Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 1136 - A Contend Between Ability X and Ancient Martial Arts

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Chapter 1136: A Contend Between Ability X and Ancient Martial Arts

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The vanguard battle, Olivios VS Zhou Yun.

The battle became heated as soon as it started. Everyone had thought that this was a battle swayed towards one side and the unknown Zhou Yun would be hung up and beaten by Olivios, but in actuality, within five minutes of the battle, Zhou Yun was going up hard against Olivios, not falling behind at all.

It was not boxing tactics at all!

Olivios was very clear on this. If it were a boxing routine, it would have been thoroughly defeated by the Heavenly Overlord Attack, but the opponent’s attacks were an even more coa.r.s.e, through and through, full-on attack in comparison to the Heavenly Overlord Attack. This fellow did not have any movements in the Elite Academy X, but actually also had a mid-B standard. It seemed Elite Academy X still hid some talented individuals.

“What move are you using?”

Zhou Yun’s Real Steel struck an offensive pose. “The world’s number one boxing, Huben Fists!”

The corners of Olivios’ mouth revealed a merciless smile. Number one in the world?

“Then let me try and see if you are qualified to be called number one in the world!”

The Overlord mech’s spear struck the ground. the spear’s offensive techniques were a bit of a hindrance against the Real Steel. This was the genuine boxing-specialised offense, and a weapon like a spear would be unable to suppress it and would be in the way instead. Of course, it would be another kind of situation if Ability X was used, but obviously Olivios would not use it first.

Zhou Yun took in a deep breath. His entire body’s vigor tightened. In the following exchange, he would be able to feel the opponent’s strength. The Heavenly Overlord Attack was an internal refinement. The moves were completely based on Olivios’ cognition through combining tactics from college and the military in actual battles.

In ancient martial arts schools, the denomination of directly using boxing techniques had another layer of meaning. Huben once represented the gloriousness of the G.o.d of Ferociousness, but in these days, it had fallen to the status of a pa.s.serby.

The inheritors of every generation all had “revival” as their end goal, but the heavens had never followed as people wished. Knowing that a miracle would befall in his generation, the seal on his abilities had been unlocked and the martial technique that had disappeared was regained.

As the inheritor of the Huben Fists, he wanted to announce the Huben Fists’ return to the world.


The Zhou Yun in the c.o.c.kpit had already changed into a different appearance – the muscles on his body had emerged. It was not that he had a muscle-type Ability X, but that it entirely came from his inner strength. His arms had especially became abnormally frightening.

The right arm of the Real Steel violently shook…


The Real Steel had unexpectedly made a move. The starting speed seemed slow visually, but it sped it in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, the Overlord’s engine roared… Sky Rocket Cannon?

Olivios liked ferocious opponents the most; he wanted to see how strong this Huben Fists was.

To match with the suppressive, low alt.i.tude Sky Rocket Cannon, Olivios charged directly at the Real Steel in an arc method.

With the Overlord’s defense and impact strength, this was meaning to break the opponent into pieces!

The Real Steel was already revved up, and facing the Overlord that was about to charge in, he felt no sense of fear. This was to Huben Fists’ liking!

The world’s number one steel. The stronger the opponent, the stronger it gets!


In a second, not sure whether it was the engine function or an illusion, the Real Steel was actually sticking to the ground flying, charging over at high speeds.


A loud bang sounded, as if the sky had collapsed, when he bombarded onto the Overlord’s big s.h.i.+eld, without any fanciful tricks.

Smas.h.i.+ng down the Overlord with one straight punch, the Real Steel continued his offense. The Overlord did not even have time to retreat before the Real Steel’s attack arrived.

—Ferocious Tiger Form!

The immense aura and suffocating murderous intent shrouded the Overlord instantly. The Overlord had defended but had still been hit away from his defense position.

Instant Coagulation!

Flying Ferocious Tiger!


The Overlord stably defended, but he was still hit into the air by a tremendous force…

Olivios did not manage to block it before Zhou Yun had charged forward and immediately grabbed the legs of the Overlord that was about to escape mid-air.

—High Pressure Scurry!

In a flash, there was a violent influx of Ability X—High Pressure Electric Shock!

In that moment of using his Ability X, the Real Steel’s speed was increased, and at the same time, Zhou Yun was moving instantly with only one hand. However, at this timing, the main thing was to prevent Olivios from breaking away. The violent electric current immediately penetrated through the mech and bombarded Olivios.

