Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 1122 - : Dynasty Battle Team’s Internal Strife

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Chapter 1122: Dynasty Battle Team’s Internal Strife

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

On the other side, Fatty Jonken was chatting with his colleagues. He had earned a tidy sum today, and was treating them.

“Fatty Jon, you slayed out there today. Which big company was it? Any follow up?”

“What big company? The t.i.tan Chamber of Commerce, who got battered by Margate. Keke, their future doesn’t look bright. And they still tried to show off in front of us.” The fatty’s face was irritated. To use a meeting with the Governor to dismiss him. Did they know who the Governor was? The Keelung family’s genius – did they think anybody could meet him? And especially a doomed businessman? Pah.

“The t.i.tan Chamber of Commerce? Oh, that new route, right? Keke, their days are indeed numbered. Trying to breakthrough from Newcastle? Just how big is the hole in their brains?”

The group laughed uproariously

On the other side, Laurel had just hung up. She had her sources on Newcastle. Seemed like Yan Xiaosu had not been able to enter the Governor’s office, and had queued his way into the Department of Commerce…

It seemed like her investment this time around was a thorough loss.

After thinking, Laurel called Jasper. Of course, it was a clean break or chaos, and it was time to be decisive. If they really toughed it out, then there would be nothing left.

On the other end of the Skylink, Jasper seriously considered Laurel’s words, and brooded for a while.

“Jasper, I know your relations with Yan Xiaosu. But this project is doomed at this stage. If we turn back now, then it’s just one loss. But if we stay till the end, that’s a completely different matter.”

Laurel spoke the truth. Losses were a matter of course. In fact, extricating oneself from greater losses could also be a good feeling. At most, they could hole up for a year or two and then make a comeback. But if you walked a path to the end, then it was a completely different matter. Let alone the work they had done before. That was too naive.

“Laurel, I understand what you mean. Truthfully, a guy like me is not that suited to doing business. Back then, when I was in a tough spot, he did not abandon me. And now I cannot leave either. At most, I will return to my wretched playboy life of the past. I’m sorry,” Jasper said.

Laurel did not speak. She was conflicted as well. This was not just business, but also about the relations.h.i.+p between them. Jasper had given the choice to Laurel.

“I’ll return to Lya Sphinx and ask my family to make an appearance!” Finally, Laurel had made an important decision.

Jasper was stunned. “Why?”

Laurel smiled. “Because someone who will not abandon his brothers will not abandon his woman.”

Yan Xiaosu was not relaxed. His situation was even worse than expected. He was alone in a hotel behind closed doors. His Skylink had been flipped open and closed endlessly in his hand. He had thought it over again and again, and held back again and again.

w.a.n.g Zheng was at SIG, facing that venomous hag Kashawen and her cronies. If he had not known high from low in the past, the last few years had made Yan Xiaosu more than aware of those crones’ power. It was astoundingly terrifying. At this time, he could not increase the burden on w.a.n.g Zheng.

He had to think of something himself!

“Elite Academy X people are really fierce. That Dynasty battle team has really lived up to their reputation.”

“It’s just the qualifiers. It’s just begun.”

Zhang Shan and the rest did not heed such discussions. It was of absolutely no help to the future battles.

Over at the Dynasty battle team, besides Lear’s absence, all the other members were there, and uninjured. Fatty was vacuuming food as though he had not eaten for a century. Pang Tong and Anluda had disapproving faces, but they had not been able to find this d.a.m.ned fatty. He was a dab hand at concealing himself. Who knew whether he had stolen those tags?

Fatty did not explain either. Regardless, his mission was complete, and who cared what others thought. Luo Fei could also sense that Anluda and the rest did not like him much. Actually, no one in the Dynasty battle team liked him. This fatty was dowdy, looked grotesque, and neither head nor tails spoke of his place in an elite team. He ruined the atmosphere, and the fatty did his best not to speak.

Pang Tong could not resist. “Can you eat with some civility? You look like you haven’t eaten in a few centuries!”

Luo Fei was taken aback, then consciously slowed his gorging. “Apologies. I was starved.”

