Tempest of the Stellar War 840 What Is Going On?

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Fatty was really playing with fire as well. The first time the Paralyzing Bind hit he had almost botched it. But the magnetic energy source had kicked in at the last moment to pull him away. He was sprawled on the ground, but by the time Edgar arrived, Fatty had scurried away like a rabbit. How Edgar had hoped, on this stage, to meet a worthy opponent.

The frantically escaping fatty suddenly disappeared, and Edgar's sense of danger tingled.


Fatty's stealth was an interfering ability. It was targeted. After their numerous exchanges, Edgar had already fallen into the trap, although he was still oblivious. In fact, Fatty had not even changed course, but Edgar's judgement was already blurred. He was distracted by things outside of battle.


Edgar instantly felt something was off. Suddenly, Wind G.o.d's t.i.tanium blade had pierced through him.


After an explosion, the compet.i.tion had already entered a decisive phase. Star Lya team's scout had fallen.

Everyone was stunned. Who would have thought that the fatty who was constantly being walloped would destroy his opponent in one swift counter? The other fights were still in the process of resolution.

But once one line collapsed, the advantage quickly built. And this advantage was built on the scout, which had the strongest mobility.

Far away in the Solar System, the various schools' students let out wild whoops. From a suspense so thick they could barely breathe, to an explosive cheer. They were swept up by the sheer power.

And Death's Eye school was instantly silent. They did not know what ability the opponent had used to make Senior Edgar unable to respond. What kind of binding ability was this?

Pampas acted decisively. "Regroup!"

Star Lya team displayed good battle order, beginning to extricate themselves from combat. The formation began to appear. While they still had some numbers, they had to stick close. It was clear that n.o.body was confident of finis.h.i.+ng off their counterpart readily. And the opponent's scout could freely attack.

The position of scout was just too important.

Lear wanted to stop them, but was again blocked by Pampas' G.o.dlike ability directly. Lear could only grit his teeth in anger and helplessness.

Star Lya team's formation was still a.s.sembling. If such a juicy opportunity was left uncapitalized upon, it would not be Lear in charge.

"Subaru, get them!"

Subaru was long waiting for this order. The closer Maya's Mantis was, the greater its power. At this distance, the Perish Song could give the opponents a sound beating.

Maya's Mantis raised a special rod. Suddenly, Star Lya team's remaining 4 mechas were shrouded in energy waves.

Many people were seeing Maya's Mantis for the first time. They had no idea what the emitting light entailed.

"G.o.d, it's Maya's Mantis. G.o.d, someone actually used it in actual battle!" Yao Ailun could not resist exclaiming. "Maya's Mantis is the Mayans' super mecha. The user controls the ability, and it can scramble and breakdown the energy within the enemies' bodies, as long as they're within the attack radius. It can't be avoided."

"Doesn't that mean they're sitting ducks?" Chen Xiu asked, mouth agape.

"If they use their energy s.h.i.+elds, they're doomed for sure. If they don't, then the mecha is completely exposed before the opponents. And in that case, then the mecha pilot will sustain the damage. This is something that ordinary people cannot endure." The professional Ailun was excited. He had never thought to be able to witness the Mayans' ultimate move.

"No way to dodge?"

"No way to dodge. At least, presently it's unbeatable!"

Who would have thought that the mighty Star Lya team would actually be in a hopeless situation? If they banished their energy s.h.i.+elds, they would have to face the merciless attack of Lear and the rest. If they did not, it was guaranteed defeat for them.

Pampas, what was his choice?

The entire Star Lya team did not banish their energy s.h.i.+elds!

Did they doubt the Mayans' skills? Or had they already given up???

Far away in the Solar System, when they saw this, everybody celebrated. Victory was right before their eyes., Especially Zeus College, which had entered an exultant mood. Lear's existence was like a G.o.d in Zeus College. He made the impossible possible, and brought new life and glory to the Solar System!

Yet, the entire Star Lya team seemed very composed. Their calm gave one the chills.

At this time, Azure Dragon King Pampas made his move. As one of the top 4 of his time, Pampas' reputation had been s.n.a.t.c.hed at by many newcomers. Besides, he was never the strongest individual among the top 4.

But amongst the top 4, Pampas' team ability was the strongest.

Under Wrath of Heaven's leaders.h.i.+p, all of them faced the wall… and charged…

Were they trying to break through it?

Were they trying to suicide???

But a miraculous scene unfolded. A hole appeared on one of the walls, and all of the mechas went through it. Ya Tiannan's Bellow mech let loose with a wild roar, and directly hurled Kexi's mech out.

Maya's Mantis' position was special. Because this attack needed time to gather energy, so safety was the most important.

But in an instant, Lion's Roar mecha was in front of it. Kexi smiled coldly. "Go to h.e.l.l!"

Peng Wu sensed danger, and Fortress mecha instantly closed. Besides, his positioning was very good. Clearly, he intended to protect Maya's Mantis, but he was after all a heavy tank. Who would have thought that Pampas' ability X would get them so far?

It shot wildly. At this moment, Maya's Mantis' energies were completely focused on the Perish Song. It was defeated without offering much resistance.

Dynasty team's strongest barrier had been broken. At the same time, Star Lya team's members had, through this mystical power, completely turned their disadvantage to an advantage.

The most fatal was Peng Wu's position. He had no time to retreat, and Pampas had already descended from above. His ability X was not a direct attack, but to command people during battle. He could create a battlefield with no blind spots!

The team defender had already become a fish in the net.

Peng Wu's energy s.h.i.+eld was fully activated. What was most precious now was time. He fought for every second.

The energy s.h.i.+eld quickly weakened while the other members were in full pursuit. But the most important thing on the battlefield was time.


Fortress exploded. In an instant, the situation was reversed.

This tactic, this sense, this reactiveness. This was the Star Lya team led by the Azure Dragon King Pampas.

Completely opposite from the sudden freezing over at the Solar System, the Lya Sphinx and Gemini students exploded into cheers. The battle had suddenly turned. Defeat the rag-tag team!

Pampas smiled slightly as well. Dynasty team was overconfident. But his smile suddenly froze, because… Fatty had arrived.

Fatty again.

Wind G.o.d's maneuverability was undoubtedly fast. With multiple movements, he sneaked up on Pampas' side.

His stealth was not actually a full vanis.h.i.+ng, but rather an interference with the mental capacity of the pilot. Fatty's target was Pampas, and the other members naturally thought he was being suicidal. When they reacted, it was already too late.

The t.i.tanium blade cleaved down. Weakening!

Fatty also knew that this was a risky move. His ability X surged forward.

A hit!

This blow had connected with Pampas!

Tempest of the Stellar War 840 What Is Going On?

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