Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 4

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Seeing Alice looking at Chen Rui excitedly, Aldaz could only explained with patience:

"Little Princess, if we can unlock the mystery of this human body, Mozu’s force will be stronger significantly; for An Yue City, the benefits will also be incalculable; at least, the Crown Princess’s situation will improve."

Hearing Aldaz mention her sister, Alice hesitated; finally, she did not insist further. Seeing Aldaz coming closer with a big fiendish grin, Chen Rui felt a chill go down his spine.

"Don’t worry, I won’t kill you right away; I will just dissect you carefully, "

Aldaz said:

"After all, I need you to be alive; so that I can carry out even more experiments."

You father would rather die than becoming a guinea pig!

Chen Rui hurriedly shouted:

"Wait! If you spare me, I’ll tell you the secret!"

Aldaz stopped; his s.h.i.+ning eyes looked straight at Chen Rui:


"Everything started at a place called Hua Guo Mountain. One time I went there to play and accidentally fell into a waterfall."

Chen Rui quickly thought about a familiar story,

"Inside the waterfall was a cave called Shui Lian. In that cave I inherited the legacy of a Great Grandmaster. His name was Sun Wukong."

There were a lot of similarities between this world and Earth such as time, units, common used terms, etc; so Chen Rui did not have to worry much; the more he talked the more fluent he became: This Sun Wukong was a Great Grandmaster in Alchemy. He once created a divine artifact weighing 13,500 kg called the Jin Gu Cudgel. It was immune to any kind of magic, could change its size freely, being as big as connecting the Heaven and Earth, or as small as a needle. Not only that, he made the divine medicine "Yao Chi Peach", which could extend an ordinary person’s lifespan by thousands of years, or even grant immortality.

This is now the moment of life and death; lying is the least I can do; I will properly apologize to Wu Chengen and "Journey to the West" fans later when I die.

Artifact that could go against G.o.ds! Immortality medicine! Both weapon crafting and potion making reached Great Grandmaster level! The dark elf could not help but gasp.

"If this is real, then this Great Grandmaster has undoubtedly reached G.o.d level!"

Aldaz was shocked, but immediately showed skepticism:

"But if this Great Grandmaster had such achievements, why haven’t I seen his name before in the annals of history?"

Chen Rui was startled for a moment. But luckily he had read a lot of web novels before, and instantly found a plot to fill the gap.

Even before the ancient time, there was a prehistoric era called the "Era of the G.o.ds". Sun Wukong lived in that time. Because his achievements was too stunning, being an individual who could oppose even the G.o.ds, he set off alarm bells among the G.o.ds. And they sent an army of ten thousand to subdue him; which ended in a complete disaster. The army was destroyed, Wukong killed his way up to the Land of G.o.ds, making the G.o.ds cower in fear; Ragnarok was the name of that war. Finally, Wukong was defeated by the almighty Supreme G.o.d Ru Lai; and the history of the prehistoric era was also covered up by the G.o.ds. Even though ancient books might not record this story, some remnants could be found in one or two related terms.

"Ragnarok? I think I saw this name before… But I don’t remember where."

Alice’s words terrified Chen Rui. This world also has such a story? In order not to be exposed, Chen Rui hastily continued, saying that he received a fragment of the Great Grandmaster Wukong’s soul in Shui Lian Cave; and also because of that, he got inexplicably teleported to Mozu. That remnant soul was extremely powerful, containing various experience and knowledge from the time when Wukong was still alive. He could resist all poisons only because of this divine blessing.

Chen Rui from the remnant learned about many stories from the prehistoric era; but because his spiritual power was too weak, he was temporarily unable to take in the full inheritance. He needed to grow in order to get more knowledge.

The dark elf’s complexion cleared up a bit; Chen Rui’s words could at least prove that his life effort was not meaningless; just that this human had a special physique.

Alice was thrilled, shouting at him to tell more stories of the prehistoric era. Chen Rui just conveniently took out monsters from "Cla.s.sic of Mountains and Seas" like Tao Wu, Qiong Qi, Ying Zhao and Hua She. The vivid creatures made Alice’s eyes spark with stars. If Chen Rui was not deceived by her before, he would have never seen through her true ident.i.ty.

Aldaz still did not put down his doubt and sneered:

"Even if there was a prehistoric era, I don’t believe that there was a Great Grandmaster that could go against G.o.ds and, even more so, that an incompetent human could obtain the inheritance! If you cannot bring out any proof, you will experience the consequences of deceiving a dark elf!"

The little demon girl was pa.s.sionately listening just now, immediate changed side and fanned the flames:

"And also the great Lucifer Royal Family!"

Chen Rui from Arthur’s incomplete memory knew that Alchemy of this world could be divided into two big categories: Craftology and Potionology, each included smaller fields such as physics, chemistry, refining, medicine, magic formation and various other aspects of comprehensive knowledge. Because the knowledge was too deep and profound, only a few could reach the level of Master, gaining respect and attention of the world. The human world was as such, Mozu was no different.

Chen Rui quickly thought of an idea and asked:

"What if I can come up with real evidences?"

Aldaz pondered. a.s.suming that what this human said is true, then keeping him alive is equivalent to retaining a G.o.d level Great Grandmaster’s life effort. To An Yue City, to Mozu, or even to the world’s study of Alchemy, the value is unquantifiable.

"I swear by the reputation of the dark elves, if what you said is true, I will not touch a single strand of your hair."

