Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 53

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Although Chen Rui was mentally prepared, when he truly faced the doubled gravity, he still felt tremendous pressure. Not just his body weight, but the weight of all his internal organs were also doubled, making his breathing extremely difficult. The wounds at the rib that almost fully recovered actually began to ache.

Previously when I read those novels and comics, they could simply have ten times the gravity and hundreds times the training. Now I finally understand how difficult it is after truly utilizing the gravity training, which was only doubled. []

He focused his mind and his Star Power began to run throughout the body. His adaptability was indeed a lot faster, and his control of body muscles was also more detailed and clear under the influence of the pressure.

Chen Rui began to walk slowly within the s.p.a.ce. He tried to control his breathing and did some simple movements that stretched the limbs. These small movements couldn't be underestimated as moving casually like the usual condition was absolutely not an easy task. Especially acceleration required doubled the strength.

At that moment,

Chen Rui returned to the status bar at the throne in the Galaxy Divinity Temple and saw that his Experience Value had risen to 8%. It seemed that the training effect on Star Power under a high gravity environment wasn't bad. The smoke-like skeleton seemed to be firmer in the translucent body, giving a more solid feeling.

He recalled that it had already pa.s.sed a day and he hadn't eaten anything in reality, so he quickly quit the Super System. The Super System's function was magical as when he was in the training ground, there was no feeling of hunger or the need for excretion. Yet, when he came back to reality, his stomach immediately growled, clearly showing that he had been starving for an entire day.

When Chen Rui stood up, he felt that his bodyweight seemed to be a lot lighter. Instead, he was not used to the gravity under usual condition; he just felt restricted to make any move in the room. He was overjoyed: The thousands of auras isn't wasted. The training is indeed effective.

After eating some food and had a nice sleep, Chen Rui felt that his Star Power had fully replenished; the injury under his ribs also completely recovered. He immediately entered the training ground without wasting any time.

In the absence of selected rules, Chen Rui moved his body freely in the training ground for a while and his body felt a lot lighter, but he still needed to further adapt to this state.

After considering for a while. he chose the rules of 5 times the time with twice the gravity. He spent another 7000 auras, leaving around 24000 points.

Returning to the environment with twice the gravity, Chen Rui was clearly more comfortable than the first time; he was more proficient in the control of body muscles and Star Power. His training plan was actually very simple – to fully adapt to the doubled gravity in daily activities. From the ordinary walking, running, jumping and then to attack and defense. The five-day period was incomparable to one day. Although there was no hunger or desire to sleep within the s.p.a.ce, the sleepless and restless training was undoubtedly more unbearable.

Actually, Chen Rui could use his authority to leave the training ground in advance. However, he did not do that as the training wasn't only training his body, but also his heart and mind.

There is no free lunch in this world. Compared to others, the Super System had already provided him an excellent platform. If he kept trying to trick the system with a lack of perseverance and determination, it could only be regarded as some stupid cleverness. Just like the battle with Lance, a true training required putting every single effort.

In other words, one must have the confidence to succeed and the determination to die during training.

While Chen Rui clenched his teeth and sweated crazily, the smoke-like skeleton became increasingly solid in the translucent human body that was displayed in the status bar. It was originally just a smoke-like mist, but now it had crystallized into a solid form. There were countless light filaments on its appearance that circulated endlessly.

The magical l.u.s.ter of the Demon Realm's dual moons interchanged day and night. In a blink of an eye, five days had pa.s.sed.

At the blue lake, Paglio unprecedentedly didn't leisurely lie by the lake to sleep, but he was sitting on the ground and staring at the night sky from time to time. He seemed to be slightly anxious: Didn't Chen Rui promised to come after 5 days? Why hasn't he appeared yet?

At that moment, a familiar rhythm of the flapping wings finally sounded from a distance. Paglio immediately jumped up: This guy finally arrives!

The moment the wyvern landed, the poison dragon secretly approached, intending to do a sneak attack.

Right when Paglio approached, the black shadow on wyvern's back suddenly "Whoosh" and leaped to the poison dragon's back in a blink of an eye. The poison dragon's eyes lit up and he turned around to punch. The speed of the shadow was still beyond imagination. He moved his body sideways and dodged the punch. No one expected that the poison dragon suddenly accelerated. His fist turned in an incredible angle, and it still aimed at the black shadow's chest. When it almost hit, the black shadow launched his punch to parry; the poison dragon didn't move, but the man flew backward from the shock. The black shadow could only stabilize his body after more than 10 meters, then he shouted, “Cheater, is that even the strength of middle-stage Intermediate Demon?”

