Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 1381 - Queen Faner

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Chapter 1381: Queen Faner

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Of course, there were some people who were not convinced – they only knew how to fight in compet.i.tions. However, Haddis had asked the intelligence department to investigate. Honestly, after looking at w.a.n.g Zheng’s records, Haddis was taken aback. He was definitely a talent. Fortunately, he was still young and did not have much of a foundation. Getting rid of him now was the best time.

“Reporting for duty!”

“Enter.” Haddis flicked his cigar. Yang Fan walked in.

“General, Yang Fan is here to report.” Yang Fan was also very excited because partic.i.p.ating in this campaign would greatly help his future. Besides, he was a hardcore left activist of Sirius. The battle of t.i.ta was just the first battle to the rise of Sirius.

Haddis was checking out Yang Fan and nodded in satisfaction. Every country had invested greatly in nurturing their youths because they would determine the future.

“Yang Fan, is the mecha unit ready? Your team will be the vanguards and the first wave to land.”

“General, this is my utmost pleasure. The morale of the warriors is very high. We’re just waiting for the sound of the battle horn.” Yang Fan was suppressing the excitement in his heart. That’s right, everyone was raring to go. They wanted to pilot the mecha and gallop on the t.i.ta Star, killing anyone that stood in their way.

“Your emotions are very good. There will be opportunities for you to showcase your skills. There is something I wanted to check with you. You know w.a.n.g Zheng very well, right?”

Yang Fan was somewhat taken aback. “Yes, General.”

With regards to this person, he was at a loss for words. This was perhaps everyone’s nightmare. Strong, with no weakness, even to the point of making people feel hopeless.

“What’s your view of him? I hope it’s your most honest a.s.sessment,” said Haddis. Right now, his expression was very serious. He wanted to confirm his opinion with Yang Fan.

Yang Fan was silent for quite a while. Finally, with much difficulty, he uttered four words. “Not possible to defeat.”

“I’m sorry, General. Among the younger generation, in terms of one-to-one combat abilities, he’s the strongest.” Yang Fan could not help but admit to this fact. The battles at SIG had already proven this. There was absolutely no chance of luck.

“Keke. This fellow cla.s.smate of yours is on the t.i.ta Star now and is the obstacle to our current plan.”

“General, I’m willing to accept this mission!” said Yang Fan.

Haddis smiled slightly. “This is a war, not a battle. Your mission is to lead the vanguard and provide momentum for us. As for w.a.n.g Zheng, I’ve made other arrangements for someone else to take care of him.”

Just as he finished, four military men walked in. The stars of honor on their uniforms were very s.h.i.+ny too. This was the rank of lieutenant general. However, their uniforms were not the conventional ones, but those of super warriors.

This meant that these four were the top-level Earth-rank super warriors. For Sirius, this was a forbidden reserved force.

Yang Fan has heard of these four. To be exact, these four people were infamous in Sirius because they were well known for group attacks. A four person combination. Rumor had it that even Heaven-rank masters were wary of them when they were together.

Haddis had already made full preparations. Yang Fan was only there to confirm his suspicions. Was there a need to make such a big fuss? It would be best to show his hand as late as he could. But now it seemed like getting rid of w.a.n.g Zheng once and for all was necessary.

For such a super master, even Haddis had to maintain sufficient respect. In this era, super warriors were an independent system too. They received their orders directly from the country. Sirius was being cautious by activating them this time. This was to ensure that nothing would go wrong.

Yang Fan felt a tint of a strange taste in his mouth. In order to deal with w.a.n.g Zheng, Sirius had put in a lot of effort. Super warriors were like nuclear deterrence. The numbers and levels of the different countries were constant. They would not leave Sirius easily. Thinking back, w.a.n.g Zheng was merely an unknown junior back then and was struggling to stay at Elite Academy X. Now, he was the existence that he had to admire.

Composing himself, Yang Fan knew that he should not think too much. He should focus on the war. Sometimes, it was not a good thing to be overly outstanding. At least w.a.n.g Zheng was facing a death situation now, unless he was clever and would not appear. However, from his understanding of w.a.n.g Zheng, he probably could not hold back.

They were not quite acquaintances when they were at Elite Academy X. They could only be considered opponents. As soon as they left the academy, they each served their own masters. If they were to meet in the battlefield, Yang Fan would never show any mercy

Sirius already possessed a unique super alloy. If they could possess the super gravity energy ore, then Sirius would definitely soar!

Heroes were born out of troubled times. Yang Fan and countless warriors of Sirius were waiting to establish themselves.

A piece of good news was released: Princess Lin Huiyin was unharmed. To be exact, her double was the one who got abducted. Of course, the young princess had nonetheless suffered some fright and had been in the process of healing. Now that Aslan was in crisis, Lin Huiying had also stepped up.

The uncertainty surrounding Her Highness’ survival had been inhibiting Aslan. Never underestimate Lin Huiying’s influence. Although Aina was now the queen, Lin Huiying was second in line to the throne. In addition, she was the young princess that everyone wanted to take care of. It was unimaginable that she would be harmed. Although the press had blocked all news previously, there were still a lot of news. Now that everything was publicized, it had eased the worries of the people, completely cras.h.i.+ng Arbiter’s conspiracy!

Only the Arbiters would think of abducting the two princesses.

Aina’s a.n.a.lysis was very clear. It was not important how the people outside Aslan viewed this war, the most important thing was the views of the Aslan people. Everyone in Aslan had to be united as one; unity was strength.

This was the key to winning this war.

Lin Feng had returned after a humiliating defeat. They did not put him on the sidelines. Instead, he was demoted to a private. It was really a fall from grace, a rather pitiful one. The defeat in this war was understandable. The entire world was idolizing the new tactics by Ren Yixuan now; it was epoch-making. Death was a certainty for those who were confronted with these new tactics now, regardless of who it was. Theoretically, Lin Feng had been unlucky and had become his stepping stone. However, the failure of Aslan came with a price. Hence, Lin Feng had fallen from a general to a normal soldier.

Lin Feng needed to use his own life to regain the honor of the Lin family. He did not care for this. All he needed was an opportunity.

Aina had given him this opportunity. A warrior who wanted to avenge himself had the strength. However, she was going to suppress him somewhat. He had to understand that there would not be a second chance for him, and neither would there be one for Aslan.

Aina was really suited to be a queen. She was able to handle all matters that came her way meticulously and decisively, regardless of what they were. These were qualities that were required as a ruler.

Kashawen was right that Aina was born to be a queen. Once she was in the position, Aina would be greater than she was.

Although Kashawen was dead, from another aspect, she had succeeded because Aina had finally left w.a.n.g Zheng and chosen to take the throne – to sacrifice her life to protect the Aslan Empire.

When Aina said she had no husband, no children, only Aslan, she had completely captured the hearts of every citizen of Aslan. This was Aina’s determination. In the Aslan Empire, which possessed the highest qualities in the Milky Way Alliance, it was very clear what this meant. Thus, even though the current situation was not favorable, the Aslan Empire was very stable internally.

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 1381 - Queen Faner

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