Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 135

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Skeleton: WarG.o.d No. 1

Shadow of Atlantis: Shadow Executioner MK III (Special)

Boom! The players were loaded into the battlefield.

The two mecha entered the middle of the canyon.

Inside the canyon, there were occasionally flashes of electricity as well as sounds of jamming static. The opposing mecha were separated by a distance of 500 meters. There was only a single path in the canyon which didn't contain too many obstacles. Thus, both sides immediately knew each other's positions.

w.a.n.g Zheng advanced directly. The WarG.o.d No.1's long range attacks were too weak; the attacks of the laser guns had to be used within a hundred meters to be lethal.

Shadow Executioner MK III revved its engine and also advanced directly. Although the Shadow of Atlantis was strong, he was also cunning. Even with the built in aim a.s.sist, the Atlantis mech would still encounter difficulty in hitting Skeleton due to his movement. But then again, one would only feel real pleasure in close combat.

Given Shadow Executioner Mk III's mech advantage, overwhelming Skeleton was only a matter of time. After that, he would use the Atlantis ability, "Afterimage Kill," to close out the match. The Shadow Pope would be known through CT. If Skeleton wasn't well known, there would still be a way to limit his name, but now that Skeleton was well known, those who didn't like him would have to find him and settle their grievances themselves.

The distance between the two mecha closed quickly. Three hundred meters…two hundred meters…suddenly, the Shadow Executioner MK III fired! If the shot didn't hit, it would still suppress the enemy. It also allowed the Atlantean mech to probe and remember Skeleton's movement patterns.

"Mobile shooting, a type of shooting style meant to probe and suppress. However, Skeleton's movement patterns are inconsistent and erratic. This type of shooting does not pose a threat." Young Deer was professional in his explanation. In the blink of an eye, he could recognize the tricks both parties used.

"Yes, but the scary part about Shadow Executioner MK III is not its ranged attacks but rather the sudden strikes from its melee attacks, especially the Afterimage Kill, Atlantis' highly lethal ability. The WarG.o.d No. 1 is brittle, so Skeleton has to be careful," Bubbly Foam added. She was very experienced on the strengths of the Shadow Executioner Mk III. Bubbly Foam had a high amount of faith in Skeleton; however, Shadow of Atlantis was one of the most reputable in the "cheater" tier. His reputation was even more notorious than the King's, so it made people uneasy.

"We must believe in Skeleton! Whatever Afterimage Kill is, it'll definitely be useless when used against Skeleton."

Old Deer's trash-talking techniques became more sophisticated. This was raising Skeleton up high so that his fall would be greater.

The audience had good powers of observation, so the chat inside the channel was condemning him. There were voices supporting Young Deer, but most of the audience members were Skeleton supporters. Some were more rational, performing their a.n.a.lysis from a more

technical level. Some were worried that the chance of Skeleton's WarG.o.d No.1 winning was very low. The worst and most brittle WarG.o.d No. 1 was going up against the super mech Shadow Executioner Mk III. There were too many factors in play. Based on technical a.n.a.lysis, there were no shortcomings for the Atlantean mecha performance-wise, and the Shadow Executioner MK III had an endless stream of abilities.

"Although it's straightforward and blunt, the truth can often be cruel. Everyone has witnessed Swiss Army Knife's attack against the 'Afterimage Kill', but they still got blown up. That ability is impossible to defend against, and looking at the WarG.o.d No.1's defense, it's no different from having paper for armor."

The voices of the intellectuals in the channel occupied half of the chat.

The mecha were getting closer, one hundred meters!

The WarG.o.d No. 1 fired its laser gun.

"Skeleton's shots look good, could it be three shots three hits? But! Heh, heh! I'm fascinated at how the Atlantean skillfully adjusted his movement path. It is too captivating, and he used his movements much better than Skeleton."

Both of Young Deer's eyes lit up and became absorbed in the battle. Skeleton's shots had missed. Atlantean's mech corrections in CT were considered to be an invincible BUG. He might've actually just been toying with Skeleton.

After his three shots were dodged, w.a.n.g Zheng didn't shoot anymore.

The distance was closing in to fifty meters! The Shadow Executioner MK III belched out a stifled tongue of flame, its rhythm getting faster and faster.

"Quick and fluid shooting, the transition of its rhythm was smooth. It was almost the same level as the kings of CT. Skeleton is under a lot of pressure, it's difficult to dodge. On the other side, Shadow of Atlantis is feeling relaxed. His movements were fluid as flowing water, and they could only be described as – comfortable!"

Old Deer burst out laughing. It was just like getting a ma.s.sage. Would Skeleton be able to create a miracle this time? Haha! How could there be so many miracles? Once, twice, perhaps even thrice? Maybe it worked on the kings. but against a BUG tier player, would he finally meet his match?

Once the Shadow Executioner MK III got closer, the WarG.o.d No.1 would be doomed. Afterimage Kill was able to overpower Swiss Army Knife when used against him. What was a WarG.o.d No.1 compared to it?

"Getting closer!" Young Deer was totally absorbed in the battle.

The Shadow Executioner MK III suddenly increased its speed and got a hold of the WarG.o.d No. 1's flank. A flash and a laser sword slashed downwards in a cutting motion.

"Painstakingly met with force! What did I just witness? Atos's High Speed Stabbing! A burst of acceleration! This rhythm of battle is just over the top!! Even the professional league's top level players could not execute such a play! This is a visual feast of high-level skills, let us relish in it!" Old Deer shouted with glee as if he were Shadow of Atlantis himself.

