Tempest of the Stellar War 1166 Fire Demon

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Lie Xin was surprised. The Mayans' battle tactics?

There were no data that they could have learned from. But she was very familiar with the unique characteristics of the Maya's Mantis. Honestly, Lie Xin could not believe that Hinrich could achieve the same energy performance level like the captain of the Sea Queen battle team.

As soon as the battle began, the Flaming Frenzy Sword mech began to push forward. The Maya's Mantis attacked midway too. Lie Xin needed to break through that part of the blockade. But she was unsure of her opponent's attacking routine.

Everyone's attention was on the Maya's Mantis. Long-range suppression?

The lasers of the Maya's Mantis were also very audacious. But Hinrich was waiting quietly.

Was this fellow trying to have a close-range battle with her?

Lie Xin was wondering too. Regardless of the intentions of Hinrich, she could not miss this opportunity.

Flaming technique revolving throughout the body, her Ability X released, maintaining at the highest levels.

Hinrich did not make any effort to impede her. Instead, he allowed the Flaming Frenzy Sword to break through to the best defensive range of the Maya's Mantis. The two mecha were now face to face.

The thirty-meter distance did not bear well for the Maya's Mantis.

A glow of red had already shrouded around Lie Xin's Flaming Blade. Her momentum was rising, but her opponent remained still, obviously preparing for some form of attack. But Lie Xin could not possibly stop. There was no reason to be afraid when her opponent had not even made a move yet.

A raging cry and the Frenzy Sword was in control. The entire mech was covered in flames. Accelerate, accelerate, accelerate!

Even if Hinrich could use the Maya's Mantis, Lie Xin could still crush her opponent to pieces in one strike.

Hinrich's Maya's Mantis began to burn. It was flame too, the same fire element. But there was a huge difference between the flames of Hinrich and Lie Xin.

Hinrich's Ability X was the standard fire element, filled with violent expansion and burning power. However, Lie Xin's flame was the fierce fire that had gone through the baptism of the ancient martial arts. It was more purified.

Lie Xin inhaled deeply. The Frenzy Sword struck. At the same time, Hinrich also wielded the strange Mayan scepter he held in his hand.


In a flash, a wave of raging flames shot towards Lie Xin. Lie Xin did not dare to intercept. This was no ordinary flame. The mech maneuvered sideways instantly. The exquisite maneuvering managed to dodge the attack completely. Hinrich attacked continuously. Wave after wave, the flames blasted towards the mech. Any building hit by the raging flames eroded instantly.

Although surprised, Lie Xin was able to quickly identify the characteristics of this attack. The range of the flames was wide and ferocious. This meant that Hinrich's Ability X probably included the control of energy, and was therefore able to operate the Maya's Mantis. The Mayans' mecha were best suited for energy-based attacks. For an experienced warrior, dealing with unexpected situations was fundamental. The most important thing was the attack mode.

The attacking power was strong. Maybe even stronger than the aura of the blade, but not as fast. The intervals between each attack was also longer. However, the feeling of this raging, burning power made Li Xin exercise caution so as not to be surrounded by the flames.

Lie Xin's judgement and movement were very precise and accurate, dodging the successive flaming attacks of the Maya's Mantis. This had also helped the Mayans to gain knowledge. The humans could actually operate this. No wonder the humans had the best ability to adapt among the three civilizations.

The Flaming Frenzy Sword was moving steadily, not rus.h.i.+ng to advance for fear of falling into Hinrich's trap. Lie Xin was also a fire element. Moreover, the Flaming technique was extremely adaptable to flames. Nonetheless, this did not mean that the flames could not harm her. The level of their Ability Xs was almost the same. Once the mental power came into play, the flames would gain "consciousness." She had stronger resistance as she was a fire element. Even then, Lie Xin was perspiring profusely.

Although these raging flames seemed slow, they were long-lasting. Although the faster the attacks, the better, sometimes slow, off-rhythm attacks also increased the difficulty of the defense.

Lie Xin was very careful. The foundations of the ancient martial arts were very strong. Hence, different environments would not result in minor mistakes made. Everyone was closely watching the inter-changes in the attacks and the defense. Actually, as the battle continued, warriors with stronger foundations would perform even better.

The arena was filled with Hinrich's raging flames. Whatever the flames. .h.i.t, it would start scorching immediately. The temperature was perhaps above two thousand degrees. Normally, steel would have already melted, but the mecha had extraordinary defense capabilities against the external environment. However, if hit in the front, unless the energy s.h.i.+eld could block it, it would mean instantaneous death for the pilot.

This was not as easy as it would appear.

Hinrich was a lunatic!

The Ma.n.a.lasuo people were filled with confidence. Hinrich was the "Fire Demon". His Ability X was flame, but he eventually realized that it was flames derived from energy power. He was indeed a natural talent. After boldly using the Mayan mech, and gaining an amazing breakthrough, he soared up the pecking order and became the main warrior of the Golden Wheel battle team. This was a position that an average flame user could not attain.

But gigantic energy naturally came with slow tempo attacks. The average pilot might not be able to withstand the high temperature, but it was not a big issue for Lie Xin, who possessed the Flaming technique. Had he met his nemesis?

Another difficult back-flip, successfully dodging the raging flames. Lie Xin advanced once again. Her opponent's flaming energy was unceasing. Lie Xin would not dare to take a gamble. A slight wrong move would spell the end. She was dead sure that even if the system shut down in the nick of time, she would still be injured.

The Flaming technique exploded and cut through the air!


This was the first face-to-face confrontation. The raging flames of the Maya's Mantis were split open. The energy s.h.i.+eld was activated instantly, blocking off the remnant sprays of the flaming energy

The mech advanced confidently. This was Lie Xian's best chance!

However, at this moment, the warning sign appeared.

The Maya's Mantis's scepter rose high, boom…

The residual flame power from the surroundings formed by the continuous attacks of the raging flame suddenly rushed towards the Flaming Frenzy Sword. In the past, Lie Xin would have thought that this was a result of her Flaming technique. However, her entire body was cold as ice at this very moment; there was nowhere to hide.

A fiery red flame circle appeared eight meters away from the Flaming Frenzy Sword.

Lie Xin felt the danger intuitively. Teleportation!

The mech transported six meters instantly. It only needed to take one step!

It was only one step away. Rumble…

A wave of raging flames burst out of nowhere and enveloped the Flaming Frenzy Sword. The energy s.h.i.+eld was activated. In an instant, Lie Xin felt that she was about to be burned alive. But her body stiffened. d.a.m.n it! The bondage of the flame ability.

— h.e.l.lfire Cage!

Rumbling, the Maya's Mantis, like a crazed, flamed mushroom, shot waves of fire flames at the Flaming Frenzy Sword.

After the third shot, the Flaming Frenzy Sword exploded.

The energy s.h.i.+eld simply could not withstand such a frenzy of attacks.

The Golden Wheel battle team won round two!

The Golden Wheel battle team won this round with a stunning performance from Hinrich. Murmurs of amazement resonated all around. At this stage of the SIG, most people thought that there would not be any more surprising powers, but the Golden Wheel battle team had surprised everyone. Hinrich's use of the Maya's Mantis would embarra.s.s even the Mayans.

Tempest of the Stellar War 1166 Fire Demon

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