Tempest of the Stellar War 1121 Exhausting One's Limited Abilities

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Faced with Tarwo Federation's attacks, Yan Xiaosu eventually succ.u.mbed.

Laurel's guess was not wrong. Under the risk of elections, President Mogadi had sent out a negotiation group, in keeping with the expected hospitality, to patronize Yan Xiaosu a little.

But there was something they had missed. An experienced politician would never take risks. Perhaps the new route could indeed bring economic growth to the stagnating Tarwo Federation, but that did not mean it was something that would be accepted. How high were the acceptance percentage points? More importantly, if he tread on toes for this, could he still guarantee his position?

Simply put, the opponent's intention was for KO Group to lay out all the benefits on the table, and then lean back. A gestural accommodation that would be meaningless.

Yan Xiaosu made a prompt decision, splitting them up into three groups. Laurel would stay to continue the proceedings. He had no time to play hide and seek with Tarwo's vague att.i.tude. He had received the news that Margate Interstellar Airline had sent two elite negotiating teams to Maklou and t.i.tat.i.tan.

With no other inroads, Yan Xiaosu chose the Fairy Federation, who had the most demands among the 12 countries. His logic was clear. As long as you secured the most difficult one, then the rest would be easy.

This time, Laurel had no other suggestion. Yan Xiaosu had approached Tarwo Federation on her suggestion, but it was a lost cause. Compounded with New Times s.h.i.+pping company's failure that time, the weight of her words had lightened considerably in this circle.

Depressing, but also challenging. Laurel was not a woman who liked to back down, but deep in her heart, she felt that she had lost her calm and confidence. She was infected by Yan Xiaosu's aura. One had to know that she would not be so impulsive in the past.

But looking at the resolution in Yan Xiaosu's eyes, the doubts in her heart only grew. Was victory actually within this guy's grasp, or was he just posturing?

It was not impossible. She was different from Jasper and the rest. Given her ability, checking up on Yan Xiaosu was not out of the question. Although Yan Xiaosu's ability was not bad, there was no real utility in this world. Or was he hiding some other power?

Frankly, she could not tell. It was like being a celebrity. Others could give you some face and friendliness, but in actuality, it was no use.

After thinking about it, the possibility that Yan Xiaosu was faking composure to steady them was high. At least, under such circ.u.mstances, Jasper and Gabre were still holding hopes that the situation would turn. Especially after Yan Xiaosu had taken the initiative to reach out to Fairy Federation, their expressions had changed.

But Laurel did not see it going well.

Fairy Federation was not some small country like Tarwo.

Besides, amongst the bigger nations, Fairy Federation was conservative in many aspects, especially due to Newcastle Star, which Fairy Federation had only successfully invaded and expanded into in the last decade. In the short term, their policies would only become even more conservative.

Finally, everybody knew that Newcastle Star's current governor, Bosh, was the epitome of loud and arrogant. At least in terms of his political inclinations, he was not friendly towards foreign business.

Under such a disclaimer, it was possible that Yan Xiaosu had chosen Fairy Federation to rationalize failure. Since the difficulty was so extreme, then if they succeeded, they would be heroes, but if they failed, that was expected.

It has to be said that this was quite a good move.

Of course, Laurel really hoped that she was misreading this, and that Yan Xiaosu really had some marvellous guarantee.

Yan Xiaosu had no such thing. Of course, neither was he posturing and disguising failure like Laurel was imagining.

He had chosen this because the situation had become desperate under Margate's harrying. And Fairy Federation, within these 12 countries, was definitely the dragon's head. Conservative, and also his biggest opportunity. As long as he could convince Fairy Federation, then the other 11 decisions could be swayed.

Whether he could take it or not, Yan Xiaosu had no other thoughts. But he had to act now. If he did not have the courage to even try, then he had best return to Earth.

Yan Xiaosu had brought a standard negotiation team with him to Newcastle's capital city, Zilo. After more than a decade of development, this was a new and extremely modern city. In many places, they had used the latest cutting edge city designs, and was extremely luxurious.

However, the traces of militarization were still there to be seen. The evacuation facilities and the streets were still thronged with soldiers in uniform.

There was no time to tour this new city. Yan Xiaosu immediately entered his zone. But they met an obstacle almost immediately.

It was not how he would convince the governor of Newcastle - how would he even meet him?

He had not thought too much about it before coming. Only now did he realize that, to the conservative Fairy Star people, the route was just like any other matter, and not accorded any special importance to speak of.

"My apologies. The governor has other matters to attend to. How about this: You can bring this matter to the Department of Commerce." The governor's aide was a guy.

Yan Xiaosu had been blocked outside the governor's office.

Clearly, the Fairy Star people did not care if this new route existed or not. Or rather, they did not like outsiders interfering. Newcastle was but their window to the world - a political springboard for them to tap into the Milky Way Alliance's power.

