Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 844 - So Strong He Has No Friends!

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Chapter 844: So Strong He Has No Friends!

Translator: Abyssruler Editor: Lucas

n.o.body understood Dendi’s situation well. After all, he had been lying low for two years plus, and what was known of his previous ability was not enough of a reference. All they knew was that Dendi’s Ability X was of the Wind type.

As for the other four matchups, although the mood was fiery and intense, but at the same time prudent. n.o.body wanted the line to crumble on their point. The only one that was going all out was the Gold Wheel and Slayer. But precisely because they were going all out, their fight was actually “safe”, simply waiting on the opponent’s mistake. Gold Wheel drew the distance beautifully, but this was not something that could be settled in a matter of minutes.

The two tanks had really lit up now.

Punis.h.i.+ng charges with no frills. It felt like they were gradually reaching the stage where they held nothing back.

Arbiters’ tank and Mala’s tank were the same. The would die rather than back down.

The same pride, the same confidence. Beo and Roybad were both there.

Another violent collision. Both were using their strength type Ability X to the limit. The sound was ear-splitting. Both mecha were shaking with the impact. It had to be said that the mecha were made out of great quality. If it had been a lighter mecha, such impacts would have already wrecked it by now.

At this time, violent fights revealed the gap in ability. Beo recovered just a tad faster than Roybad. His beam saber in hand, he cut cruelly towards Roybad’s Dragon Scale mech. Roybad’s recovery rate was slower by just a touch. But he was already too late to unsheathe his own beam saber. He could only grit his teeth and take it the blow on the right shoulder. His arm was sliced off.

The decisive battle this time round was determined by the tanks. Beo bellowed, “Long live Arbiter!”

How could one arm hope to stop him? He would cut the other arm in half!


Everybody was staring at Beo’s Ox Demon mecha, but the beam saber instead contacted with a layer of energy s.h.i.+eld…

Roybad had activated an energy s.h.i.+eld?

Not possible. Under such heavy fighting it would have been impossible. This was… Ability X?

Olivios felt that something was off. Because although Dendi had made an attacking pose, the mecha vanished.

In the next instant, Dragon G.o.d mecha appeared by Roybad’s side. That layer of energy s.h.i.+eld had shattered, but Dendi’s beam saber blocked Beo. As easy as batting an eyelid, Beo’s Ox Demon mech had already been pierced through. Roybad was not at all surprised. He immediately pulled his mecha up. At the same time, the entire Eagle Battle Team began to close ranks, with Roybad leading the charge.

The entire arena was silent. What had just happened?

Dendi’s mech had suddenly vanished, suddenly reappearing by Roybad’s side in less than 3 seconds. He had activated a wind s.h.i.+eld for Roybad, and at the same time finished off the opponent.

That control, that ability…

Zhang Shan was watching, eyes wide. Without a question, this was s.p.a.ce Ability X. But it was different from his. This was a fixed position translocation s.p.a.ce ability. The distance was far, but perhaps it needed some other medium.

But this ability was really game-changing!

Seeing this, only Jian Zihao of Ice and Fire and Dark Wolf’s Yang Pan were unfazed. They were rivals for a time, and they had some sense of his abilities and improvements.

Against the Eagle Battle Team led by Dendi, one must always be prepared to fight a 1v2 situation.

The situation had changed. At this time, the Eagle Battle Team immediately took up a cohesive fighting stance, and began to advance directly.

If Asura Battle Team did not engage them head on, they would not bother them either. They headed straight for the opponents’ energy towers. From their speed and ability, they would definitely be a step ahead. If Olivios decided to fight them, it would be 4v5.

Especially since Eagle still had a super durable tank.

What would Olivios choose to do?

Everyone was looking over at the Arbiter side. The Arbiter students present were emotionless, as though nothing could happen that would shake their confidence.

Far away, in the various military schools on Arbiter, the mood was calm as well. Win or lose, such iron discipline left people tongue-tied.

Ma.n.a.lasuo’s side was filled with ceaseless cheers. This was a big advantage, and Dendi’s command had been sublime. If they had a scout advantage, then it would still be a clash. But with an extra tank, this would be a rout.


To Olivios, there was no such word as a problem in his dictionary.

Arbiter rout? Truly, Arbiters did not know what fear meant.

On stage, Marzu was also expressionless, without the slightest trace of panic.

Everyone was waiting for Arbiter to become the joke. The big tree that defied the wind. Everyone wanted to see their brash att.i.tude snubbed.

