Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 59

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Alice's quick breathing was approaching. She seemed to hesitate for a while, then her soft, warm lips touched Chen Rui's lips.

Chen Rui's mind was blown. A strange feeling from his lips instantly spread to his entire body.

After his brain went blank for a short while, he finally regained consciousness – my first kiss after rebirth lost just like that!

Alice seemed to be even more uncomfortable as her body trembled. Her hands that were supporting her on the ground became powerless and her soft body laid on him.

Chen Rui once fantasized about his first kiss target after the rebirth. There was the pa.s.sionate Athena, the charming Kia and even the iceberg royal sister, Shea, but in all honesty, Alice was definitely not one of them!

He never thought that his first kiss, at least the first kiss in this life, would be “taken away” by Alice in such a way. Those beautiful fantasies and l.u.s.tful desires were all crushed by that ruthless stick!

The little loli once again started her great attempt and exploration. She was clearly more skillful this time. Her gentle lips made someone felt even weirder. It seemed that this feeling was actually not bad… However, a certain part seemed to begin to stir. No! I have to hold it! Otherwise, something bad will happen!

Soon, the little loli sat up slightly and Chen Rui heard the sound of flipping books. He immediately thought of the unhealthy books that were kept into the s.p.a.ce. Even without looking at the cover, I could guess the name of the d.a.m.n book!

Sure enough, I become the practice target of those unhealthy books…

After a while, the fragrance was approaching again. This time the little loli actually stuck her tongue in. Chen Rui was unconscious now but he dared not to act recklessly so he clenched his teeth tight and dared not to loosen.

Alice's wet tongue stuck in simply for a while, then she felt exhausted, so she started panting on while leaning on his chest. Although little loli couldn't be considered as a girl with child-look and big brea… that, but her chest was still a little big. What made Chen Rui want to cry even more was that the perverted part representing the “Alkaid” state couldn't be contained anymore even though he kept suppressing it. Eventually, it reacted with his primitive instinct. That was such a beast!

The little loli seemed to feel the abnormality at her b.u.t.tocks, so she sat up curiously, wanting to see what happened.

Chen Rui knew that he couldn't pretend anymore. If Alice truly wanted to further study the structure of human male academically, then he wasn't sure if he could preserve his virginity even if he didn't want to be a pervert.

Chen Rui moved a bit, pretended to yawn and swallowed some saliva along the way to moisturize his dry throat.

Sure enough, at the moment that he moved, the little loli bounced off the body like she was electrocuted, and she quickly distanced herself; the speed wasn't much inferior from Jesse's. Chen Rui rubbed his blurry eyes, pretending to be just awakened, “Eh, Alice, why are you here?”

Alice wanted to turn around and run initially, but when she heard his question, she quickly turned around and smiled, “I noticed that you haven't come back, so I come to take a look. I found you suddenly fainted, so I wanted to come and help.”

Come and help with the posture of turning around to run? Your hand is even secretly hiding at the back? In all likelihood, it is the book that she didn't get to keep in the bracelet in time.

The little loli looked very calm, but the blush on her face couldn't be covered. She was like a shy green apple and also the best green apple. However, underripe was still underripe after all. If it was picked up in advance, once it was known by someone's sister, the punishment would at least be castration.

What's more, he was basically an innocent victim in this incident.

Sneak attack, force kissing, push down… It seemed that the Demon Realm is indeed a dangerous planet, but unfortunately, I can't go back to the Earth…

Chen Rui regretted that he didn't "wake up" earlier. At that moment, there was still a kind of warmth between his lips and there was an indescribable feeling in his heart. He shook his head fiercely and shook all the weird thoughts away. He said, “Thank you, Alice. I didn't know what happened. I suddenly felt a pressure at the back of my head, then I couldn't remember anything. I'm still kind of dizzy now. Let's pick these Jade Dragonfruits and go back directly. We'll have a picnic next time okay?”

The little loli was guilty, so she nodded and didn't insist. When the two turned around and left, they seemed to have heard an irresistible laughter. Alice looked around suspiciously, but she did not find anything. Chen Rui acted as if he didn't hear anything, but he was fiercely cursing in his heart: d.a.m.n Paglio has been watching the fun out of us all this while!

The world has changed. Today, I actually failed unexpectedly. Could it be that royal sister has become the past while loli is the kingly way now?

Upon reaching the Dark Moon City, the little loli left Chen Rui and rushed straight to the Princess Retail Store angrily.

Chen Rui was dumbfounded as the reason why Alice was unhappy was very simple. Along the way, little loli had been avoiding the conversation for a long time and finally, she seemingly asked casually, "Do you prefer someone with "well-developed" b.r.e.a.s.t.s like Athena?"

Someone had been overwhelmed by her questions earlier, so he nodded subconsciously. The little loli's smirking expression immediately turned gloomy, and she rushed back on the tri-horned rhino.

Chen Rui sighed: Haih, this is fine too. If not, I don't know how it will develop under the influence of those d.a.m.n unhealthy books…

Sure enough, when Chen Rui went to the blue lake for special training at night, he was laughed at shamelessly by Paglio. The disgusting poison dragon even imitated Alice's voice and called him 'brother'. It made the human have a, and he almost fought with Paglio with his life.

