Tempest of the Stellar War 1181 No Way Out!

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Even if you want to give up, you have to put up a fight. You can't be so negative!

Pabilsag looked at the Overlord that was in the air. Beneath his calm eyes, great waves were forming. Humans' ambitions could not be calm, and must be deterred!

The runes of the Rune Warrior were lit up, but the runes of this mech had no characteristic. Unlike the Phantom King, once activated, a variety of wonderful energy effects would appear. This mech was more considered as a rune-training mech. It was also a regulatory standard for the Atlanteans.

The Rune Sword made a circle in the air.

In an instant, a red aperture appeared in the air, and in the next instant, the aperture lit up brilliantly, and countless rune symbols appeared.

What the h.e.l.l were these?

The Overlord had begun its attack. Was this optical effect a joke?

Ergas did not evade. The Overlord attacked with unstoppable force. There was no turning back!


The expressions of everyone who was present solidified instantly…

The Overlord crashed into the red rune aperture, but did not penetrate it. A series of vibrating roars rang, and the mech was bounced off.

Ergas was furious. If it were not for the impact characteristics of the Overlord, that impact alone would have killed him.

The composed Rune Warrior gently raised the Rune Sword and placed it in front of its chest, and swept. "Pabilsag, the fifth guard of the temple. Pleased to meet you."

Silence filled the arena. It was at this time that everyone realized that the Sea Queen battle team had dispatched the younger generation of warriors of the temple.

Atlas and the rest of the team members were very composed. For the Atlanteans, glory meant nothing. They used to be infinitely close to the peak, and their evolutionary path was also almost perfect for intelligent beings. However, they were, after all, human beings, and they had paid a huge price in this process. If it were not for G.o.d's gift, they might have already been annihilated. Thus, each generation of Atlanteans took a clearer view of themselves.

There was only one t.i.tle out there, the Arbiter, highest glory!


A wave of air exploded. Ergas' spiritual power exploded completely, undoubtedly a mid B Earth-rank strength, and Pabilsag's spiritual power exploded instantly too, not weak at all… in fact, it was even stronger.

This was only a member of the Sea Queen battle team. Of course, it was a characteristic of the Atlanteans to have powerful spiritual power, but their attacks were monotonous. This was an opportunity for Ergas!

The Overlord started his attack. Consolidation of spiritual defence and application of physical attacks were the only tactics required to battle against the Atlanteans. This was an established tactic amongst the different countries.

Simple yet practical.

Ergas also adhered to this principle. He believed that his close combat strength could completely squash his opponents.

When the Rune Warrior was cut by Pabilsag's Rune Sword, the mystical rune halo reappeared at the foot of the Rune Warrior, which complemented the Rune Warrior's aura.

Tamira - Warrior Holy Light!

The Rune Sword followed up with another slit, and another aperture appeared.

Soylas - Quadruple Thunder!

Porasta - Ares blessing!

Haemil - s.p.a.ce Aisle!

A series of runes radiated around the Rune Warrior… it was like fireworks, and very stunning.

Ergas had no idea what the other party was doing. What the h.e.l.l was this thing?

Suddenly, a warning sign appeared. At the foot of the Overlord… What was this thing?

An array of red runes; it appeared on the head too. There was also one in front of the Overlord, and another at the rear was well.

The Overlord had already struck its spear. This sort of thing could not intimidate an Arbiter warrior.


When the long spear stabbed the array of runes, a horrifying explosion occurred and the energy purged. The Overlord rocketed to the sky and the energy s.h.i.+eld was fully opened.

The array of red runes appeared at the rear of the Overlord in mid-air… the Rune Warrior walked out.

The Rune Warrior burning with red light thrusted forward with its sword.

Ergas bit his teeth, instantly controlled himself and turned the spear around and stabbed.


The deadly sword was sealed tightly. The Rune Warrior's longsword slashed out, and the Overlord was suppressed from the air to the ground.


The Overlord was slashed and fell to the ground by a single stroke. Ergas' Overlord held on to the long spear tightly and blocked the deadly Rune Sword.

