Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 151: Weightlessness

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Chapter 151: Weightlessness

Translator: Abyssruler Editor: Lucas

That efficient secretary of his had sent him a message. It was brief, but it demonstrated the importance of the situation.

Purple. This was a special situation that did not require immediate attention.

However, Ryan immediately chose to settle it immediately. In the Alliance, Aslan was a special existence, and it had priority in many areas, especially since Aslan was now fully supporting the Alliance and was contributing to the Milky Way Alliance.

He opened the channel, and three seconds later, Aslan's First Royal Housekeeper's calm expression appeared in front of Ryan's eyes.

The news that was pa.s.sed down to him caused Ryan to widen his eyes. "There is no other alternative. In order to show our respect towards the Princess, we will a.s.sist her in extending invitations throughout the Alliance."

Aslan's First Princess and the future Empress wanted to present awards to the Alliance's university students who had significant contributions in the sciences.

Aslan continued to demonstrate its affinity towards innovation and growth. It has to be said that Aslan was the empire that possessed the strongest military strength, and its current actions served to dazzle others. The previous time they had made a request regarding Earth… in the past, Aslan had despised the backwater Solar System and felt that it was just an insignificant place…

However, Ryan just couldn't understand the situation. The Alliance had so many activities going on, yet the Aslan Empire had set their sights on the University Students' Science Awards presentation? Three months from now was actually the Universe's n.o.bel Prize Presentation. Was that not a more suitable platform to demonstrate their might?

At this point, Ryan smacked his forehead. The Princess, Aina Aslan, was a student. The University Student's Science Awards was something that would be close to her as it celebrated individuals of her age! Furthermore, it would be able to expand her influence among peers of a similar age.

The Princess was being nice. He would have to personally handle this situation.

Aslan's Royal College.

In an independent training room, under the influence of 10 times gravity, two people were panting heavily as they exchanged blows. One of them, even though he was huffing heavily, still possessed a regal air. He was Aslan's rising star, the Sword Saint Aurora.

Confronting him was a person who was no less famous. Both of his hands were grasping onto a longsword that was as tall as a human yet was only two fingers wide. The sword gently swayed in front of him, much like a living creature, twisting and turning. If one looked closely, they would realize that on the blade of the sword, it consisted of numerous dragonscales that were joined together. It seemed as though the sword was flexible and would be able to magically twist and turn during a fight.

The person was none other than Sword Magician Oz.

He was a commoner but had also become one of the Empire's rising stars. He was strong and his name was known by many. The two of them were Aslan's twin rising stars of the younger generation.

"We will stop here for today." Oz suddenly sheathed his sword and spoke lazily.

Aurora's long sword drew an arc in a beautiful flourish before he placed it back in its sheath. His movements were like that of a beautifully painted work by an artist, graceful and artistic. It was a pity that in this gravity chamber, there was no one else other than Oz. If he was in public, his handsomeness coupled with his graceful actions that happened naturally would undoubtedly cause numerous girls to swoon over him.

Oz helplessly shook his head. "There is no need to tire ourselves out."

Aurora let out a slight smile. "n.o.bles have to always act the part."

"n.o.bles? Psh. When have we ever been serious? If you win, you have the right to woo the princess. Otherwise, you should scram!" said Oz.

"More importantly, how could such a n.o.ble and holy thing be treated so nonchalantly?"

"You b*tch, can you hurry up and tell me? What happened?" Oz was infuriated by this chap.

The distance between the two's social statuses was large, but they were very good friends. This was something that the people around them could never understand why.

"Firstly, our duel has to gain the recognition of the princess, especially our promise to each other. Furthermore, it has to be in public. We need to invite a respectable referee. Ah. Where are you going… I haven't finished speaking! This is very rude.."

Aurora had not finished speaking, but Oz had already walked off. That brat Aurora was quite easy to get along with when he was silent. However, once he started talking, it made people so furious that they would like to kick his face in viciously!

Of course, that train of thought would only come from the Sword Magician Oz.

w.a.n.g Zheng and the rest had no break at all. When one round of training ended, they were marched off for another day of training. At the end, other than a few who had managed to stay alert, the rest were relying on their willpower to stay awake. Even then, 15 people had collapsed. However, these individuals were not eliminated. Eliminating such warriors would just be too cruel.

After another day of training had ended, no one even had any energy left in them to eat. All of them fell asleep in a couple of moments.

Some things could just not be hidden. Until the end, only Achilles, Lear, Lie Xin, Taros, and Raston were able to remain in a decent state. Of course, there was now the addition of w.a.n.g Zheng.

Such training was considered child's play. To be frank, although the training wasn't light, in actual fact, w.a.n.g Zheng ought to have felt quite tired. However, instead, he actually felt quite comfortable. This was because whenever his body felt tired, he could feel an influx of warm energy entering his body. Although it was weak, it was able to reduce his fatigue. w.a.n.g Zheng's first thought was that he was… photosynthesizing…?

Could it be he had become a tree??

Of course, that was a joke. This was the strength of the Primordial Regression Technique. This was what allowed one to become a super soldier. Bonehead was not exaggerating. w.a.n.g Zheng was keenly awaiting the Primordial Regression Technique's second stage.

After a week, the second phase of training had ended. Su Yan felt quite emotional. This group of partic.i.p.ants had been the most monstrous batch yet. Regardless of the training, they had been able to handle it and would rather faint than withdraw.

