Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 876 - Cross… Academy

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Chapter 876: Cross… Academy

Translator: Abyssruler, Atla.s.studios Editor: Lucas, Atla.s.studios

The voice of this Furry Mascot was not bad. It was a pity though, looking at the swollen body, there was an 80 to 90% chance that she was a dinosaur. The quality of voices usually was the opposite of looks.

“Cla.s.smate, actually there is a meeting later. Each formal member has to find a science lover. Could you help me? Just go and listen.” The Furry Mascot rubbed her two huge furry paws.

Zhang Shan’s heart softened. Since he was not aiming for anything, it was good to have a change of environment too. Once he thought of the science symposium, Zhang Shan’s first thought was a gathering of dinosaurs. After all, student Zhang studied physics in the past. Those symposiums… they were all hard to look at.

Seeing Zhang Shan nod his head, that Furry Mascot took off her headgear and flashed a bright smile. “Thank you. I’m Er Yu, how about you?”

Student Zhang Shan was petrified. He looked at this angelic blonde haired girl in front of his eyes. He finally understood the phrase to get results effortlessly after having exhausted all efforts.

The symposium was arranged to be at the library. Zhang Shan only knew, after he had reached, that this club was quite famous in Roland Garros. The mentors in charge were all professors from the Roland Garros University.

Very quickly, the official symposium started. It was not just Er Yu who needed to recommend someone new. There were 5 more students like Zhang Shan who came here to experience it.

The opening of the symposium was the self-introduction of the new students who were here for the experience. These 5 experiential members had quite the background and had the attention of many people.

Zhang Shan was the last to self-introduce. Er Yu was obviously very nervous and stared at him with her big eyes.

Zhang Shan smiled and stood up.

“Hi everybody, I’m Zhang Shan.”

Then he sat down again.

Silence. It was over? Could he be even simpler?

“Ahem, student Zhang Shan, we don’t know which department you are from.” A girl called Xu Qian asked. It was obvious she and Er Yu had quite good relations.

“Oh, the mecha department.” Zhang Shan continued to smile.

Instantly all the gazes concentrated on him. This type of newcomer event was actually important yet not really focused on. The important thing was that this was the only way to expand the influence of the club and maintain the vitality of its members. Even more so, it was to improve the members’ interpersonal skills, rather than really having a need to recommend new members. Under this premise, it was logical that the self-introductions of the experiential members were not of primary concern.

But, a mecha department student had come here?

This was strange.

Er Yu and Xu Qian were also stunned. They never thought that Zhang Shan would be an all brawn no brains mecha department student. He looked so scholarly, so they thought he was from the business stream or something.

The others smirked out loud. What was a mecha department student coming here to experience? To Experience the feeling of listening to the Bible?

“What is a mecha department student doing here?” a voice sounded.

Zhang Shan laughed. “I heard that there are free drinks here, so I came.”

Everyone was stunned. Not to say that there was any conflict, but in school, the mecha and science departments were two different paths, even business or the arts were better.

The final newcomer was introduced and formal discussions began.

It was an open discussion and the questions were not prepared in advance. Instead, they were raised on the spot. The questions were not raised one by one either, but were all written on a big blackboard at a side. Those who were interested in the same problem would gather and brainstorm together. Halfway through, they could also go to other discussion groups to give their opinion. Once they had the answers, they would verify the answers through the library’s network.

Zhang Shan was just an audience member. More often, he just stared at Er Yu. In his mind, he was thinking about something else.

The Soul Reaper’s movements were like a ghost. Could his Wind G.o.d escape when the Soul Reaper was dealing with its fatal blow… No, it was not enough just to escape. He was a scout. If he only knew how to escape, what was the point?

Mayi Equation, Sanjia Law…

Everyone was engaged in intense discussions. Their interest in the mysteries of the universe was obvious, and Zhang Shan was really here just to have free drinks. Seeing his frown, it was obvious that he did not understand a single thing.

Er Yu also felt a little embarra.s.sed. “Sorry for troubling you.”

Zhang Shan smiled. “No, it’s very interesting.”

“Interesting? Student Zhang Shan, science is a very serious and grand truth!” a decent-looking spectacled man said seriously. He was very dissatisfied with Zhang Shan’s perverted gazes at Er Yu. It was only because of restraint and grace that he did not speak up.

Zhang Shan smiled and did not answer. He just kept looking at Er Yu. “How can a pretty girl like you be interested in physics?”

Zhang Shan noticed that the discussions that Er Yu partic.i.p.ated in were basically all on physics.

Er Yu was blus.h.i.+ng slightly after being praised as pretty. “My dream is to be like Xiao Fei… Ah, do you know Prof. Xiao Fei…”

“Hehe, quite familiar.” Zhang Shan was laughing out loud in his heart. Boss Xiao was very powerful now. She had conquered Roland Garros already.

“Am I thinking too highly of myself?”

“And I want to be a general who leads the entire fleet.”

Er Yu laughed again. “Oh yes, I still don’t know which college you are from.”