To be so crazy as to decline partic.i.p.ating despite Marzu being the main force. He really underestimated Dendi.

The formation rushed forward, with the Overlord mech as point. Olivios’ decision was clear. He would take point, and scatter the opponent.

But the problem was, he had used this move before, and Lear’s Battle Team had directly targeted him.

Now against Dendi’s Eagle Battle Team, one had to know that Dendi’s Ability X was definitely stronger than Lear’s.

A pity that Olivios never gave others much time to doubt. His Overlord mech had already rushed over.

Eagle Battle Team’s decision was impeccable. They dodged Overlord’s main point of offense. They had also researched Olivios’ ability intensely. Explosive and shockwave Ability X. Whether it still hid other effects, they were unsure. But the power was undisputable, and could not be met head-on.

Only, Roybad stayed a little closer. He would stop Olivios at the first instant. As a tank, there was nothing much to be afraid of.


In the moment that Olivios landed, Dendi’s Battle Team moved.

The beam saber imbued with the power of the tempest cleaved down. The sniper Ca.s.sia’s Ability X was light, and a moment of temporary blindness was created. Roybad, who had recovered some of his energy, crashed blindly forward. If he couldn’t crash Olivios to death he would at least knock him badly. Zhou Yu and Bebeto came from two different approaches. Zhou Yu’s high frequency attack and Bebeto’s acute attacks.

This was a barrage even more savage than Olivios’ attacks. Even with energy s.h.i.+elds, one would fall without question to the barrage and interaction of so many Ability X.


With a wild cry, Olivios’ spear and s.h.i.+eld weaved a defensive barrier.

Everyone was stunned.

Energy s.h.i.+elds might be destroyed quickly, but such varied Ability X was something that n.o.body could block.

However, the weirdest thing happened. Olivios not only blocked it, but the Overlord mecha still had leftover power. It directly leaped and landed in front of Gold Wheel mecha, the long spear piercing its breast.

Heavenly Overlord Stream – Eternal Body!

The Arbiters’ counter attack was here. Slayer was attacking furiously from the middle distance. The scout Bebeto was the second one to explode.

Simba’s attacks were tying down Roybad. He had no intention of immediately defeating Roybad, but simply wanted to keep him out of the rest’s hair.

Finis.h.i.+ng off the Gold Wheel, Olivios was unstoppable. The real Overlord spoke no reason.

Facing his huge s.h.i.+eld against Dragon G.o.d, he fired a short distance Sky Rocket Cannon. Such a thing took a tremendous toll on the pilot’s body, but Olivios was like a machine. A pilot who had actually withstood the attack of five, and was still fine. BOOM…

Dragon G.o.d mecha was. .h.i.t from the front, but Dendi blocked it. He constantly used the Wind s.h.i.+eld to block it. The impact did not pose too much of a wound, and the mecha spun at a high speed in preparation to deal with Olivios.

But Dendi had underestimated Olivios. He was not a fool, not a warrior who only knew how to attack barbarically.

Heavenly Overlord Stream – Skyward Consciousness!

Overlord mecha flipped over, palms holding the ground. With a diagonal kick, it prepared to leave the advancing Dragon G.o.d mecha behind. Dragon G.o.d mech shuddered, and Olivios’ kick was charged with shockwave power.

Of course, this blow was not fatal. What was fatal was the knife in the back.

Ca.s.sia had arrived!


It was a power similar to Luo Fei’s. Once you were within the ability area of effect, the pilot’s concentration would be affected. Illusions or strange effects could be created.

Normally, Dendi would not fall to such a move, but this was a Battle Team battle.

Almost at the same time, Dendi returned a blade imbued with the chilling wind. It cut down the Soul Reaper who was in mid-air, but there was no way to save the situation.

Arbiter victory!

This was not a complete victory. At least in terms of battle tactics, Arbiter was still weaker. But… D*mn, the strong had no friends.

This was the barbaric and tyrannical Arbiter.

This was Olivios!

At this time, Elite Academy people had realized something. The loss to Lear had been purposeful by Olivios. If he could withstand the combined Ability X of Eagle Battle Team, he could not have fallen to Dynasty Battle Team.

Body of steel – Olivios!

Arbiter’s military schools were very calm, although their eyes shone with limitless pride. They were unstoppable.

Long live the great Arbiter Empire!

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 844 - So Strong He Has No Friends!

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