Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 1043 - The Flames of Revenge

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Chapter 1043: The Flames of Revenge

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The reason why the Milky Way Alliance strictly controlled every single Earth-rank warrior was because they were most afraid of an Earth-rank warrior’s fall. It was because these people could cause too much damage. Once an Earth-rank warrior hid in the dark, things would get very troublesome.

Pogba was very efficient. He very much wanted to show off in front of Lear. He did not hope for results but hoped for no mistakes. Very quickly, w.a.n.g Zheng’s photo was sent to Lear’s hands.

“Master Son of Saint, this person and Mobo from the Julian family entered Hong Lirong’s lair. Mobo did not come out, but this rascal did. Also, the people from Hong Lirong seem to have lost him. I’m not sure if he’s who you were looking for.” Pogba bowed down and smiled like a pug.

He had prepared delicacies for the Master Son of Saint, and of course, beauties. Maklou had nothing but money and women. However, with one look at this Master Son of Saint, he knew that he would definitely not be interested in things like money and precious stones. Anyone who could “suffer patiently” to come in would definitely have very strong control over materialistic desires. But as long as he was a man, then he definitely liked beauties. Besides, this Master Son of Saint was so young and had withheld for so long. Hence, he had specially prepared a “hundred beauty feast” with 100 young girls, all around 18 years old. They came from all parts of the Milky Way Alliance and were displayed in front of Lear like a spectacular feast. Whoever he wanted, he could just get her. All his desires would be fulfilled.

But Pogba received a tight slap. It was so harsh that he felt faint. Lear did not say anything, but Pogba knew that he had done wrong. He had forgotten who the other party was.

He was the Son of Saint!

Putting aside these commonplace women which he would not even spare a look for, the most important thing was the great undertaking of the Saint Sect. He had really barked up the wrong tree. Luckily, the information that just came in saved him. Obviously, when Master Son of Saint looked at this guy who was about his age, a heartfelt smile spread on his face.

“Do you want to earn an achievement?” Lear took one look at Pogba, who wanted to be on his good graces.

Pogba immediately nodded his head furiously like a pug.

“What’s your designation now?”

“Answering Master Son of Saint: I’m now the Saint Sect in charge for Maklou, an official. I am in charge of the whole Easter Plan,” Pogba said.

Lear nodded. “If you kill this guy, I can guarantee that you will get promoted by one level. Also… in the future, you will become my lackey. Do you understand?”

“I do, I do, I understand. Since Master Son of Saint regards me so highly, I’ll do it immediately. Do you want a whole body or…”

Lear’s lips curled into a cold smile. “You better use all your power. This guy is an Earth-rank warrior and also he has ice, fire, and wood, all 3 types of Ability X. But this must be done at all costs!”

Pogba was stunned. An Earth-rank warrior, was this still a human? This rascal looked quite young. A triple type ability Earth-rank warrior was a little troublesome.

But seeing the silver color exposed on the other party’s wrist, Pogba let out a proud smile. “Master, please rest a.s.sured!”

To express his loyalty, Pogba decided to lead the team personally. It was, of course, important to complete this task, but the att.i.tude was also important, especially for people who came from ancient families.

Lear’s lips curled into a smile. If the mission could be completed smoothly, and he got rid of w.a.n.g Zheng through the hands of other people, what could be more refres.h.i.+ng and satisfying than that?

It was true that people had to learn how to endure. When he was at t.i.ta Star, he once thought that he had reached the bottom, that the whole world had abandoned him; especially the instant w.a.n.g Zheng won the champions.h.i.+p. To others, it might not mean anything, but to Lear, that blow was indeed fatal.

But he persevered and held on until now. Then he realized that chances were easy to get. A one-time gain or loss was nothing. In this world, there was only one truth: whoever survived in the end had the true victory.

Lear thought so, and obviously so did Yue Jing.

Even in her dreams, she dreamt that one day Lear would fall into her hands, and now that time had come.

“You mean he is now in Pogba’s hands?” Yue Jing said lightly.

“Yes, Master, he did not come out after going in. A low rank officer who knew of him was even disposed of,” the man in black said with his head lowered. He did not dare to look at Yue Jing’s almost half-exposed bosom.

Yue Jing could not hold back and frowned. This was obviously not quite normal. The people of the Bill family might be vicious, but they were still quite good to their core members. To directly kill an officer for Lear, what did Pogba want to do?