The violent electric currents a.s.saulted continually, and halfway through, the Overlord was picked up mid-air and struck by Zhou Yun’s steel fist.


The Overlord’s s.h.i.+eld fell apart in an instant and the Overlord flew out in response.

This sudden change caused everyone to be sh.e.l.l-shocked. Were they freaking seeing ghosts? Olivios was being violently beaten?

Olivios’ bearings visibly felt much stronger, but Zhou Yun’s techniques were even better, and these techniques were not the regular ones. From the movements, to the offensive boxing moves, they all held a weird uncertainty.

This was the strength of ancient martial arts. Through so many years of perfecting, the martial arts hadn’t changed much at all. Using ancient techniques on a mech was like hitting a sitting duck. However, when the martial technique worked with the energy in the body, such techniques, especially with the profound strength that his own attacks harboured, could be unfolded. This was not something that quick, accurate, and ruthless simple techniques could match up to.

Zhou Yun could feel his heartbeat intensifying. The new era was about to come. He was lucky to be able to witness this era. He had previously seen his own grandfathers’ generation, training hard day and night, only for it to become something to maintain their health. Strength, the real strength, was recovering!

Ka-cha, ka-cha. The Overlord stood up and the corner of Olivios’ lips revealed a satisfied expression. It was indeed special. These battle tactics, attacks, and defense were very interesting. It was seemingly intuitive, but the explosive energy that happened upon that second of contact, it was impossible to defend.

“What a pity,” Olivios blandly said.

Zhou Yun blinked. “Pity about what!?”

One round of offense had already broken his s.h.i.+eld, so Olivios would definitely not be able to take a second round. The Heavenly Overlord Attack had high internal strength, but the matching tactics were not enough. Ancient strength required ancient techniques – that was what the trio, including Zhou Yun, was proud of.


The Overlord disappeared, violently advancing!

What extreme speed! But the sudden disappearance in the midst of the speed was due to the invisibility Ability X!

Zhou Yun’s hair rose. In the blink of an eye, the Overlord was in front of him. Zou Yun instinctively punched out.

However, in that moment, Zhou Yun realised that he had made a huge mistake. He was too obsessed with ancient martial arts, and that person had never said that he wanted to compare notes on fighting skills. This was SIG, this was a battle – except he had lost himself within.

Moving in a flash with unchanging posture, the Overlord had already reached the rear side of the Real Steel.

A punch bombarded. Zhou Yun’s reaction was extraordinarily quick, opening up his energy s.h.i.+eld.


The Real Steel stood in the spot, unmoving. The energy s.h.i.+eld shook violently but remained unbroken. However, Zhou Yun, who was in the c.o.c.kpit, had suffered a serious. .h.i.t. He spewed out a mouthful of blood and his whole body turned stiff instantly.

Ability X… Exploding Concussion.

“Huben Fists, right. Don’t be obsessed with the past, time cannot possibly flow backwards.”

Olivios dully said. Martial techniques were only internal; having a strong body matched with ample quick-attacking methods and having a good grasp of the situation was the way to win. It was also the most effective. If one had enough talent and energy, they should be focused on their Ability X. The universe’s strength would always be stronger than our own.

The Van family had long understood this principle, so they had given up the time spent on those profound and time-consuming ancient martial arts, choosing the essence.

Technology and Ability X were the main leads of this era.

Round one, Olivios won.

Although Asura had won, it was definitely a surprise for many that this Zhou Yun had such ability. It was a pity that his Ability X was unable to break through against an Earth-rank warrior. Actually, the outcome was destined from the start. This was an era led by Ability X, so as long as Olivios’ body was strong enough, the opponent would lose undoubtedly.

“Lear’s underling thought too much.” Di Maria snickered. The Aslan people had research a lot on martial techniques, and had even collected a lot despite it not having much use for many years, but nevertheless, Aslan people would never ignore any existence. However, those like Di Maria, who had a mystical Ability X, would never neglect the fundamentals to chase after details. Even if there was a day that his battle capabilities were not strong enough, the final victory would still be his.

With the recovery of ancient martial art strength, each country in the Milky Way Alliance had a resurgence of people with pretty good fighting capabilities, but this was only one method of strength. It was just that they themselves seemed to have blind faith in it.

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 1136 - A Contend Between Ability X and Ancient Martial Arts

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