Finally, the poison dragon went back to the main topic and asked Chen Rui about last night's victory in detail. The next opponent was Balrog, Reka. According to the information, Reka had strong offense and defense capabilities; his mean was ruthless; he was the strongest Intermediate Demon at the arena.

Reka was famous but Chen Rui had become increasingly confident after the first two battles. Not to mention that his strongest move,

The st.u.r.diness of the “skeleton” in the Alkaid state had greatly enhanced the defense of Chen Rui. If the filament “muscles” could be solidified like the “skeleton” in the future special training, his strength would definitely be brought up another level. The key was to see how much aura could he get from today's deal.

The next day, Chen Rui who was in a cloak, came to the base camp; the old dwarf had already been waiting there.

Chen Rui asked, “Did you contact Silva?”

The old dwarf replied, “I've already contacted. However, the one who pa.s.sed the message is his most powerful subordinate, Grau. He said he'll give us an answer after 2 hours; now it's almost time.”

“Where's Jesse?”

The old dwarf frowned, “He went out early in the morning, saying that we don't have to wait for him; he will appear at the right moment. I'm worried that this guy will run away with the money.”

Chen Rui said calmly, “He doesn't seem like that kind of person. Then let's believe that he will appear at the right moment.”

As the old dwarf still wanted to say more, a little imp ran in, “Silva's party pa.s.sed a message asking Master and Sir Didi to go to the ancient house on the 4th street of the southeast area. They also said they're afraid that we will play tricks, so only two of us are allowed to go.”

“The ancient house? That is Silva's nest! That guy's reputation has always been very poor. Master, let's forget about this deal!” The old dwarf looked anxious, “It's all Jesse's fault for missing at the critical moment!”

Chen Rui spoke, “Let's go; you lead the way.”

“Master!” The old dwarf s.h.i.+vered, and he still wanted to persuade.

“I have to get the fluorescent stones.” Chen Rui turned around and looked at the old dwarf, “This is your last test. If you dare not go, I won't force you. However, don't call me Master in the future.”

The old dwarf was shocked. The difficult life with his daughter in his previous days came to his mind, then he thought of the huge transformation after the encounter with Aguile and the trust of his “master”. He contemplated in his mind for a while, clenched his teeth and finally walked forward.

Whether it was out of the appreciation or the thought of seeking wealth in risks, the old dwarf had taken the most important step in his life.

Exactly like the old dwarf portrayed, Silva's nest was really not simple. Just the 4th street alone was filled with his men; mostly muscular, ugly people.

The old dwarf was getting more afraid as he walked. However, since he was already there, he had to force himself to continue moving forward. The courtyard of this ancient house was quite large; it was similar to a villa. Through layers of protection, they finally saw Silva in a hall.

Silva was a middle-aged lich. Although his body was thin, a magic aura was faintly surrounding his body. He was holding a charming succubus with revealing attire in his arms. Beside Silva was a st.u.r.dy centaur. That was Silva's strongest fighter; his strength had reached the peak of ordinary centaurs.

Chen Rui had already activated

In the battle with Jesse, Chen Rui further realized the mystery of

Silva was sitting on the sofa as he took a sip of the wine fed by the succubus. His bird claw-like palm was caressing the succubus' busty chest. He asked casually, “So you are Aguile, the leader of the Cloak Gang?”

"That's right." Chen Rui went straight into the topic and asked, "I heard that you have a batch of fluorescent stones for sale?"

“Are you sure you can afford it?” Silva's expression was full of unconcealed contempt. “Did you bring the money?”

Chen Rui turned his hand and a large, bulging pouch appeared. An experienced person could tell from the crisp collision sound that it was black crystal coins when the pouch was shaken.

Seeing his master actually took out the money so quickly, the old dwarf's heart was anxious, but he didn't dare to speak.

“You even have s.p.a.ce equipment.” Silva's eyes showed his greed, “15 high quality, 30 medium quality, and 50 low quality. A total of 2000 black crystal coins; give me the money if you want it.”

The old dwarf, Didi heard that it was 3 times higher than the original price and the retail price in the magic store, so he finally couldn't help but pulled Chen Rui's cloak, "Master…"

Chen Rui asked for a price calmly, “Such an unpopular stock can't sell for much. I'll take everything with 600 black crystal coins.”

“You dare to bargain at my territory?” Silva seemed to hear a joke. The succubus in his arms also smiled along with Silva's words. The surrounding subordinates also burst into laughter. Only Grau didn't; he was carefully looking at his surroundings.

Silva laughed coldly, “I've changed my mind now. 5000 black crystal coins and your s.p.a.ce equipment.”

Chen Rui shook his head, “That's too expensive; I can't afford it.”

“Who said that's the price of the fluorescent stone? I don't intend to sell the fluorescent stones at all!” Silva sneered, “That's the money to buy the lives of two of you! Since you are not willing, then die here! Do it!"

Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 59

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