“Cross Academy…” Zhang Shan was about to answer when Xu Qian walked over and pulled Er Yu over. “Er Yu, come over and help me with a calculation. I don’t know who came up with such a perverted question. After discussing for so long, I still can’t get a solution…”

Er Yu’s eyes lit up and she immediately focused her attention on the discussion of the new question.

Zhang Shan opened his mouth and followed them. When he looked at the problem, he frowned. Obviously, the difficulty was higher than those before, and there were too many variables. Ignore one and the whole thing would be wrong.

This discussion group was a bit quiet. Some were calculating, and some were racking their brains for ideas.

Zhang Shan touched his chin for a while. He also needed to do quite a lot of thinking about this problem. “How about using the Zute formula?”

Subconsciously, Zhang Shan also immersed himself in the discussion group and gave his opinion.

“Who is making a joke? How can we use Zute, it’s such a low-level formula…”

However, Er Yu entered the calculations immediately. “Ah, the first variable is solved!”

The discussion group was quiet again. “Wh-wh-wh, who was it?”

It suddenly became intense again.

Zhang Shan touched his chin, but no one looked at him at all.

F*k, they all failed to recognize his great talent.

Er Yu was now immersed in her fast calculations. Soon, the second variable was solved as well. As the known conditions increased, the latter problems were no longer problems. After a few minutes, she wrote down the answer.

But was this answer correct or wrong?

Verification was through the Roland Garros knowledge base connected through the library. The reason why this symposium club was famous was that it had the authority to search the knowledge base.

However, there was a problem this time. “It involves the level of experimental confidentiality, and it is impossible to verify immediately…”

Xu Qian, who was responsible for the verification, frowned and shook his head at everyone.

Obviously, this wasn’t the first time. Everyone smiled helplessly. “Well, some of the key data involved are really very sensitive. Even if it is the mentors, they might not have the authority to make an immediate search. An application will be needed. After getting permission, you will then be authorized once to make a specified search of the knowledge base.”

Several older members explained the situation to new members who have not experienced such a thing.

Zhang Shan was stunned. There was such a thing?

Zhang Shan did not care at all whether or not this answer was right or wrong. He had been away from physics for too long and he did not have the talent of w.a.n.g Zheng. It was just that when he looked at the focused and eager looks of Er Yu, he suddenly thought of his former self. He could not help but shake his head. It seemed like he was really a mech warrior now. Yes, he was a mech warrior. Since he embarked on this road, he would not look back. Since he was a warrior, he would not fear, no matter who his opponent was!

He walked to one side and dialed w.a.n.g Zheng’s Skylink.

Soon, Zhang Shan received an authorization code that was valid for a one-time search within five minutes.

He walked to the search position that Xu Qian was occupying, “Can I try?”

Xu Qian was stunned for a moment and glared at Zhang Shan. You, a temporary subst.i.tute actor, why not just be good and drink your free drink honestly…

“Zhang Shan, this is…” Er Yu also came over.

“I’m just trying. I won’t destroy anything.” Zhang Shan smiled and waved his hands lightly. Xu Qian could not help but free out the position. After sitting down, Zhang Shan quickly entered the authority code and made a search of the question in the knowledge base. The spectacled man stood at one side and had a look of disdain.

Beep… authority granted.

Time limited: ten minutes

Number of times to search the knowledge base: one

Soon, the answer was verified and the data was perfectly matched to Er Yu’s calculations. Both Er Yu and Xu Qian stared blankly at Zhang Shan. Even their mentor had to apply for permission, how could he make the search immediately…

At this time, the others also felt that something was wrong. Those present were all smart people, especially the discussion group on this problem. They could already confirm that the person who suggested the Zute formula was Zhang Shan!

“Thank you for your free drink. Till we meet again.”

Zhang Shan smiled slightly, turned, and left. He could feel the burning gazes behind him. The silhouette of a brother’s back must be tall, broad, and gorgeous enough. F*k, this was the realm of acting high and mighty. It was so satisfying!

Silence filled the place. “Ah, Er Yu, which school is this Zhang Shan from?”

Er Yu shook her head. “It seems to be a cross… academy?”

“Oh my G.o.d, Elite Academy X!”

“Do you have his Skylink?”

Er Yu continued to shake her head… Elite Academy X, this was the hottest place right now. Elites from various countries in the Milky Way Alliance gathered there. Although it was mainly focused on military services, recently the Greatest King compet.i.tion organized by them was popular throughout the Milky Way Military Academy. The scale of this compet.i.tion was huge. Those who were eligible to partic.i.p.ate were known as the most outstanding warriors of the current Milky Way Alliance, the future generals, an existence that defends the Milky Way Alliance.

“Then did you give him your Skylink?”

Er Yu shook her head again…

Zhang Shan, who had returned to Inner Roland, was also a bit confused. Wasn’t his image s.h.i.+ning enough, why wasn’t the girl contacting him?

Suddenly, Zhang Shan remembered a very serious problem, that is, the other party did not have his contact information at all… F*k, it was a must to leave his Skylink number before acting all high and mighty!

Shaking his head dejectedly, a confident smile reemerged on Zhang Shan’s face. Let go of the past, and look at the future. He was Zhang Shan, a mecha warrior, a scout!

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 876 - Cross… Academy

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