My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 368 Part 1

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Chapter 368 Part 1 – Overlord Zombie

Editor: Zephyr04 Translator: Jhung0301

As he was getting up, Ling Mo quickly suppressed his excitement and quietly put the virus hive into his pocket.

The virus hive gave off a particular scent that only he and zombies could smell. Although his pocket wouldn't be able to get rid of this scent, Wen Xuan at least wouldn't be aware of it.

“We still need to give this level a name…….”

With the changes in the virus hive and increase in strength, Ling Mo believed that this granny zombie had already broken through, reaching the next level.

“Since the last one was named leader level…. Let's name this one the Overlord Level! However, at this level, the division of hierarchy isn't very significant. This granny zombie was extremely aggressive and violent. It might not be suitable for me to use the similar attacking methods on the next Overlord zombie that I meet……” Ling Mo summarized after making his usual a.n.a.lysis of his recent battle.

When Wen Xuan heard this, he immediately fell forward in grief and anger, hitting his forehead on the wall, “The chance of naming it just slipped away from my eyes…… Also, the Overlord level? Are you f.u.c.king serious? Only you could come up with such a stupid name. When I saw that zombie cla.s.sification information you provided, I really wanted to tell you that your ability in naming stuff really sucks a.s.s……”

“I don't care.” Ling Mo glared at him, “Besides, I was the one that delivered the final blow, what right do you have in naming it?”

“I was the first one to discover it. Generally speaking, isn't it a rule that the naming rights be given to the person that discovers it and not the one that kills it?”

“Rules don't exist no more in this world, not to mention, that was a customary thing……” Ling Mo coldly snorted.

Wen Xuan waved his fists hard and slammed his fist down into the ground, “For the naming rights, you would even abandon your values and morality! You have shown me a new kind of low. The average person abandons this kinds of things because of power and women. You actually abandoned it just for naming rights….”

“Just shut your mouth already……”

Ling Mo reckoned that he and Wen Xuan were the only humans left alive in this building now. In addition, there was also a zombie leader roaming around in the building somewhere….

Since Half-moon hasn't shown up yet, figuring out a way to get the tested corpse and leaving this building should be what's important.

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The time now was little under 10:30 and when it hits tomorrow morning, this place will be filled with soldiers. The entire Falcon camp will be on lock down tomorrow, so Ling Mo and his party must leave City before that happens.

“Let's first find a place for you to hide and recover. Once you're able to move, we'll go pick up the tested corpse….”

Halfway through Ling Mo's sentence, the corridor suddenly became silent.

After a good ten seconds, Wen Xuan finally couldn't help but open his mouth, “…. Are you seriously trying to force me to ask? Fine, I know you're doing this on purpose just to show your superiority…. Sir, what is our next step….” As he said this, he lifted his head up and said, “Why aren't you saying anything …. Ahh!”

He hadn't even finished speaking, when he suddenly screamed out in surprise and stared at his surroundings.

Both Ling Mo and the granny zombie corpse had vanished.

In the entire corridor, except for the blood stains and the burnt marks, no visible figures could be seen nor heard.

What the h.e.l.l happened in these five seconds? Could it be that the granny zombie didn't really die and had jumped up, dragging Ling Mo away with her?

But thinking back, Ling Mo had penetrated her neck with the knife and directly stabbed upwards into her brain. She was definitely dead ten times over.


Wen Xuan shouted, but the only thing that responded back was his echo.

He thought for a moment, and suddenly had an idea. He quickly reached into his pocket.

Two seconds later, his expression became grim as he took out a charred device from his pocket, “The communicator is also ruined. I'm in deep s.h.i.+t, I lost my brother-in-law. Ya Lin will definitely tear me apart.”

Remembering that Ya Lin was completely merciless when kicking him and how she always defended Ling Mo, Wen Xuan felt more and more worried about his situation. He quickly struggled to stand up and moved forward while holding onto the wall.

to be continued…

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 368 Part 1

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