Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 46

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Published at 16th of September 2019 05:43:42 AM Chapter 46

The battles in the arena had already begun and the loud cheers were especially clear at night . That was just less than 30% of the audience . One could imagine the heydays back then .

Chen Rui walked to the entrance, but he was stopped by the two centaur guards .

“Where’s your gambling ticket?”

It turned out that the gambling ticket was the entry ticket . Chen Rui thought about it and said, “Excuse me, how do I take part in the arena?”

One of the centaurs examined Chen Rui for a while . He felt that Chen Rui was powerless and sneered, “Such a weakling like you dare to challenge the arena?”

Chen Rui didn’t say anything, but he just stepped forward and held the hammer in the centaur’s hand . A few cracks immediately appeared on the hammer .

That move stunned the two centaurs . Most of the people who partic.i.p.ated in the battle were all desperate demon . The people who provoked them definitely wouldn’t end well . One of them immediately said, “If you want to sign up, just walk straight and turn left to the house upstairs . ”

Chen Rui nodded, walked straight and found the house that the centaur mentioned . This house was a lobby that was huge and had a rather grand furnis.h.i.+ngs . There was a desk blocking the entrance, and a lich was sitting at the table .

“Is the arena registration here?”

The lich pointed to the wooden sign at the entrance lazily . Chen Rui took a look and everything was clearly written on the sign . The arena battle was divided into three levels, the low-level, intermediate-level and high-level; the higher the level, the higher the prize . Winning streak prize would also increase accordingly the streaks . According to the rules, there was also the difference between empty-handed and weapon . At the bottom, it particularly stated: At Your Own Risk .

The lich waited for Chen Rui to finish reading and said, “If you confirm to partic.i.p.ate, give me your name and strength level . Generally, you will be arranged to a match within three days . You can go to the bulletin board outside the arena to see your match number . If you lied about your strength or ran away cowardly, you will be severely punished by Sir Arux . ”


“I confirm that I want to sign up . ” Chen Rui nodded . The match would be arranged within three days . It was just nice for him to scout the situation at the arena before battling . Not to mention the fact that he had just used a shot of

“Early Intermediate Demon . ” Chen Rui thought about it and removed his ability .

“Intermediate?” Lich looked at the “demon” wearing a cloak with a rather small physique, and he finally became more serious . He nodded, “The low-level battles lack excitement; high-level contestants are too little; the intermediate-level has the most battles, but today it’s full . It is almost the last match for the day already . Also, your name . ”

“Aguile . ”

“Aguile… I seem to have heard it before . ” The lich tried to recall, but he couldn’t remember anything . He gave an iron plate to Chen Rui, “It doesn’t matter what you’re called . Unless you can survive more than three battles, otherwise your name is pointless . No one will remember what a corpse is called . In the future, you are No . 64 . Remember to look at the bulletin board outside the arena . The battle usually sends notices two days before, and it starts at night, so don’t miss the time . ”

As Chen Rui took over the sign of No . 64 his eyes unintentionally saw a sculpture that was emitting faint light beside a sofa at the opposite, and he was immediately solidified . The statue was nearly 1 . 3 meters tall, and the craftwork was exquisite . It was a form of a female great demon holding a strange double-headed sickle in her hand .

What Chen Rui saw wasn’t the artistic value of the statue, but the material of it .  Fluorescent stone! Such a large piece of fluorescent stone!

“This is… a statue made of fluorescent stone?”

The lich looked back and said flauntly, “This is one of Sir Arux’s favorite artworks . It is carved from an entire piece of superior-quality fluorescent stone . It’ll change its color every hour . Sir is now watching the battle, otherwise, he usually loves to sit here and drink . ”

Chen Rui didn’t expect to have such a harvest at the arena .  The things that one is looking for truly always appears in unexpected places . It is actually a fluorescent stone of superior-quality . At such size, it is at least worth several thousand auras or even more than 10 thousand . I have to find a way to get it . However, there is a room in this lobby . Is the Arux living here? If it is, then it’ll be tricky .

At this moment, an imp ran toward them in a panic and said, “Something bad happened, Sir Keithahn . No . 52 who was supposed to battle with the ‘b.l.o.o.d.y hand’ – Lance in the next round is missing . ”

“What?!” Keithahn was shocked . “Is this guy afraid of ‘b.l.o.o.d.y hand’ Lance’s evil reputation and fled? Does Sir Arux know about this?”

The imp anxiously answered, “Sir Arux has been pursuing No . 52, but it’s almost time for the last match . What should we do?”

The last game was usually the highlight, and the bet was the most . If the game was canceled, the arena would lose a lot, and its reputation would also drop .

“No one could stay alive under Sir Arux’s hands . ” Keithahn looked distressed . His eyes turned and fell on the newly registered Chen Rui . He said, “No . 64, your chance is here . Coincidentally, one of the matches lacks one person . If you win, you can get double the prize!”

