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Chapter 1411: Image

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Knock, knock!

At this time, Pacquiao gently knocked on the table.

“Furion, I agree with your idea, but the time is not right. Maggie, please try to squeeze out more from the budget. I will give you the authority to release the third batch of war bonds. Sui En, as the head of the intelligence department, I hope that you will focus on t.i.ta. For the empire’s expansion, we need new blood. Lastly, Furion, I hope that you will focus on the Solar System front, and quickly take down the second battlefield. As for the Fairy Star’s resistance, leave it to Bhan. You can’t be too reckless in war; it is too dangerous to start a war on three fronts. My opinion is: when we destroy the Solar System’s ability to fight back, that is the time we strike the t.i.ta Star. Before that, we can use gunboat diplomacy to pressure them.”

The cabinet quietened down and Maggie nodded, satisfied. She felt that this approach was much better, as the economic strain would not be too much. As for the Fairy Star, Bhan was the slaughterer of the Darkness Empire. Sending him would initiate a deep cleansing of the Fairy Star. He would leave few descendants of the Fairy Star, to use them as puppets for the empire. Without pity, they would not be in that position.

The wealth they had acc.u.mulated was able to sustain the empire’s rapid expansion. There was only one Heaven-rank warrior on the t.i.ta Star, which was not a problem. The problem was the Solar System, but dealing with the Solar System first would allow them to focus all of their strength on wiping out the t.i.ta Star.

The foreign affairs department would evaluate the newly suggested transport routes after the meeting. There was nothing much, a tax of eighty percent would be imposed from pa.s.sing through the Fairy Star.

The agreement of the past? It was no longer useful. As the people changed, the rules would change as well.

Two days after, the t.i.ta Star received the news. It was about a series of changes. Other than the high tax rate, the Darkness Empire intended on being involved in the mining industry. This was overbearing.

Mu Sen did not agree. It was clear that these were not the Darkness Empire’s true intentions -0 they were merely testing the waters, and this had occurred twice. Mu Sen and the rest knew that strength was the most important thing, and after receiving intelligence reports, it did not matter if they accepted the conditions. After the Darkness Empire defeated the Solar System, they would invade the t.i.ta Star.

The t.i.ta Star was like a delicious cake. After Sirius left, there was the Darkness Empire.

However, the Darkness Empire did not have the same number of worries as the Sirius Star. the Fairy Star was now their colony, so they do not have anything else to worry about. With their alliance with the Maacah Republic, judging from the international situation, there were not many countries that could invade the Darkness Empire. Even if some countries were able to, it was not possible from their geographical location. Moreover, the Darkness Empire was the member of the Milky Way Alliance that cared the least about principles. The Darkness Empire was the only major country that did not agree to never use planetary level weapons. Hence, in the past few years, they received unfair treatment and unfavorable economic terms from other countries. However, the Darkness Empire persevered through. If the Sirius Star was said to be wolves, the Darkness Empire would be hyenas. Wolves had their pride and a bottom line, while hyenas gathered in packs and would devour even bones, not caring about their image, and with no bottom line.

On the Sirius Star battlefield, Ma.n.a.lasuo continued their invasion with high morale and defeated the Sirius Star’s ambush once again. The ambush this time was devious, using a super alloy planet as bait, completely giving up on defense, and gathering their strength in s.p.a.ce for an attack. However, this was seen through by Ma.n.a.lasuo, and they simply waited to catch Sirius off guard.

This battle was a heavy blow to Sirius. The main fleet suffered heavy losses, and they lost their most important alloy planet. Ma.n.a.lasuo was rapidly advancing on their path to dominance, and their reputation was sky high, felt by countries everywhere. The time for the rise of Ma.n.a.lasuo was coming.

Obviously, there was an important element in their rise, which was the Arbiter Republic and the Aslan Empire’s conflict.

On Aslan’s battlefield, Arbiter continued to increase its forces, while Aslan was continuously resupplying. The Arbiter Republic was doing the same though. For this battle, it seemed like Arbiter was using their full strength, and fate would be decided by this battle.

While they felt the rise of Ma.n.a.lasuo, they are no longer able to stop them. To be honest, if they used their greatest strength, the rewards they would reap would far outweigh that of Ma.n.a.lasuo and the Darkness Empire. While that may be true, they no longer had a choice – they could not stop.

There had to be a winner between Aslan and Arbiter.

The Arbiter Republic knows that Aslan was the main battlefield. If the Aslan Empire survived the second clash, it would be dangerous for Arbiter. While their supply lines were currently safe, they would not be safe forever, which could be seen from Sirius. Moreover, the Aslan Empire’s war capabilities were stronger than Arbiter’s. The second clash would be the deciding one, and Arbiter had to achieve victory. And true victory was to destroy Aslan’s fleet.

For this, the Arbiter Republic specially interacted with the Maya Empire. While the Maya Empire might be weak-willed, there was no retreat for them now. The Arbiter Republic had clearly told the Maya Empire that if they backed out now, they would be in a difficult position no matter who won. Now all that was left is to take down Aslan in one go. At the same time, Arbiter promised them great benefits, using both the carrot and the stick. The Mayans stopped thinking about backing out and added a fleet to the battlefield.

There was no luck in this battle, and the Aslan Empire knew this. They wanted to drag it out, but they might not be able to do so. There would be no retreat in the second clash, as both parties were planning to go all out. This battle was not just a fight for victory, but one that decided the future of both countries as well.

Lear had been waiting for Aina to “change her mind.” As the battle progressed, as Arbiter and Maya Empire increased their troops, preparing to go all out, Aina might give up, and he would attain better conditions. With the Aslan Empire’s rich resources and talents, he could build a new empire for humans, and Lear would be the man that changed mankind’s history.

However… reality left Lear in dismal. Not only had Aina not considered his suggestion, she was constantly on guard against him. Suddenly, Lear realized that birds of a feather flock together – both Aina and w.a.n.g Zheng were the same kind of fools, both stubborn and naive. He would like to see how Aslan would suffer in the end.

Lear did not plan on backstabbing them. It is not that he did not want to, but with his current situation, he needed a place to grow. And offending Aslan and Constantine was not a wise choice.

However, the current Aslan could no longer be in his consideration. Without his help, Aslan would not be able to fight Arbiter, so he needed a better place.

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 1411 - Image

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