“Stop talking nonsense! I'll do as I like! Fight back if you can!” Poison dragon eyes lit up and he gently jumped to Chen Rui to launch a swift attack.

Chen Rui's body was agile, but Paglio's speed was even faster. Chen Rui's eyes couldn't keep up with the poison dragon's speed. However, he relied on the feeling of the Star Power and the muscle memories that he trained from the high gravity environment to actually avoid the poison dragon's attacks.

He accurately calculated the poison dragon's movements and counterattacked with a karate chop at an opening. The poison dragon's movement stopped abruptly, but Chen Rui's wrist was firmly grasped, and he was unable to exert force. The poison dragon didn't continue to attack, released the hand and looked surprised, “Not only the speed but your power are faintly reaching the middle-stage. How did you train these days? If you continue this way, it is entirely possible to reach Greater Demon after two months! "

"How could it be so easy?" Chen Rui shook his head with a bitter smile. Yet, Paglio's comments on his strength approaching the middle-stage reminded him of the crystal skeleton that was about to solidify in the status bar.

In the past 5 days, his life had been training, sleeping, and training again. In this cycle, he entered the training ground thrice. The first time was double the time and gravity, and the second and third time were fivefold the time with doubled gravity. His remaining time was to rest and adapt to normal gravity.

Now, Chen Rui had fully adapted to the state of doubled gravity. During the third time with fivefold the time, he even tried not to use Star Power and directly resisted against the doubled gravity with his body strength. That attempt was absolutely not easy, but the effect was unexpectedly effective. He inadvertently realized the key of Star Collector's physical training. Not only the Experience Value rose rapidly and reached 30%, but the strength of the body also improved quickly during the training.

That was the reason the “skeleton” was close to a solid state. The function of the training ground was quite powerful, but the cost was equally high. The initial 35,000 aura had only 17,000 left.

“Paglio, do you think I can defeat the “Quick Wolf” with my current strength? I researched the guy's information. He's a dark elf, good at close-combat and dagger and he knows a skill called

Paglio pondered and replied, “With your current strength, there is at least a chance. I am not certain, but there should at least be a chance. The dark elf race is talented in terms of speed and sense. Generally speaking, Endurance is their weakness. You have to pay extra attention to the opponent's killing move. The

Chen Rui had a deep understanding of the last sentence and nodded. Paglio later pointed out that although his speed improved rapidly, the control wasn't enough. The true speed wasn't just about reflecting on movements, but also the frequency and explosiveness of attacks. He had to be aware of the perfect combination of speed and power. Besides, there was the attack timing problem. In the face of an opponent like a dark elf, he had to control it well.

Theory didn't need to be elaborated as the key was to realize and improve during practice. After Paglio mentioned a few essentials, they started the battle training directly. Faced with tremendous pressure, Chen Rui didn't complain about the poison dragon's power level this time, he was fully absorbed into the training instead.

The poison dragon clearly felt the change on his human partner's face. He was secretly delighted, and his moves were even deadlier.

10 days pa.s.sed by quickly. At night, the Dark Moon's arena was brightly lit and busy as usual. The final battle was about to begin.

The one taking part at the arena was famous; he was the strongest partic.i.p.ant among the middle-stage of Intermediate Demon, “Quick Wolf”, Jesse; the other side was No. 64 who killed “b.l.o.o.d.y Hand”, Lance 10 days ago. This battle attracted a lot of audiences, and the gambling odds also almost doubled.

At that moment, Jesse who was in light attire slowly walked toward the battlefield, yet No. 64, one of the protagonists had yet to appear.

Keithahn at the VIP seats looked anxious whereas Arux was tasting the wine in his hand calmly.

“That No. 64, could it be that he doesn't dare to come!” The lich frowned his brows tightly, “If he escapes this battle, then our loss…”

Before the lich could finish his words, Arux gold-like voice sounded, “He's already here.”

A masked, cloaked man was walking down the opposite partic.i.p.ant's tunnel. It was No. 64.

Arux focused his gaze on the masked man for a while and his brows suddenly raised. Although he was far away, he could still feel that No. 64's demeanor had changed a lot compared to 10 days ago with his Greater Demon's ability.

“Middle stage Intermediate Demon?” Arux's flaming red iris slightly shrunk; a surprise flashed through his eyes. He suddenly laughed, “This battle should be quite interesting…”

Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 53

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