Aldaz swore with dignity.

Reputation of the dark elves?

A unnoticeable smile flashed through Alice’s face: In Mozu, dark elves are notorious for being sly and sinister; even the dark elves themselves take pride in that. In Mozu, at least half of the and killers come from this race. It seems like no matter how this Master obsess over Potionology, he is after all a devious dark elf.

How could Chen Rui know this? He even thought that Aldaz was being serious, and nodded his head:

"My spiritual force is too weak; I cannot handle much consciousness and can only see one or two things . To the Great Grandmaster, these are not worth mentioning, but…"

"What are those things, quickly spit them out!"

Not even waiting for Chen Rui to finish his sales pitch, Aldaz interrupted him: A Great Grandmaster’s works, even if not worth mentioning, are very likely to be priceless.

"You have pencil and paper?"

"What is pencil?"


Alice was very interested, looking at Chen Rui and Aldaz busily working, and even helped out with some trivial stuffs. Only the pitiful little imp lying on the floor had no one care about him.

A while later, Chen Rui’s strange-looking debut product was completed.

Aldaz doubtfully looked at the block of wood in front of his eyes; inside were some wooden square and rectangular. No matter how he looked at it, he could not believe that this was the work of a Great Grandmaster:

"It’s done?"

"That simple?"

Alice curiously asked:

"Only ten pieces of ordinary wood?"

Chen Rui shook his head, seriously said:

"You shouldn’t underestimate these pieces of wood; Wukong master once said: A true Great Grandmaster can turn simple into magical things."

"Turn simple into magical? That’s a Great Grandmaster for you!"

Aldaz seemed to realize something; his words became very polite:

"Please tell me, what is the secret of this tool?"

"Wait a moment, I need to write something on them first."

Chen Rui wrote several characters on the wooden pieces; they are respectively Cao Cao, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong and soldiers.

"This tool is called Huarong Road, a deduction technique. The biggest block represents Cao Cao, an emperor from the prehistoric era; the other blocks represent his enemies’ knights and soldiers blocking him from escaping…"

Chen Rui tried to use simple language that Aldaz could understand to explain the rules of Huarong Road.

Huarong Road is a famous puzzle in China; it is very unpredictable, similar to Rubik’s Cube and Peg Solitaire. People don’t get tired of playing those games even if they already played them a hundred times before. Foreign experts called them "The three inconceivable puzzles".

Aldaz became even more interested; as he was about to try out the game, Alice already s.n.a.t.c.hed it away and played with enthusiasm. Aldaz could only look by the side without daring to do anything. Luckily this puzzle was very simple to make; as soon as he made one, the dark elf gradually immersed himself in the game.

The loli’s patience was not very good; after continuous failure, she angrily said to Chen Rui:

"Are you deceiving us? This emperor basically could not run away!"

Chen Rui could not help but showed a I-know-you-would-say-that face:

"Your Royal Highness, I can guarantee you with my life that Huarong Road is absolutely solvable; moreover, there’s not only one solution. The key is the deduction ability of the solver; the less steps taken the better."

Alice knew Chen Rui was afraid of dying; now that he was so a.s.sured, she did not question him further. At this time, a charming voice came out from outside the entrance:

"Master Aldaz, I am Little Princess’s maid Jiya. Is Her Highness here?"

Aldaz was indulging himself in Huarong Road and did not react; Alice herself replied:

"Jiya, I’m here, come in!"

If Alice gave off the impression of a pure little girl, then there was only one word needed to describe Jiya: Alluring - s.h.i.+ny white skin, exquisite face, s.e.xy red lips, breathtaking chest, long slender thigh; every parts of her body were full of formidable temptation. Her clothes were not that revealing, but the tight-fitting dress brought out more of her curvy body line. Not needing to pose herself, just by standing there, she made it hard for men to suppress their desires.

Alice claimed to be a member of the Lucifer Royal Family; she looked no different from an ordinary human being. But Jiya was not like that; she was a standard feminine demon; on her head grew a pair of curving horns, on her back was a pair of delicate black wings, and a small tail could be seen stretching out from her bountiful behind. However, these features did not weaken her charm in the slightest; instead, they added a mysterious flavor to her appeal.

A vampire! Definitely a vampire!

"Little Princess,"

Jiya performed etiquette,

"Her Highness the Crown Princess is waiting for you in the reading room. Please return with Jiya."

When Jiya bent down, her cleavage became even more eye-catching. Chen Rui saw that clearly, just felt his male hormone suddenly increased tenfold; he difficultly swallowed his saliva and moved his eyes away.

"Big sister called for me? Did she find out that I secretly followed Athena to the Yin Yu Forest?"

The little demon girl showed a scared expression, and happened to see Chen Rui’s complexion; she giggled:

"Jiya, your charm became more powerful; this human cannot resist himself."

Jiya looked at Chen Rui with disdain:

"Jiya’s physique is considered to be special even in the succubus race; this human is too weak; a kiss is enough to absorb all of his essence."

Succubus? Seems to be a female demon that can suck men’ essences… Chen Rui found Arthur’s memory of this demon’s description; his desire completely vanished; the only thing left was a chill running down his spine.

Of course beauty is good for the eyes, but my little life is… good for all the other parts.

Alice laughed. Carrying the little basket, she left together with Jiya, and did not forget to take away the original Huarong Road.

A video of Huarong Road: Link

Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 4

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