Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 1141

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Chapter 1141: A Spectacle Too Horrible To Witness

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Mars did not want new issues to continuously arise. Thus, almost right after his attack, he immediately followed up. The t.i.tanium blade was raised in an instant…

All of a sudden, the hunch for signs of danger that he had formed over many years suddenly emerged in his mind. The Conqueror retreated rapidly…

Everyone was in a daze. This situation clearly could have been easily solved with just one slash, but why had Mars retreated instead, and furthermore at such rapid speeds?

The complexion of Mars at present was slightly pale, as if he had just visited and came back from h.e.l.l.

Luo Fei's pupils gradually turned devilish red. They were so bright that they would make people's hearts palpitate. There was nothing scarier in this world than Lear abandoning him. That shudder that originated from his bones caused the other spirit inside of Luo Fei to awaken.

This was perhaps the Luo Fei that Lear needed.

His Ability X exploded through. The devilish, silverish red colour was strange. Generally, Ability X would usually burst forth in a needle-shape, but the aura around the Hercules, it seemed… soft and flabby. But even if it was soft and flabby, why did it emit a sense of dread?

From the outside, it felt very weak, but for Mars, who was immersed in the battle, it was an entirely different feeling.

The Hercules, who was missing an arm, threw away the t.i.tanium blade and picked up the shovel. Just like that, he towed the shovel along, moving step by step closer to Mars.

Just as the distance between the two closed in by about ten metres, the silverish red aura could be seen by the naked eye, abruptly pouncing on Mars' aura, eating it up in “big mouthfuls”.

Luo Fei's Earth-rank Ability X was eating!

Mars could feel his spiritual energy lapsing, and as the distance between the two of them shortened, the speed of the lapse became even faster. The other person could actually give out a life-like joyful gobbling. At this rate, his spiritual energy would be completely cut off from its connection with nature.

Mars could also be considered someone who had an abundance of experience. He reacted in an instant. Kill!

A berserk energy suddenly exploded out with a bang. Mars had activated his mad mode, Invincibility!

The Conqueror advanced abruptly with Mad Scamper, charging towards Luo Fei instantly. However, everyone could see it: the Hercules' vital energy was still gulping in huge bites. Mars' decision was the right one – he had to take down the Hercules in a spurt of energy!

Under the present circ.u.mstances, Mars still held the absolute advantage like before.


The t.i.tanium blade had chopped upon the shovel, causing an explosive ring. Luo Fei had, of course, not known the Rotating Shovel, but…

Luo Fei's weak ability enveloped Mars within a moment. The Conqueror seemed to have paused for a second, before raining down on the Hercules.

However, what everyone saw instead… was that this blade speed was not even the least bit insane…

The Hercules did not retreat by even one step, forcibly blocking off all of Mars' attacks. At the same time, every time Mars attacked, his strength was being “eaten” away. Not only that, what others could not see was that with every contact, Mars felt a part of his spiritual energy being sucked away.

He had never heard of such a strange occurrence. For the first time, time pa.s.sed ever so slowly.

Only Olivios knew that other people would have no solution against Mars' Ability X. Upon entering that state, Mars would be in a state of near perfect defense. Unless it was a weapon with strength beyond a mech, such as of a battles.h.i.+p level, they would absolutely not be able to break through. At the same time, he would also be immune to a certain level of obstruction of Ability X. This was actually the result of a strong mental control. In practicality, some Ability Xs were still effective. The corner of the current Luo Fei's lips held a hint of a strange smile.

Luo Fei's weak ability was visibly beyond that of an average person's – it was simply like poison within the bones. Mars' most aggressive moments had pa.s.sed, but Luo Fei's weak ability continued to last… the devilish redness wrapped around the Conqueror.


The Hercules' shovel begun to show its strength, mindlessly tapping violently, and Mars was beginning to be suppressed. The most critical part was that the other party was currently eating his strength in big mouthfuls. This was not an elimination or suppression, he was actually eating. It was as if a part of your body was being eaten away, largely distracting Mars' attention.

Luo Fei's Ares Arts had already turned towards the pinnacle. He was eating while replenis.h.i.+ng his energy, and his strength flourished even more. On the other hand, Mars was going down a slope.

After Mars' Heavenly Overlord Attack had matured, it was his first time encountering such a situation. He was falling into the fatty's trap step by step.

With w.a.n.g Zheng, that battle was really satisfying. It was a pleasant tyrannical rivalry, with a debt of grat.i.tude coupled with duty to avenge. However, this match with Luo Fei left him in despair.


