it euphoric . Chen Rui’s was heated and he lowered his head more, pretending not to hear and moved his body sideways .

“Master, do you not like Kia? I’m so sad…” The succubus slowly moved closer to Chen Rui . As she moved her shoulders slightly, the cleavage between her b.r.e.a.s.t.s was even deeper . Chen Rui trembled, swallowed his saliva in difficulty and secretly swore femme fatale . Alice already got a stool to watch the show . She was laughing out loud .

The succubus race was mostly natural stunner . Kia was one of the best . If it wasn’t for his trauma, Chen Rui could hardly hold it .

Suddenly, the prompt in his brain woke Chen Rui up, “Found convertible substance . Do you want to convert into aura?”

Chen Rui then remembered that he had been activating the conversion skill . His attention suddenly fell on the dark purple stone in hand . The stone was fist-sized, translucent, and radiating internal pattern; it looked kind of magnificent .

“Little princess, what is this?” Chen Rui asked Alice while holding the stone .

“This is what the guy, Joseph gave me . It seems to be called a vine stone, a local product of the Red Spirit Estate . ” Alice noticed Chen Rui’s interest in the vine stone . She thought for a moment and gave a weird expression, “The vine stone has a special function; it seems to be able to… let men enhance that… function . You can’t be a man that needs such stone right?”

Enhance a certain function? Chen Rui had a cold sweat and threw the stone away quickly .  No matter how much I want aura, I can’t just admit that I’m some sort of incompetent man in front of two beauties!

Kia didn’t want to continue teasing him initially, but when she saw his look, she couldn’t help but grin; looking really flirtatious . Alice laughed more exaggeratedly on the stool .

Chen Rui recalled the little princess’s evil deed when they first met and started doubting .  Although Joseph is the eldest son of the Red Spirit Lord, he was also a financial officer of the Dark Moon City, he won’t give such a perverted thing to the little princess right?

For the aura, Chen Rui forced himself to ask, “Little princess, what is the actual function of the vine stone?”

Little loli teased him a little more and she finally had enough . She then told him that the vine stone could increase the magic power of a magician to a certain extent . It was usually embedded in some kind of magic-amplifying equipment; it was indeed something that “enhance a certain function” .

Chen Rui strongly despised Alice’s descriptive ability and asked, “I really like this stone . Can little princess sell it to me?”

“No matter how I see, you don’t look like someone who needs to ‘enhance a certain function’?” Alice saw his having a serious look, she felt bored and said, “If you really want it, 5 black crystal coins, I have discounted for you!”

“So expensive!” Chen Rui was shocked . He still didn’t know how many auras the vine stone could provide . Before that, the price already scared him away . 5 black crystal coins were almost all of his a.s.sets .  Forget it, I’ll wait for Zach’s free ore first .

“Don’t be so stingy,” Alice laughed like a little fox and said, “I know that my sister awarded you 5 black crystal coins through Aldas . ”

She even knows that! It seemed that little loli was deliberately wanting him to go bankrupt .  Indeed a scam shop owner! Chen Rui said with indignation, “It can’t be Princess Royal asking you to do this purposely right? I will go to Princess Royal now and return the reward directly to her . ”

“Don’t!” Alice heard that he was going to find her sister, and she hurriedly stopped him, “I was just joking with you . Why so serious?”

It seems that I have to use this trick to deal with little loli! Chen Rui was secretly smug, then heard Alice gave a speechless new price, “Then let’s make it 4 black crystal coins and 99 purple crystal coins!”

The difference was just between 5,000 and 4,990 .

“It’s too expensive . I think I will pa.s.s,” Chen Rui gave up decisively .  It seems that it is impossible to get the vine stones from the little loli today .

“Didn’t you see everything here is expensive? If it’s not expensive, how is it supposed to show my princess status?” Alice said with protruded lips . “However, I sell things based on impression too . If you can make me happy, there is another vine stone here, I can give them together to you . ”

Two pieces of vine stones! Chen Rui was excited . It was just that it wasn’t easy to satisfy Alice . In these days, the stocks in his mind were almost emptied out .

“Little princess,” Chen Rui pondered for a while and said, “What if, I teach you how to operate a business to make more money?”

Alice’s big eyes lit up and then frowned her cute brows, “Shouldn’t business be operated like this? Everyone is doing this . I’m already much smarter than those people . ”

Chen Rui shook his head and his eyes showed strong self-confidence, “Business, isn’t operated like this . ”

After a while, the imp who was waiting downstairs saw his master coming down, and he greeted hurriedly .

Chen Rui frowned, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier that this shop is opened by the little princess?”

“Wasn’t master looking for a store that sells weird stuff?” Imp noticed his master’s dissatisfaction . He said with a pleasing smile, “This is the most eccentric store in the city . Especially that master is so close with the little princess, there must be a surprise . ”

Chen Rui looked at Slee’s flattering smile and waved the two pieces of vine stones in his hand .

“Vine stone!” Imp recognized at a glance and exclaimed . “This is very expensive! I remember it’s priced at 50 black crystal coins in the magic store owned by Sir Joseph!”

50 black crystal coins! Chen Rui glanced upstairs in surprise . His impression of the blackhearted little princess finally changed .

Chen Rui left Alice’s shop . Along the way, when Slee wasn’t paying attention, he secretly tried using the conversion skills . The vine stones were indeed expensive magic material . The two pieces provided a total of 230 auras, and the total amount of aura had reached 406 points . It was like poor peasant suddenly became a middle-cla.s.s .

The acquire of the vine stones ignited Chen Rui a new hope . He made Slee lead the way to the magic store under Joseph’s name to see if he could find any treasures .

The magic store was located in the most prosperous area of ​​the city center, but there were very few guests inside . The reason was very simple . It was too expensive . For the vine stones that Chen Rui absorbed, it was far more expensive than the imp remembered . It was 68 black crystal coins each, and there were only 3 pieces . The price of the rest of the magic material was also surprisingly high . It was definitely not affordable for Chen Rui’s current financial situation . It seemed that magician and alchemist were almost the same; both were money-burning jobs .

Chen Rui was disappointed but today’s harvest was rich enough . After this, there would be a constant aura supply from Zach for a long time . He should be content .

When he was about to leave, a voice from the entrance sounded, “Isn’t this Master Aldas’s human apprentice? Why are you here?”

Chen Rui saw that it was a man with a delicate dress . He was handsome with an extraordinary temperament, but there was a slight sinister between his brows . The man’s appearance was no different from that of human . Like Athena, he belonged to a great demon with a high-cla.s.s mutated bloodline, possessing two forms .

The man was followed by two great demons, a man and a woman who seemed to be servants .

Next to the man, there was also a familiar-looking male great demon looking at Chen Rui with a hostile gaze . It was Athena’s pursuer, Dark Moon City’s garrison general, Alan .

Slee quickly stepped up and salutes with the intention of warning Chen Rui, “Sir Joseph, Sir Alan . ”

Chen Rui then realized that the handsome young man was Joseph, the eldest son of the Red Spirit Lord; the current financial officer who controlled the economy of Dark Moon City .

“f.u.c.k off!” Alan shouted . Slee was so scared that he hid behind Chen Rui hurriedly .

Chen Rui secretly activated

There were two great demons behind Joseph . Their strength was D-cla.s.s which was quite powerful; whereas Joseph’s comprehensive a.s.sessment was actually: Unable to determine!

Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 28

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