Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 75

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Published at 25th of October 2019 05:29:23 AM Chapter 75

At night, a wyvern flapped its wings and appeared at the blue lake.

Strangely, Chen Rui couldn’t find Paglio at several common places. There was a faint concern in his heart, so he walked to the blue lake with his last hope, wanting to dive into the water to find out.

There was a wicked laugh coming from his back, “Human brother, you took off your clothes, are you planning to take a shower?”

Chen Rui could never forget this familiar voice. The “human brother” gave him gooseb.u.mps. He turned around, but there was nothing from the source of the sound.

“Paglio, you a.s.shole! If you don’t come out now, I will go back!”

“Hehe… Why don’t you threaten with committing suicide? Brother?” The poison dragon’s figure finally appeared from the open s.p.a.ce behind but he still didn’t forget to disgust Chen Rui.

“You’re still saying that!” Chen Rui moved and rushed toward him. “You’re such a disgusting guy!”

“Your speed increased again!” Poison dragon’s eyes lit up, but he took a step backward.

Chen Rui felt that an invisible force was blocking in front of him as if a transparent wall stopping him from moving forward. Chen Rui thought of a move and slammed his fist toward the “wall”. It actually sounded like it was a physical hit. Also, this “wall” was extremely st.u.r.dy that it even reflected all the damage. It made him agitated. Suffering a slight loss immediately made him became compet.i.tive.

“Even your attack has become stronger!” After Paglio finished his sentence, he saw Chen Rui leaped high, striking downward with his hand shaped as a blade. Paglio being Paglio; he instantly noticed the weird power on Chen Rui’s hand that was exuding the terrible sharpness as if a st.u.r.dy giant legendary weapon.

“d.a.m.n guy, don’t be crazy!” Paglio appeared in front of Chen Rui instantly and Chen Rui was shocked. Chen Rui was using


Chen Rui felt that the

Paglio also fell to the ground, and his face looked shocked. The arm that blocked the

The poison dragon’s physique was extraordinary, so the blade mark was instantly recovered back to its initial state. However, the surprise in his heart was difficult to calm down. That blow just now was seemingly completely defended, but there was a mysterious force that incredibly pa.s.sed through the defense and hurt him.

Chen Rui stood up and his heart was filled with admiration as he looked at Paglio being “unharmed” by his

“You are… right, according to your saying, this is abnormal! Extremely abnormal!” The poison dragon looked indignant. “You were still injured to the point that you said you’ll suicide. Now, you’re almost fully recovered while your power and speed also advance to another level again. Besides, that secret technique just now is very strange. It can actually hurt me! If you continue to grow like this, you can conquer the entire Demon Realm within a few years!”

As the poison dragon spoke, his hands waved in the air. Then, 2 small marks with the diameter of 1 meter appeared on the ground behind him, emitting a strange light.

“You call that injured?” Chen Rui looked at the forehead that the poison dragon pointed at with disdain. He looked at the 2 markings, “What are those two?”

“You even forgot about the Dragon Inscriptions?” Paglio scolded, “Such an ignorant guy, but you are also extremely lucky at the same time! The secret technique just now must be the grand master’s inheritance. It’s really amazing. However, it such a waste in your hands! The one that you attacked just now was inscription. Unless you can completely destroy it, otherwise, the reflected damage increases as your damage increases. I am now at the strength of Great Demon King, so the inscription manifests the strength of a Demon King. With your current strength, you can’t break the inscription no matter how strong your secret technique is. If I didn’t stop you, you would’ve born the damage of your secret technique just now!”

Chen Rui shuddered because he finally understood why Paglio wanted to intercept, then he immediately cleared his mind: It seems that the record of killing Mikas last night still makes me somewhat complacent. No matter how strong the

“Speaking of which, you haven’t been learning the inscriptions.” Paglio pointed at another marking, “Do you remember what this is?”

“This is…” Chen Rui’s understanding of inscriptions remained at memorizing, and his understanding was barely the basics. While he was going through the memorized inscriptions in his memory, a notification suddenly appeared in his mind. “Unknown metadata is found. Do you want to activate ?”

Chen Rui was stunned. . It’s that incomprehensible expensive skill. 10,000 auras per usage, and it only lasts for half an hour. Now, I have 110,000 auras. To uncover more mystery of the Super System, I’ll give it a try!


As soon as Chen Rui confirmed in his mind, he felt that his spirit was heightened in an instant. He was reading and a.n.a.lyzing the relevant parts of his memory in a strange way. 10 minutes had pa.s.sed, seeing Chen Rui looking blurry still, Paglio shook his head. The difficulty of Dragon Inscription is quite hard. Even a dragon can’t master it easily. For this ignorant guy, it is probably harder than achieving the Demon Lord level. I should probably be patient and teach him slowly.