The Conqueror was beaten down by the shovel. By this time, Luo Fei's silverish red, devilish aura had enveloped Mars thoroughly like how a spider web caught prey, and was taking huge bites at Mars' externally emitted spiritual strength, directly cutting off Mars' connection with the surroundings. At the same time, with every contact, the Heavenly Overlord Attack's vital energy was being eaten away a bit. Mars weakening and Luo Fei's flouris.h.i.+ng speed was the same. “Luo Fei” was already getting more and more excited.


Two hits from the shovel had broken down the Conqueror's energy s.h.i.+eld… Mars' last defense had been broken; even the portable equipment that had yet to been used had been pulverized, and in reality, nothing could be changed.

All of the Arbiter people were flabbergasted. This was stranger than the match between w.a.n.g Zheng and Mars. What was this ability? Was it the devil?

Luo Fei let out a laugh. He was not the usual Luo Fei – this was a version molded by Lear. What Lear needed was victory, and not just victory for this round, but an overall victory, which meant that Mars could not be in the team battle.

As such, Luo Fei could not allow Mars to admit defeat, neither could he let the battle end. What he needed was…

Boom… A shovel hit onto the mech's c.o.c.kpit, but it did not crack. What Luo Fei had used was his inner shock strength, which would produce the same results as Olivios' Exploding Concussion, just with a different method. It was just that this was not an Ability X, but a fighting technique, Double Energy.


Within the cabin, Mars shook tremendously. He was just a human, and not immortal, but he still held on as the second shovel strike rained down.

Every battle system that Aslan had used was of the highest grade and also the closest to reality. The mecha used to combat were all real, combined with a virtual battle arena, and in addition, a surrounding protection system. It could ensure that no fatal attacks would occur; however, the problem was that Luo Fei's attacks were not considered fatal as the mech cabin was not entirely destroyed.

All he wanted was for Mars to be seriously injured.

When the third shovel strike slashed downwards, everyone was able to see it.

The formidable Mars, as if being held by the neck by a devil, was completely unable to move. His spiritual power had been largely sucked away and his Ability X had completely disappeared. The Heavenly Overlord Attack that he relied on had also been eaten away and dispersed.

The honour of Arbiter…


Vanished like smoke in thin air…

The blood in Mars' chest could no longer take it, and it spurt all over the cabin, dyeing it red in an instant.

Fatty's shovel rose up high. Seeing fresh blood greatly stimulated him. Kill!

Kill! Kill! Kill!

The entire audience was deadly still. Such skills, such strength control, and this Ability X – was he even a human?

Luo Fei's entire mind was filled in red and endless killing intent. If Lear wanted him to kill, he would kill. He never wanted to be abandoned again, he did not want to be a useless piece of trash…

The Hercules raised its shovel again. At this moment, Mars had already lost the strength to admit defeat, and even if he still had energy, he would not admit defeat, even if he had to die.

And with Luo Fei's level and ability, he could really take Mars' life before the system could even react.

“Brother, are you a warrior? You are really great! Brother, in the future, I also want to be a warrior!” The younger brother's eyes were full of pure wors.h.i.+p.

“Follow your benefactor well, do not create any trouble…”

“Luo Fei, you fatty. Even if you follow Lear, you can still make friends with us.”

Somewhere deep inside of Luo Fei, he was having an internal struggle, but the moment he “heard” Lear, the last hesitation he had vanished.


Luo Fei's shovel slammed down.

Emergency signals appeared on the system and both mecha were halted, a hair's breadth before the last moment. Aslan's system was still the most awesome – it was able to stop everything at the most critical moment based on the one out of tens of thousands of judgements.

But the shovel had still slammed down. Mars had already lost consciousness, his body heavily sprung up, cras.h.i.+ng against the cabin door.

To Luo Fei, human nature was not important. From the start to the end, he had not learned to resist it.

The first aid personnel had rushed in. Seeing Mars' condition, everyone was stunned. He had multiple fractures and even broken bones all around his body… It was too terrible to witness.

If it had been an ordinary person in his place, they would have died. If not for the last second halt from the system choosing the safest first judgement, Mars would have really died.

The noisiness caused the redness in Luo Fei's eyes to gradually regress. His aura dissipated as well when a working personnel, who had accidentally come close to the mech, fainted.

Luo Fei slowly awakened and walked out of the mech.

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 1141

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