Perhaps Pogba knew the truth and wanted to pledge his allegiance to the Milky Way Alliance?

That was not quite possible. Not to mention that the news was impossible to get out, the Saint Sect had numerous methods to control people. Pogba could not escape from the control of the Saint Sect.

Admittedly, Yue Jing was a little curious. Thinking back, in the past, when she knelt naked in front of Lear, she was dragged out like rubbish. The flames in Yue Jing’s heart burned furiously. These years, she had learned many ways to make one feel like dying. She had also learnt many ways to let one live a life worse than dying. If she could use these on Lear, then it would be worth living till now.

“Go negotiate with Pogba, tell him I want this person!”

The man in black hesitated a while. “Master, in view of the grand undertaking, should we…”

Yue Jing fiercely lashed her whip at the man in black. “Do it now, I want him alive!”

Yue Jing’s eyes were already filled with madness. Thoughts of revenge once lit could not be stopped anymore.

Perhaps Lear was someone impressive on Earth, but at Maklou, he was meat on the chopping board. She would chop him up real good.

The man in black lowered his head and disappeared.

Bimeng Star capital, Lujing.

In a quite lavish room, Marzu was quietly looking at the updated information sent over via Skylink.

Behind him, not far away, lied a man and a woman. The purple-black color dried blood would make one’s heart palpitate.

The man was called Dister. He was Marzu’s senior in high school on Arbiter. These two had a short-lived compet.i.tion. Dister was definitely not some weakling. At least within a certain period of time, Marzu had expended some effort before defeating him. To a large extent, it was also because he was the heir to the Van family.

He accepted the invitation of Milky Way Alliance to join them when he had just graduated from high school. Then he was placed in this position.

All along, Dister was living well. Just a few months more and he could return to the Milky Way Alliance. On another star, another ident.i.ty, he would become a high-ranking officer of the Milky Way Alliance. All these pains would be worth it.

But Marzu came and broke the surface level peace of Lujing.

Because if its special position in the star domains, Bimeng Star was a free trade star with special permission from the Milky Way Alliance. Any country could carry out totally tax-free trade at Bimeng Star. Of course, the goods being traded had to strictly follow the Milky Way Alliance Goods Catalogue. As it did not belong to any country, politically, Bimeng Star was under direct guidance of the Milky Way Alliance. Their parliament was chosen via fair voting by the locals.

The problem was with these two sessions of parliament.

The seemingly fair election was, in reality, controlled. In these four years, under the indulgence of the two sessions of parliament, the trade volume in the underground black market at Bimeng Star had even exceeded the free trade volume on the surface. Large amounts of banned items were moved out from here, even including the super mecha from the Milky Way Alliance. Three weeks ago, in a raid by the Milky Way Alliance, they found a unit of Elite Academy X’s newest runic mecha!

While just a copy and not really leaked from Elite Academy X’s laboratories, the material and the design had totally caught up with the progress at Elite Academy X’s laboratories.

Everyone in various ranks were shocked!

It was shocking and also terrifying. The other party’s infiltration was extensive. If they were not in key important positions, it definitely could not achieve this level of synchronization.

And the only trace was at Bimeng Star, at Lujing.

Dister was indeed Dister. A few years of undercover work and he had already long gathered numerous intelligence. He was very smart and did not report these things. The more he investigated, the clearer it got – how terrifying this organization which penetrated through the various levels of the Milky Way Alliance was.

No one could be trusted.

Not even his direct supervisor who had sent him to this planet.

After understanding the situation, Dister immediately pretended to be afraid of death, to be perverted and greedy for wealth. He married a local beauty to make the other party feel that he had some concerns and would not dare to make any moves; that he only wanted to pa.s.s time to complete the mission and then return to the Milky Way Alliance to live a good life.

He used two years to numb the people monitoring him in the dark. It wasn’t until a month ago that he truly started to investigate.

But he was too good at his job.

It was abnormal for an Arbiter elite to fall like this.

Except his death still made Marzu surprised. He was just ready to have a big fight when Dister died. The light footsteps outside also made Marzu realize that if he did not leave now, then he could never leave. The t.i.tle of being from the Van family here would only let him die faster.

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 1043 - The Flames of Revenge

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