Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 987 - The Master of Time

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Chapter 987: The Master of Time

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Under the circ.u.mstance of making steady progress, the speed of Asura was not considered fast. They should have met their opponent by now, but why was it so quiet?

At this moment, it was just a matter of one sentence. Beo felt that he should communicate with the team. If the other lines were also so quiet, then there was a problem.

However, Heracles did not intend to give Beo this opportunity. The timing to attack was based on a feeling. The silent mecha suddenly all started their engines together. The Phantom King, a G.o.d-like mirage, floated and attacked Beo directly.

Based on the Ox Demon’s speed, the four mech warriors would surely kill him. When everyone saw Beo stop, all of them held their breaths. This battlefield scene surpa.s.sed normality, but there was no use.

Almost at the same time, the other members of the Asura battle team moved closer immediately, and rushed directly into the midfield. They did not help the Ox Demon. What kind of courage did the Imperial Glory have to dare to use this kind of stupid tactic?

Marzu took the lead. Di Maria’s BS001 was in front of him. The other members of Asura had already swiftly surrounded Di Maria.

Facing the enemy’s sneak attack, Beo did not escape. At this time, if he thought about how to escape, he would die faster. After a loud, explosive sound, the Ox Demon met up with them. As a warrior of Arbiter, they must be ready to sacrifice themselves at any time.

Facing the frontal ambush from the Phantom King, the Ox Demon suddenly slammed into it. The Phantom King exploded – it was an energy clone. The Ox Demon did not continue to fight, but slammed into the building beside. As long as it crashed into it, he could delay for more time


A laser shot out precisely, hitting the Ox Demon directly, making it stumble. Jin Yaoer and Annil started attacking.

Unexpectedly, Annil turned out to be a heavy mech pilot. The Royal Guard descended from the sky. Its huge s.h.i.+elds directly repelled the Ox Demon. Jin Yaoer and thr Phantom King started attacking.

They did not want to consume too much Ability X, especially their core Ability X. For this battle, the Imperial Glory battle team had a clear plan. If they had more power, they would be more confident in winning the final battle.

But at this time, no one cared about the Ox Demon, and no one cared about the success or failure of the tactics.

What was this???

At the midfield, the three mech warriors, Marzu, Olivios, and Sweeney, were stalled by Di Maria.

The three mech warriors seemed to be trapped in a quagmire, slowly advancing in slow motion. Surrounding Di Maria’s BS001 was a colorful and glaring force field – Time Quagmire.

Moreover, this was a mid-grade B-rank Ability X!

Inside the mech, Di Maria’s face was full of supreme pride. This was the gap. In some things, this group of country b.u.mpkins would never catch up with him, even with their lives. What Arbiter, what Van Brothers? In front of him, they were all rubbis.h.!.+

Within the Time Quagmire, there was a time deceleration. Everyone’s actions and even their consciousness would be slowed down, including Di Maria’s.

This meant that even if the opponent had the Ability X to break through the blockade, they would be much slower than usual.

This was the time difference.

This was the time master, Di Maria, the real human aristocrat!

He wanted to achieve victory by himself and win the MVP for the most beautiful princess in the world.

Simba’s Annihilator realized the change and did not enter. The sniper rifle fired, but the laser also slowed down in the Time Quagmire. Although it hit the energy s.h.i.+eld of Di Maria, it was useless.

At the other battlefield, Beo had been smashed alive. Will was useless in front of absolute power.

Aslan warriors rushed to the battlefield in the midfield. The advantage had been established. As long as Di Maria stalled their opponents, victory belonged to them.

This tactic was also questioned before the battle. The most important thing was whether or not Di Maria could hold on. This was not a joke. If it was other people, it would be fine, but their opponents were Marzu and Olivios.

But Aina nodded her head. Although she did not know how strong Marzu was, based on Di Maria’s ability, he could do it.

Every second was crucial at this moment.


Suddenly, a ray of spiritual light exploded. The speed of Marzu’s Conqueror mech increased. Olivios’s Slayer, which was following closely, also sped up. Di Maria began to retreat. Three seconds later, Marzu’s Conqueror mech rushed over with a dash. The force field dissipated, but Di Maria smiled slightly and piloted the mech to the corner of the building quickly. When he was turning, you could feel his ridicule.

This Ability X was a bit buggy.

Zhang Shan was stunned. This was not tactics. This was completely unreasonable. Marzu and Olivios gave chase at full speed. After all, the distance was very close. It was impossible to escape completely. As long as they killed Di Maria, then it would not be a loss.

The two mech warriors glided and made a turn at the same time. Di Maria’s BS001 was not far away. Marzu and Olivios turned around almost immediately.

But it was too late.

At the back, Sweeney had been pierced through by Di Maria’s BS001.

Retracting the beam saber, Di Maria did not retreat. There was also no need to retreat, because his team had arrived.

Time Illusion.

It was the physical body who left, but it actually did not leave. This was a small trick of the Time Ability X, and it depended on the ability user himself.

Time was the n.o.blest existence in this universe, and he was the same. He was born to serve Princess Aina as the perfect couple in the universe, leading the Aslan Empire to dominate the world.

This was the hunger and thirst buried deep in Di Maria’s heart!

The tactic was completely successful. When Sweeney piloted the Soul Reaper through the previous position of BS001, the BS001 would return to its previous position. Also, at the moment of arrival, time would give Di Maria’s attack a terrible tearing ability. What was important was that even scouts like Sweeney could not react in time. In the face of time, the ability of stealth was extraordinarily childish.

Di Maria, who had the power of time, could easily see through these little tricks.

Finally, the two teams gathered in the midfield. The difference was that they had exchanged positions, and the Asura battle team lost two mech warriors.

“All along, everyone always liked to compare Asura and Imperial Glory. In fact, this is not what we, the Imperial Glory, want to see. We are two completely different teams, different styles. After this battle, there will only be Imperial Glory.”

Di Maria said. His voice was very calm, but his suppressive aura was already released. It was his world!

He had taken on four opponents by himself and killed off one. You must know that his opponents included Marzu and Olivios.

The best way to spur on Aslan’s warriors was to use Aslan’s glory!

Marzu’s Conqueror mech waved its hands, and the Annihilator retreated. Di Maria also smiled and waved his hand, and Lu Die disappeared.

Sniper versus sniper, so the battle would not be disrupted and it was still four versus two.

The Asura battle team was at an absolute disadvantage. If this was just an internal compet.i.tion in the academy, then it was fine. However, countless students from military academies in the Milky Way Alliance were watching now. While Di Maria was talking about Imperial Glory and Asura, he was also talking about Aslan and Arbiter.

On this kind of battlefield, no one would say that Di Maria was arrogant. This was a stage that required strength. What was required was toughness. Modesty was already long outdated. This was the confidence that a strong country should have.

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 987 - The Master of Time

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