“Forget it, with your intelligence…”

Before Paglio could finish his words, he heard Chen Rui shouted, “Paglio, tell me all the inscription knowledge you know now. Don’t ask me why! Quick!”

Paglio was stunned, and he immediately responded. He began to teach while drawing on the ground. After he talked for a while, he wanted to pause and rest, but the human eyes’ were staring at him and urged, “Quick! Keep talking, the faster the better. It’s best to finish it all!”

When did this guy become so eager to learn? The poison dragon knew there was something odd, but he couldn’t care less and told everything he could think of while drawing everything in the air.

Chen Rui wasn’t trying to comprehend at all, but he was concentrating to memorize everything. Soon, half an hour pa.s.sed. He didn’t care much and activated again until the poison dragon finished talking.

“Okay, don’t disturb me now!” Chen Rui felt that his brain was like a computer, quickly storing, a.n.a.lyzing, calculating, and even cracking the data that was memorized!

He picked up a branch and started drawing on the ground.

Paglio was shaking his head at first, but he was more surprised toward the end. Although the inscription that Chen Rui drew was far less powerful than Paglio expected, the accuracy was increasingly higher and eventually flawless!

The effective time of the second was finally over; the data was completely a.n.a.lyzed – perhaps it should be called that the a.n.a.lyzed information formed a brand-like thing that engraved deeply in Chen Rui’s mind. It was as if he had mastered the knowledge, and he was able to use it freely.

Certainly, that was only a part of the knowledge from the poison dragon. Yet, the rest were still imprinted in memory. Therefore, Chen Rui could still continue activating to crack more mysteries.

“Your two inscriptions, one of them is and the other is . As for my drawings… this represents while this stands for . Then, this string represents , am I right?” Chen Rui asked Paglio.

Paglio nodded subconsciously. Suddenly, he stepped forward and looked at Chen Rui with a strange look as if he was going to swallow Chen Rui.

Chen Rui had a chill down his spine. Is this poison dragon’s nest at the Brokeback Mountain [1]!?

“I have more reason to suspect that you are a dragon rather than a d.a.m.n human!” Paglio said while clenching his teeth. “Even a dragon can’t master the Dragon Inscription so fast!”

Paglio was good at Dragon Inscription. He had immersed himself in the field for nearly 10,000 years of knowledge and experience. Thus, he was also quite famous among the dragons in the Demon Realm. Yet, he never expected this human who was an ignorant rookie to truly master the fundamentals in the blink of an eye. It wasn’t mere memorizing like before, but it was truly understanding!

“Grand master! It must be the inheritance of the grand master!” Paglio reacted very quickly and started at Chen Rui fiercely. “It seems that this Master Wukong is definitely a dragon! Or the legendary dragon’s primogenitor! Why did the primogenitor care for such a shameless human? Yet, I, Master Paglio, a powerful, handsome and talented dragon is ignored!”

“You’re jealous again! That’s not a virtue of the dragon.” Chen Rui protruded his lips disdainfully, but he was overjoyed in his heart. So this is the mystery of ! The 20,000 auras spent are absolutely worth it as it could actually deal with the most troublesome Dragon Inscription. Based on this, if I can learn anything, wouldn’t I be a superman?

However, I still don’t understand what “unknown metadata” means. Perhaps there are some restrictions on the target of .

The Super System was like a huge treasure. Chen Rui had gotten the key now, but he was only digging at the shallowest level. The latter would definitely be worth looking forward to.

When he heard that Paglio was complaining to Brother Wukong about what he couldn’t get, Chen Rui shook his head: What’s with the primogenitor of the dragons? It’s just a monkey. Moreover, it’s one of the biggest monkey-exclusive brands in the primeval age store, Spiritual Stone Monkey!

Right at that moment, Chen Rui suddenly felt a strong dizziness in his head as if the world was spinning around. The heightened spirit during previously actually showed an unprecedented feeble. His entire body was staggering; he was going to fall to the ground.

Paglio noticed something was wrong with him, so he quickly supported Chen Ruito sit down on the field slowly.

Chen Rui sat on the ground for a while; he finally got a little better. He felt that the spirit that had been abundant all the time became extremely depleted as if the gus.h.i.+ng spring suddenly dried up. It was no wonder he could hardly hold himself.

It seemed that wasn’t a skill that could be used casually. The demand on spirit was quite high. Using it twice consecutively just now actually emptied his spirit.

At that moment, he immediately exchanged a bottle of Spirit Recovery Potion that cost 2000 auras and drank it. However, this white potion which was equivalent to the potion brewed by a grand master was not as effective as expected. Along with .

The poison dragon had a lot more questions, but seeing Chen Rui’s state, he didn’t insist; he let Chen Rui rode the wyvern back to rest. In Chen Rui’s current situation, he could no longer use the ordinary

Chen Rui went back to his room. He felt an unprecedented mental exhaustion, and he fell asleep.


Devil's Son-in-Law Chapter 75

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