Lear, Achilles, and Lie Xin had demonstrated their capabilities as captains. Raston and Taros were not bad, but as they had experienced too much and were in different positions, the two of them lacked something inside their bones. On the other hand, that w.a.n.g Zheng was a completely different thing altogether. Although his qualifications were no different from the average partic.i.p.ant and he lacked leaders.h.i.+p ability, he was extremely tough and he could handle even the toughest training and after that could still eat and sleep as per normal.

It was like he was a simple-minded but physically well-developed fool.

In comparison, after struggling as best he could, Zhang Shan had fainted a total of six times during the second phase of training… this could also have been considered to have been a new record. However, this person still persisted to the end. Although he was physically the weakest, his spirit was commendable, hence he was not eliminated. Furthermore, a soldier with strong willpower was extremely important. Seen in another way, his existence would motivate the others. Yet willpower could only bring one so far. During the third phase of training, he would most likely be unable to prevent himself from being eliminated.

On the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.

In the end, there were only 66 partic.i.p.ants left. Half of them had already been eliminated. They looked towards Demon Island with a tinge of nostalgia. This experience had branded them indelibly. It could be considered a form of transformation, even including those who had been eliminated. All of them had reached a new level.

Those who had to leave had left. Those who remained would continue.

The second phase was truly h.e.l.l. No one could imagine what the third phase would be like.

From the two phases of training, it could be seen that the group from the Moon was just too strong. The unbeatable Achilles with his Eight Stars were unquestionably strong. Currently, no one was on their level. This was also a tradition of the Moon. They had decided upon their captain early on and they often showed absolute power. However, these individuals from the Moon were gloomy because Atos had been eliminated. According to what Atos had said, it was likely that Taros was the one who had acted. On the other hand, Taros did not say anything to agree or disagree with that fact.

On Earth's side, Lear performed quite satisfactorily. It could be seen that he was quite strong. However, he did not seem very compet.i.tive, and there were even hints that he was trying to keep a low profile. Despite that, that Fatty Luo Fei's true colors had shown and attention was s.h.i.+ned upon him. Lear definitely possessed a good sense of judgment. That Fatty had performed too shockingly during the second phase, other than the fact that he liked to complain.

Additionally, Earth possessed quite a few decent people. w.a.n.g Zheng, Meng Tian, Zhang Runan. It was a pity that the Earthlings were too factional. Their relations.h.i.+p with Lear was ordinary, and they even treated w.a.n.g Zheng as a leader…

Yet Su Yan was clear that such actions were impossible.

Looking at the current situation, Achilles had no problem seizing the number one position. Furthermore, as a person from the Moon, Su Yan was very concerned about him.

"Everyone, I would firstly like to congratulate you for completing the second phase of training. You have taken yet another step on this long and winding road. The third phase is also the last phase of training. It is s.p.a.ce training."

Su Yan smiled. No one seemed very surprised. This was something that had to be experienced.

To be a warrior in the age of s.p.a.ce exploration, being accustomed to s.p.a.ce was a foundational ability.

"Those of you sitting here might have experienced some form of training, or perhaps this might be your first time for some of you. Regardless, all of you need to adapt quickly. Falling short at the last step would be a pity."

After spending a period of time with him, everyone knew that Su Yan was a smiling tiger. Although he seemed warm and approachable, he was definitely one who was merciless.

"Sir, this is not really fair. Could we not give those who are here for the first time a bit more time?" Zhang Shan asked.

Being used to s.p.a.ce was something normal to the people of the Moon, the Republic of Caragal, Hades Republic, and the sort. Some of them might have even experienced s.p.a.ce in primary school. However, for the people of Earth and Mars, it was not the case. They were mostly like Zhang Shan, they had never had any training in this aspect. As a result, Zhang Shan could only clench his teeth and steel his resolve to ask a question like this. He did not want to fall at this last step.

"Keke, Zhang Shan. This world has never been fair. If you don't want to be eliminated, you need to work harder."

When it came to this aspect, Su Yan did not like to scold his students, he would always patiently explain himself. However, this time, it was as good as not saying anything.

The s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p arrived at a s.p.a.ceport near the Moon. This would be the training location of the third phase.

"This place is specially designed to train for s.p.a.ce warfare. Get ready. You will undergo a basic test."

From their expressions, it looked as though it was not the first time Lear and the rest had been here.

Were they just going to experience a weightless environment?

With the standard of IG, it would definitely not be so simple to merely be able to maintain one's balance and to move effectively in zero gravity. These were not a big deal for those who were extremely athletic.

When the training shuttle's doors opened, what appeared in front of the partic.i.p.ants was a giant, sphere-shaped s.p.a.ce. Inside were numerous stars that simulated the sky.

What was this all about?

Su Yan looked at the partic.i.p.ants. "The test is simple. All of you will go in. Once you have entered, the door will close. The entire s.p.a.ce will rotate and you have to find the exit. Whoever finds the exit will have pa.s.sed and the sphere will rotate again.

The partic.i.p.ants then entered the weightless area. For people like w.a.n.g Zheng and Zhang Shan, it was their first time experiencing this. Once they entered, they felt strange. It felt as though their minds were buzzing and as though their brains were going to fly out of their heads!

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 151: Weightlessness

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