Stable and steady. That was the state that Newcastle should strive for. Risk was not in character, and Fairy Star's almost closed-borders state was entrenched in its politics and history. It was truly laborious for foreign capital to enter.

Of course, Governor Bosh had given them some face, and sent his aide to facilitate the exchange, rather than chasing them away with his guards.

Seeing the professional smile of the Governor's aide, and the armed security waiting beside the doors, it seemed like meeting the governor would be impossible. They could only follow protocol and connect with Newcastle's Department of Commerce.

At the Department of Commerce, he was cracking knuckles and rolling his wrists in preparation for a great performance, when Yan Xiaosu stumbled. Quite… crowded…

Catching hold of a personnel, he said, "h.e.l.lo, we are from the t.i.tan Chamber of Commerce…"

"t.i.tan Chamber of Commerce? Alright then, got it… Without a special appointment, because staff is limited, please take a number there, and then queue in the reception chamber."

Take a number and queue…

Yan Xiaosu was stunned. This waiting seemed a little fishy.

But when in Rome, he had to follow accordingly. As long as there was a chance, even if it were but a frail weed, he would grasp it tightly.

He entered his Skylink number, his company name, as well as the matter of concern. A number card was dispensed.

"Number 0541…" Yan Xiaosu's face darkened. He had heard the machine call from the reception just now, and that had been "Number 0418", which meant that more than 100 people were waiting before him.

"Chairman Yan, how about we stay in line here while you go back to the hotel to rest." His subordinates were very dutiful.

But Yan Xiaosu also knew that this was no time to curry favor. He waved a hand. "Forget it. I'll wait here alone. There are more important things which need your attention. We've come in haste this time, and many preparations were not made satisfactorily. Can you settle the data by tonight?"

"Definitely, but wouldn't it be better to leave someone else here…" A few subordinates were still hesitating. Were they really going to leave their chairman here to queue alone?

"The important thing now is to get things done, not to show off. If we screw this up, all of us will be out of a job. Now go!" Yan Xiaosu said. He had thrown off all pretenses. If they did not pa.s.s this one, then their future would be bleak indeed.

Just as he entered the waiting room, someone called out to him.

"Friend, which company are you from? Seemed like you had quite a contingent."

"Keke, it's nothing. We're from the t.i.tan Chamber of Commerce."

"t.i.tan Chamber of Commerce? The t.i.tan that started the new route?"

The one who had called out was also a fatty. Immediately, fatty warmed up to fatty. And hearing that it was the t.i.tan Chamber of Commerce, he became even friendlier.

"Keke, yours truly." Yan Xiaosu smiled and nodded. "What about you, friend?"

"Three Leaves Traveling Merchant, a small firm. Who would have thought Newcastle was so equal that even a large company like yourself is queuing?"

"Rules are rules. There has to be some process." d.a.m.n, was this guy doing this on purpose.

"That's true. Oh yes, I forgot to ask. What's your number?"

"0541. Why?"

"I have 0432. Since you're such a big company, keke. There should be some financial reimburs.e.m.e.nt, right…"

Yan Xiaosu understood. These people were everywhere. "I'll take it."

"No less than expected of a big company. This is my namecard, and my account number is there. Jonken from Three Leaves. Although Three Leaves is a small company, our people are everywhere…"

Yan Xiaosu immediately transferred the funds. Hearing this, he smiled. "Can you get me an audience with the governor?"

Immediately, Jonken clammed up. After half a beat, the money was confirmed in his account. He handed his number to Yan Xiaosu, but clearly had not given up on establis.h.i.+ng relations. "It's not impossible if you want to meet the governor, but the price…"

"If there's anything, I'll call you. That's all then, pleased to meet you."

Yan Xiaosu had no interest in wrangling further. Given this time, he would rather conserve his energy. The Department of Commerce staff would definitely be harder to deal with than the governor. There was a saying that the King of h.e.l.l was easily bothered, but the minions were difficult to deal with.

Fatty Ken smiled. "Alright then. Don't forget to call me if you need anything. I guarantee we'll be of help. Time is money, right?"

The deal done, Fatty Ken did not hold back. Keke, it seemed like the t.i.tan Chamber of Commerce was a big company, but in truth, everyone in the circle knew that Margate Interstellar Airline had united a few major companies, and was gunning full throttle for the t.i.tan Chamber of Commerce. They were done for now. If they were truly good, the governor's office would not have diverted them to the Department of Commerce to queue.

But the money had not been spent in vain. Very quickly, Yan Xiaosu's number was called. Meeting Room 13. The Department of Commerce had checked the program, and the staff's att.i.tude had not been bad. But on closer inspection, there was no feasible development, and they were all words. The officials would conduct research into their project, and they sent Yan Xiaosu back to await news.

As for when they could expect a reply, there was no answer.

Tempest of the Stellar War 1121 Exhausting One's Limited Abilities

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