Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 834 - Thriving Ambition

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Chapter 834: Thriving Ambition

Translator: Abyssruler Editor: Lucas

The atmosphere was one thing outside Elite Academy, and another thing within the school. This qualification was taken very seriously by some and not so much by others. The eight Battle Teams had also completely pa.s.sed over some strong countries. The students had not minded much at first, but this public announcement changed things, and each suddenly felt a sense of debt to their own country.

They must enter!

It was too late this time round, but the next iteration must be fought for. Otherwise, for what reason did the country send them here?

To muddle along and wait for death?!

This was the chance to earn glory for the nation. n.o.body could back down!

Those students from countries like the Versailles Empire were suddenly given a rude awakening. The consequences of not evolving was this. After this battle had been publicly announced, questions started to arise. Wasn’t so and so country very strong? Why had n.o.body qualified? And not even a single person in the Battle Team?

It had always been the case that those from the same place would hold commanding power, but not everybody was Aslan, or Arbiter, or Ma.n.a.lasuo. The consequences of being too resigned was thus. On the other hand, while the Solar System might be weak, but its flexibility was the strongest. Seeing the current rankings, Lear’s Dynasty Battle Team was actually seeded as 3rd. The others could not brag any more.

Of course, entering a Battle Team was not enough. Clearly, they were of a certain standard. But at the same time, one’s strengths and weaknesses would be displayed to the world. If one performed poorly, then the consequences would be severe. There was a saying that it was better to nurse one’s flaws than to show them.

This time round, it seemed like Elite Academy was making a big gamble.

All kinds of situations and responses had been relayed back to the Battle Teams. The countries had sent forth their aspirations and support in contesting for the label of Greatest King.

Although this was just a false name, but such encouragement was very important to the various national military schools. Military people needed a sense of honor in order to fight well for their country.

Of course, once these Battle Teams had been confirmed, Lear’s Dynasty Battle Team and w.a.n.g Zheng’s Saruman Snake Battle Team had received the most attention. two Earthlings?

Was Elite Academy joking? Was this some kind of government conspiracy?

Who didn’t know of Earth’s standard? That was enough to be the leader?

Why had countries like Versailles Empire and the Maacah Republic not made it?

If these two Battle Teams did not perform well, tongues would be wagging before the results were even released.

Even before the compet.i.tion started, the debate was already intense outside. Antic.i.p.ation, doubt, and uneasiness…

But within the school, each of the Battle Teams had entered a secret phase of preparation. Even a fool would know that this was a one-way road. Of course, honor could be earned, but if one did not perform well, especially due to a lack of ability, then it would be disgracing oneself in front of the whole world.

Even those as confident as Arbiter had gotten serious. In truth, the Arbiters were conceited, but their battle power was truly terrifying, especially after a loss. They would not make the same mistake twice. Olivios was as calm as he was young, and open minded. Not to mention there was still a cunning old fox Marzu sitting tight behind.

Cla.s.ses still continued as per normal, and compet.i.tion training was after cla.s.s. The first battle would commence next weekend, and the match-ups had been released.

Dynasty Battle Team vs Star Lya Battle Team

Falcon Battle Team vs Asura Battle Team

Saruman Snake Battle Team vs Icefire Battle Team

Imperial Glory Battle Team vs Dark Wolves Battle Team

Two matches on Sat.u.r.day, and two on Sunday. The entire school had become excited. This was clearly more popular than the elite matches held previously. Individual compet.i.tions were full of posers. Although it could show a person’s true ability, but it was too lacking in other aspects. There were no tactics involved. The warfare of today revolved around small Battle Team fights, and individual ability did not count for much, unless you wanted to become an a.s.sa.s.sin or killer, and lived the risky life.

Once the line ups had been released, Saruman Snake Battle Team immediately began collecting intelligence on the Icefire Battle Team. As the coach, Ai Xiaolu was very professional.

“Icefire Battle Team revolves around Jian Zihao as their nucleus. I’ve researched this guy previously. When he first entered the school, he had the moniker of Crazy Worm. He’s the most frenzied attacker among the Astina people. His battle style is vigorous and flamboyant, and prefers to set the pace and morale. He has an affinity for fighter types. His mecha control borders on G.o.dlike. B rank Ability X that is without question. But in these two years, he has done all kinds of training and missions in the school, so prior data is not enough.”

Ai Xiaolu said. The responsibility of a coach was heavy, managing all other aspects as well as intelligence. Eisen was tagging along with Ai Xiaolu. Actually to Eisen, he was just grinding along at the lowest level in the school. He had not thought that he would be where he was today. Although he was just a reserve member in the Saruman Snake Battle Team, but he had also received a commendation from the Earthworm Alliance. His alma mater had basked in the glory as well. This had indeed surprised Eisen, and at the same time compelled him to work harder.

“Rulf and Curter are counted as seniors. This ground is more familiar. Both are rather low profile in personality, but in terms of ability they’re excellent samples of the Hail Cloud Alliance. They are much stronger than Reddington. Cla.s.sic Frost Ability X, with a high level of mastery. Low grade B rank. As for the San Brothers, they are both influential guys on Astina, and the foundation of Astina when Jian Zihao is not around. Their individual standards can only be considered as good, but when the two brothers combine, they’re unstoppable. Inferno ability, and at the same time they probably have some telepathic powers that keep them constantly in communication. If you’re talking about Battle Teamwork affinity, n.o.body can compare to these brothers. As for Ling Luoyu, she’s a late addition. Roland Garros’ failure this time round must be disheartening.”

Ai Xiaolu smiled. Roland Garros bragged of itself as a world of elites. But in truth, such a place that depended on immigration to gather elites was not a military power. Besides, the number of disciples was too few. All in all, although the average standard of Roland Garros’ citizens was high, but they had no peak or base.

It should have been Ai Xiaolu’s departure that had led to Ling Luoyu’s addition. Ling Luoyu’s ability was still there, and it was rumored that Mo Ling was the reserve. Ai Xiaolu and Snow Li’s absence was the perfect opportunity for them to step up.

Icefire Battle Team’s response was quick as well. Absorbing Ling Luoyu and Mo Ling would grant them good relations and the support of Roland Garros. A guy like Jian Zihao seemed like he did things flamboyantly, but in truth he handled them rather composedly.

What followed was some data projections regarding Icefire Battle Team. Some were individual battle footage, and some were Battle Team battle footage. But the reference value was too low. After the Battle Team had formed, many aspects had undergone changes. As for the time they had to gel together, it was neither particularly long or short. Given their ability, it should not be much of a problem.

“This data is just for reference. We need at least one match to know their true ability. Under such situations, controlling one’s own tempo is the most important thing!” Ai Xiaolu concluded.

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 834 - Thriving Ambition

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