"I really want to beat him up!"

"This Old Deer is impervious to criticism!"

"You wouldn't understand what is going on in Old Deer's head."

Young Deer completely disregarded these comments.

"Another freakish explosion happened! Meese's Angel Line Breaker! It is said that in the entire solar system, not more than ten people are able to use this ability! It is impossible to block this ability's polylines, as well as its arcs. How is Skeleton going to escape this? Oh, this is really a shame!"

"Oh….it looks like Skeleton's reactions were quick enough. He made a very 'exquisite' albeit slightly ugly movement, but at least he escaped with his life. But the Shadow Executioner MK III is just getting started. It gave another burst of acceleration and attacked repeatedly with Atos High Speed Stabbing, using it not once but twice! A high skill cap application of repeated Atos High Speed Stabbing! I am totally blown away, this is too wonderful!"

Channel 1 was filled with cries of surprise. F*ck, was this guy even human?! Under normal circ.u.mstances, people who were able to display such feats of ability were considered to be nearly G.o.ds of war. However, the Atlantis mech was indeed such an unbelievable BUG within CT. With just a short, clumsy movement, this feat was performed easily; it looked as if he was a warlord with a thousand years of battle experience.

Old Trash-talking Deer became very excited. This was it! It didn't matter if it was BUG, the end result would be final. And at this moment, his mood became vicious. He was going to unleash some toxic commentary.

"Oh, poor Skeleton. I believe he will only last another three more minutes at best, so let us start praying for him."

Young Deer's voice was also inside the channel. Come to think of it, it was because Young Deer was so insistent on Skeleton that he had more to say compared to the past. As a thoroughly vicious character, he had strangely attracted a large fan base.

But most of the channel comments were insults. "F*ck! This is shameless, too shameless! Have you no morals?" Shadow of Atlantis? More like Atlantis without Morals."

"What pride is there in using a BUG? If you're so good, then switch to another mech, you piece of tras.h.!.+"

"Oh, right, inside Shadow of Atlantis's self-introduction page, there was a part that said 'I didn't display to everyone my personality before, but now is the perfect time to share with everyone.'" Young Deer laughed. With the press of a finger, words appeared inside the channel.

"There will always be people who bark a lot at me to use other mecha if I have the ability. F*ck you, why would I want to change my mech? I was born with n.o.ble blood, unlike you commoners! If I'm given the ability to pilot the Atlantean mech, why wouldn't I? Do you really think that my brain is as stupid as you folks'? If you are so capable, then you should use it too! I don't mind at all, really. If you're not capable at all, then please don't bark. And if you do choose to bark, at least try to sound like it. Come, bark a few times for this lord to hear. Who knows, if I like your barking, I might even consider changing the mech. How does the Shadow Executioner MK IV sound? Hahaha, fools. You better start wors.h.i.+pping me, I am an invincible legend!"

Boom! There was an explosion in the channel. We've seen arrogance, but we've never seen such disgusting arrogance! Calling yourself invincible on top of using a BUG.

At this moment, the Skeleton Corps erupted. Voices overwhelmed the channel, saying, "Skeleton, destroy this dog of a person!"

"Skeleton Boss! Kill him! Let this Atlantis dog of mixed blood learn some proper manners!"

"Believe in Skeleton and you will live forever!"

There was shouting as well as radical anger. Young Deer had infuriated the followers of the Skeleton Corps.

Young Deer laughed even harder. He originally wanted to change his tactics in trash-talking Skeleton to give it a bit more depth and prolong the battle, but it seemed like this was no longer required. Good BUG of Shadow of Atlantis! "A nice slogan; it looks full of ideals but is actually empty in reality, just like a skeleton. Looks like within this short time, our Skeleton has become worse, which is a little disappointing. The Shadow Executioner MK III has not even used the Afterimage Kill, but it seems like Skeleton is already surrounded by perils. But I wish to see Skeleton counter-attack soon; he just can't keep receiving hits, it'll be too embarra.s.sing. "

This commentary had become a game for Old Deer, and he had completely lost it. Bubbly Foam held her tongue and clenched her fist. Although she was secretly supportive of Skeleton, when it came to bickering, Old Deer was absolutely invincible. But Bubbly Foam's serious att.i.tude excited the male audience.

"Skeleton, destroy the BUG for our G.o.ddess."

Rainbow roared, "Bubbly Foam is mine!"

The wolves growled, "Little Red Noob, you better scram. Protect yourself from Rainbow!"

Even heroes could not fight alone against a gang of wolves. Stop it, Rainbow! Continue howling, as long the G.o.ddess was his, nothing else mattered.

The Shadow Executioner MK III went all out and unleashed all of its abilities. In this huge battle, he had easily displayed with perfection all the mech's technologies with a successive chain of explosive abilities.

Super Disorientating Step, Hughe's Momentum Slash, Agatha's Swallow Counter-Attack. Anyone able to use such techniques would be considered an ace. At this moment, Shadow of Atlantis was using each of them in rapid succession. The audience could not believe what they were seeing.

However, the WarG.o.d No.1 displayed the same defensive skills seen in his previous lunar battle. Constantly staying on the defensive, resisting and blocking attack after attack .

"This so called Skeleton G.o.d is surrounded! Will he counter-attack already? You've already made me use a lot of force, little Skeleton friend!"

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 135

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