Currently, Chen Rui’s

Chen Rui was about to decline, but a thought suddenly flashed through his mind . He pointed to the hall and said, “I don’t want double the prize; I want that . ”

Keithahn looked at the direction of where Chen Rui’s fingers pointed, and it turned out to be Arux’s favorite statue . The lich quickly shook his head . When he was about to speak, a strange voice sounded from behind, “Okay! As long as you can win against the b.l.o.o.d.y hand, Lance! ”

Kethahn heard that voice and quickly stood up respectfully, “Sir Arux!” Before Chen Rui could look back, a burly figure had appeared in the room instantly with a b.l.o.o.d.y head in his hand . That man threw the head toward the imp, “Hang this out and warn those who still dare to flee next time . ”

That head belonged to No . 52 who escaped . As Keithahn said, Arux never let anyone live . The imp picked up the head nervously and stepped down . Keithahn immediately wiped the blood on the ground swiftly .

“If you dare to sign up for the fighting battle, you must have an understanding of death . ” Arux was a fiercely looking great demon exuding an unconcealed spirit . His voice was also very strange, as if it was gold and iron hitting, “I despise those cowards the most!”

Shea’s description of Arux immediately appeared in Chen Rui’s mind .  Arux, one of Joseph’s three subordinates, estimated strength is stable Greater Demon stage; he is brave and aggressive; cruel and cold…

“Secretive guy, if you want the sculpture, exchange it with Lance’s head! If you don’t dare, get out of the arena now!” The Great Demon’s sharp eyes fell on Chen Rui’s face, but Chen Rui wore a metal mask just in case for the negotiation today .

Chen Rui thought quickly and finally made up his mind, “When does it start?”

Seeing the cloaked man wasn’t scared, Arux nodded in satisfaction, “Right now!”

At the arena, the noises echoed in the stage because ‘b.l.o.o.d.y Hand’, Lance was already on the stage, but his opponent No . 52 did not appear .

At this time, a succubus with a revealing attire walked onto the stage mincingly and spoke with the power of magical amplification, “Everyone! We just received the news that No . 52 escaped for his fear, and he has been beheaded personally by Sir Arux . However, the exciting battle is not canceled! There is a mysterious No . 64 who will replace No . 52 to challenge ‘b.l.o.o.d.y Hand’, Lance with four-game winning streak! The initial bet is still valid!”

Previously, the audience saw the imp hanging a b.l.o.o.d.y head on a high pole, and they had already guessed the ending of No . 52 . When they heard that the battle would continue, they were spirited again .

Judging from the cheers of the audience, the majority was supportive of ‘b.l.o.o.d.y Hand’, Lance who had won three consecutive victories in the previous battles . When No . 64 appeared ​​on the stage, his relatively tiny figure made more audiences inclined toward Lance . There were only a small number of people who originally bet on the No . 52 was trying their luck with the mysterious masked man .

“b.l.o.o.d.y Hand” Lance was a strong centaur with a fierce look . Based on his record of three consecutive victories, he was definitely an experienced veteran . When the two men were facing each other on the stage, Lance grinned and showed his white fangs, “Kid, wearing a mask to act mysterious? Rest a.s.sured, I don’t care what you look like . What I care about is how to torture you . Generally, I like to break my enemy’s limbs first, then dig out the heart and finally squeeze the head until it explodes . Are you ready?”

Cruelty and violence had always been the theme of the arena . For the Demon Realm that advocated power, the more b.l.o.o.d.y and exciting the battle, the more excited the audience . Those words made more people cheered for Lance loudly .

Chen Rui did not bother Lance . The scenes of the poison dragon’s special training in the past came to his mind . Although the poison dragon was fierce, he still controlled his strength . Yet, it was a different case now . It was truly a battle of life and death . However, Chen Rui didn’t regret . What was meant to come was meant to come . Eventually, he had to face an actual combat . The chicks had to be pushed over the cliffs by the eagle over and over again to learn to fly . What Chen Rui did was nothing more than pus.h.i.+ng himself over the cliff .

This match was not only his first battle in the arena, but technically, it was also his maiden battle in the since his rebirth in the Demon Realm .

“No . 64, do you have any battle declaration?” The charming succubus brought her hand that was casting magical amplification close to Chen Rui .

“What is my odds?”

Chen Rui’s question stunned the succubus and then she replied proficiently, “As you replaced No . 52, and almost no one bet No . 52 to win, so your odds are now at 1:120 . ”

“The odds are so high? So I earn 120-folds if I bet that I’ll win?” Chen Rui took off his cloak and threw it to the ground . He then threw a black crystal coin to the succubus, “I bet a black crystal now that I’ll win . ”

The succubus didn’t expect the mysterious No . 64 to do that . She received the black crystal coin, and didn’t know what to do at once . At that moment, an iron-firm voice sounded, “The bet is accepted!”

“It’s Sir Arux!” The audience looked toward the great demon that appeared in the VIP seats with their eyes filled with reverence .

No . 64’s move was undeniably to provoke Lance, but almost no one believed that this cloaked guy could win against ‘b.l.o.o.d.y hand’ with a four-game winning streak .

Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 46

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