Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 293

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Chapter 293: Winning Hearts

Everyone quieted down and looked at Lie Xin. They were told earlier that the Martian training would be h.e.l.lish, way tougher than the previous sessions. But looking at their environment now, they felt too comfortable.

"I've managed to ask for some welfare benefits. We still have half a day to let loose and relax before training starts again. The lake here is said to be the cleanest of all the Solar System, and its water can be directly consumed. Does everybody want to go for a swim?"

Lie Guang smiled and added, "It's a hint. The first training phase will have something to do with the water."

A short moment of silence later, roar! Everybody broke into cheers.

The training pace had been way too intense for the past few days. It would be nice to relax. This was a sentiment that was shared by everybody regardless of abilities or nationality. Moreover, Lie Guang had given a clear hint: the next stage of training was battling on water. It was necessary for them to recover their long forsaken senses in the water.

"Boss? Should we...?"

Masasi looked at Achilles. The Martians were way too direct. Lie Xin was obviously trying to win the people's hearts.

Achilles gave a faint smile and said, "Not everyone gets a chance to swim in Lake Ithanlis. Everybody should relax. I've been too hard before. I know what to do from here on."

Others had all thought that the defeat on the Moon was a huge blow to Achilles.

But in reality... it awakened the lion who had been soundly asleep in him. He hadn't taken action when necessary, which led to mistake after mistake. That was because he didn't want to tip the balance given his overpowering capabilities. Now that Lear's scheme was out in the open, there was nothing to be afraid of.

n.o.body could ever resist Lake Ithanlis' invitation, especially with its Golden Beach. The snow white sand was fine and soft. Standing on it and having the warm sand covering the feet felt like a gentle, gentle ma.s.sage.

Basking in the sun and enjoying the fresh air far from the city and from crowds was like living in paradise.

w.a.n.g Zheng was very relaxed. He put on the military designed training trunks and lied down on the pristine sand half-naked, enjoying the heat from the sun. The Primordial Regression Technique automatically kicked into play inside him. That feeling was so comfortable, so much like paradise. His relaxed mind emptied, but then very quickly, it became filled with Aina's pretty smile. He couldn't help it but feel silly and full of happiness.

Zhang Shan was able to find amus.e.m.e.nt in his own way too. Swimming was not important. Pretty girls were. Hot d.a.m.n! Lie Xin had the figure of a devil!

That tiny waist! Those long legs! And what a cute b.u.m! Matched with that s.e.xy smile... f*ck. Zhang Shan felt something stirring within him. Dammit! How embarra.s.sing!

Zhang Shan was too embarra.s.sed to keep looking, but Lie Xin had made her way towards him. The short distance between them made the feeling grow even stronger. Lie Xin looked at Zhang Shan's covered lower half and smiled. "I never knew you were so capable down there."

Zhang Shan belonged to the type that couldn't be provoked. The stronger the push, the stronger he felt. He stylishly removed the towel and said, "The same goes to you. I used to think that Mars was quite desolate, but it seems like this is paradise. Especially in terms of Martian ladies."

Zhang Shan openly admired Lie Xin's figure. What a bomb! Those b.r.e.a.s.t.s, that tall b.u.t.t, and iconic Martian long, beautiful legs. Even her feet looked supple, tempting him every bit of the way. Only Lie Xin could wear that red hot two-piece swimsuit and emit an air of queenly elegance. A blazing beauty.

"Your personality is very well-suited for Mars. Consider joining me. No need to talk about other things. I've got quite a few girlfriends who are hotter and s.e.xier than me. They admire gifted students from Earth very much," Lie Xin said in a raspy voice, licking her lower lip. Extremely attractive.

"Hah. If w.a.n.g Zheng agrees, I'm in. But I think you should consider joining us instead. w.a.n.g Zheng is soft-hearted when it comes to girls," Zhang Shan retorted.

Lie Xin smiled and didn't take things to heart. It was important that Mars and Earth had a good relations.h.i.+p. It could come into play in any unforeseen circ.u.mstances.

"No matter who wins, when training is over and you want to get to know beautiful girls, you can come to me. We're comrades-in-arms anyway." Lie Xin chuckled. She would definitely be selected, and Zhang Shan had already been selected. The two of them were bound to go to Aslan. Saying they were comrades-in-arms was not wrong.

Zhang Shan retreated back to w.a.n.g Zheng's side and lied flat on the sand. "I'm thinking... should I get a Martian girlfriend? I heard girls from Mars are open-minded to that sort of thing, and I'm good at..." Zhang Shan said, looking at w.a.n.g Zheng's lower half.

He was stumped. "What the heck did you put in there? No need to put on such a show."

w.a.n.g Zheng was between laughter and tears. "It's such a nice and sunny day. Can you not ruin it with your dirty mind?"

"My brother, you've got to live life while you can! There are beautiful girls out here and you won't even look! I really don't understand you."

w.a.n.g Zheng blinked a couple of times. The Lie Xin today indeed gave people urges. But w.a.n.g Zheng obviously saw things differently. Of course he enjoyed looking at beauties, but he only ever desired for Aina. Maybe it was a difference in their personalities. For instance, Yan Xiaosu was a flirt. An Mei should keep a closer eye on him...

Lie Xin had sworn to win the vote on Mars and so to w.a.n.g Zheng, her charm was full of aggression.

But even so, she was still beautiful.

Just then, wearing a blue-coloured one-piece swimsuit, Meng Tian walked over. She did not ask Lie Xin for swimwear, but Lie Xin had specially prepared it. No one knew how Lie Xin had managed to convince her to put it on. It was as if ice had met with fire. G.o.d knows if anything had happened in the changing rooms. Anyhow, when Meng Tian came out, she was blus.h.i.+ng...

Meng Tian glanced at w.a.n.g Zheng as if there was something on her mind, and then, without a word, she walked towards the lake.

w.a.n.g Zheng watched Meng Tian's silhouette. The curves were dreamy, and her legs were fair and supple. Any larger would be too much, and any thinner would make them too skinny. Compared to Lie Xin's to Lie Xin's hotness, Meng Tian's beautiful legs made people feel serene, comfortable, and gave them a wish to protect her. That was the Earthly beauty. One made others want to dominate and violate, the other made people want to embrace and love.

Beautiful girls were indeed a G.o.d-send. They were the most beautiful scenes. To think they had such benefits during training! After admiring for some time, w.a.n.g Zheng turned around to see Zhang Runan in her casual wear, walking over with a canvas and an easel in her hands.

Everybody had guessed that Zhang Runan would never go for a swim. Her muscles were tougher than most of the boys here. It would have been fine if she had a boorish personality, but she happened to be one who was sensitive. Regardless, Manly Sister Nan was a prominent figure on the team, so n.o.body dared to tease her.

Zhang Runan set up her canvas on the easel and carefully arranged her painting materials. She dipped the paintbrush with color and started painting on the canvas. A few strokes later, Zhang Runan stopped and looked at w.a.n.g Zheng and Zhang Shan. "Is it nice?"

"You're done painting?" Zhang Shan stared at the canvas. It looked like a bunch of colors being mashed together.

w.a.n.g Zheng smiled. It was clear that Zhang Runan was not asking about her drawing. Neither was she talking about Lie Xin alone. "Both are great. They each have outstanding qualities."

Yuan Ye came up to Zhang Runan's side. Such a tough woman who could paint! To Yuan Ye, she was elegant, cla.s.sy, and primed. He admired her thoroughly. She could fight and make art, simply his ideal, perfect type.

Zhang Runan painted in silence. Yuan Ye watched her quietly. It was peaceful. At least Zhang Runan didn't chide him anymore.

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 293

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