“We are the Dynasty battle team. Listen to that name. Do you think it suits you? Don’t think that you can feel all high and mighty just because you stole a few tags!” Anluda harrumphed.

Zhou Yun was about to speak up, but he held his tongue. This Luo Fei indeed affected their morale. Image aside, he was lazy, exceptionally lazy. He ruined the team atmosphere, and it was time to teach him a lesson.

The two Mayans did not speak up. They had joined this team for other reasons, and the contract would end after SIG. These human quarrels had nothing to do with them.

“Luo Fei, if I were you, I would withdraw from the team of my own accord. You stick to Lear, and it does no good to you or him. And you’re occupying the scout position. Do you think that’s appropriate in the subsequent battles?” Anluda suddenly changed tack. “You and Lear both come from Earth, which is your hometown. He is definitely hesitant to ask you to leave. But can’t you be a bit more aware? Must you always clutch on to him so pathetically?”

“Luo Fei, we’re not out to get you. But as the level gets higher, and Lear’s dreams get bigger, he needs strong people around him, and your presence is starting to affect him,” Pang Tong said seriously. “Just like this time round. You stole a few tags. But next time, what about the mecha? And this is just SIG. There will be bigger stages in the future. Have you thought about that?”

Luo Fei did not speak, but his eating speed slowed.

Both of them had started to feel their words gain purchase. “Don’t always be a leech. If you continue this way, we won’t be able to stand it either. We’re here helping Lear because we hope that he can lead us to a higher level. With you around, our work will be in vain. If you don’t leave, we’ll leave. I know you’re aware. Or we could talk to Lear. Zhou Yun, what do you think?”

At this time, Pang Tong and Anluda definitely wanted to force Zhou Yun to take a stand. Luo Fei looked at Zhou Yun, who nodded mutely. He had been here earlier, and had gotten to know Luo Fei a little better. Luo Fei was amiable, and would laugh with anyone. But such a character was indeed unsuited to the world of the strong.

“Luo Fei, don’t mind these idiots. If you don’t want to stay at Dynasty, come to Saruman Snake. I’ll let you be a reserve!” Zhang Shan was disgusted by them. Was this internal politics? Lear’s team was just like their leader.

Pang Tong eyed Zhang Shan coldly. “Off with you. This is none of your concern. Don’t think you’re something just because you bootlicked your way up here.”

Zhang Shan laughed. “Casual bootlicking got me nine tags. How many did you get? Elite pros? Show me? Oh, looks like you’re really at the top. You need a hat.”

Pang Tong’s eyes glittered, but Anluda held him back. “Luo Fei, the top team is ceding you a place. Looks like you really have friends in high places. The Dynasty battle team is too small a stage for you.”

All they knew was that Lear and w.a.n.g Zheng had some kind of rivalry, details unknown. Possibly, it was difficult for two tigers to coexist on the same mountain, since they both came from Earth.

Zhang Shan was not unaware that he had put Luo Fei in a tough spot, but he could not hold himself back. He did not understand why this Luo Fei always stayed as a lackey. They had come together from Earth, and Luo Fei had a good temper. There was less internal strife at Saruman Snake. Even before any results were in, these bozos were in a hurry to chase Luo Fei away.

Luo Fei was silent for a while, then smiled. “My bad. I will appeal to be a reserve. I’ll try my best not to be an inconvenience. Just take me as part of the scenery.”

Pang Tong and Anluda looked at each other. They had not expected Fatty to be so cowardly. It made it difficult for them to continue. If the matter blew up and got to Lear, that would not be ideal either.

“That’s for the best. We’re not out to get you. We’re just thinking of the future of the team,” Pang Tong said.

“Zhang Shan, sorry. I’m a member of the Dynasty battle team. I am now, and forever will be,” Luo Fei said.

Zhang Shan looked at Luo Fei and shook his head irritatedly. This fatty had hardened his heart. Was such a life worth living?

Luo Fei stood up. “I’m full. Please take your time.”

Pang Tong and the rest ignored him. The two Mayans could not be bothered. Here, the weak had no s.p.a.ce to live.

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 1122 - : Dynasty Battle Team’s Internal Strife

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