At that moment, the Rune Warrior stretched out its left hand…

Mourouj Mons - Imprisonment Cage!

The array of red rune reappeared. A great magnetic force hit. Ergas had the feeling that the Overlord was falling onto a huge magnet.


A frantic power flowed from Ergas' body. He was an Arbiter who possessed the will to go beyond the limits!

His Ability X exploded.

An Earth-rank level two ability could not be ignored by anyone.

But another array of runes reappeared again at this moment.

Hlavac – Spiritual Interruption!

In an instant, Ergas felt that his communication with the outside world had disappeared. This was the first time it had happened since attaining Earth-rank. It was like a person who had drowned suddenly, even though he knew how to swim.

Pabilsag gently placed his Rune Sword on the Overlord.


Time seemed to have frozen at this moment.

This time, the SIG seemed destined to be a disastrous day for the Iron and Steel cellege. The Asura battle team had suffered a whipping loss, and now it was Ergas' turn.

The members of the Iron and Steel battle team were dumbfounded. Their captain, their greatest hope, had lost to a member of the Sea Queen.

Without any resistance.

Ergas refused to admit defeat; he was struggling. The Overlord squeaked, but it could not break the shackles of the array of runes. More crucially was that his Ability X was sever, and he was left to the defensive.

In fact, this sort of struggle should not have happened. Pabilsag put the sword there to let the opponent admit defeat; otherwise, he could have been stabbed dozens of times.

For the Atlanteans, this was etiquette for a duel.

But for the Arbiters, this was a humiliation because they never admitted defeat.


The Overlord struggled with all its might, and the Rune Sword pierced through.

The Sea Quen battle team won the first match.

Ergas remained in the c.o.c.kpit did not step out for a long time. This was a disastrous day for both the Iron and Steel battle team and the Iron and Steel College. The entire Iron and Steel College was dead silent.

But the battle must continue, and the Arbiters were not that vulnerable to be unable to continue fighting.

Their will was still steadfast, although the morale was low, and was fearless. If it was an actual battle, they would be fighting to the death, to say the least. The Arbiter team was the least fearful of death among all the SIG teams. However, this was virtual warfare and they were not staking their lives on the battle.

In fact, this sort of elementary school student's desperate attempt was useless against the Sea Queen battle team.

Without Atlas, the Sea Queen battle team won with ease with a score of three to zero, sweeping past the Iron and Steel battle team and advanced to the quarter-finals.

People were shocked by the control of the energy of the Mayans, lamented the insolence of Saruman Snake, and admired the perfect integration of the Sword s.h.i.+eld Rose. But when they saw the true uses of the runes of the Atlanteans, their brains could not comprehend what had happened and everything was blank.

It felt like a child showing off his lollipop and finally understood his childishness.

This was the true use of the Atlanteans' runes. The rigid use of the runes used by the Phantom King and the Specter King was meant for elementary students.

The Sea Queen won the seventh match.

The arena was still filled with silence; no applause, no cheers. As always, the Atlanteans saluted politely, and the reaction from the outside world could not affect them.

The more they behaved like this, the more the humans could feel their pettiness and vulgarity.

Always comparing, always feeling arrogant, and now looking at this. How pitiful they were,

w.a.n.g Zheng's eyes had always been golden. When Pabilsag started using the array of runes, his doubts were answered. The immense accomplishments that the Atlanteans had achieved in the spiritual power and the fact that they had created the runes could be felt from the amazing performance of the Phantom Kings, but he had always felt that something was missing.

He finally understood this now; they had been hiding the true practise of the runes.

This was probably the true essence of the Atlantis civilization, Earth's first civilization.


Unlike other people, who were terrorized, w.a.n.g Zheng's pupils radiated with excitement because he was equally interested in the runes!

"My day… the whole team couldn't be filled with all these psychopaths, right?" said Zhang Shan, with his mouth wide open. If this was true, the other teams should really pray hard to not encounter Sea Queen.

This was definitely not just Zhang Shan's thoughts alone, but Zhang Shan's were more candid.

Tempest of the Stellar War 1181 No Way Out!

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