The Charm of Soul Pets Chapter 1175: Soul Pet World Top Organism

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When Princess Jin Rou said the leader would find some quality emperor rank devil souls to sign pacts with them, Chu Mu already wanted to accept it. Though he didn’t need any devil souls, Mu Qingyi, Ye Wansheng, and Prince Chao all needed the devil souls to raise their strength. Yet, Princess Jinrou very thoughtfully gave Chu Mu a surprise.

Now that the enemies they were meeting were getting stronger and stronger, especially with the chance of meeting people as powerful as Wu Zhen again, he couldn’t always rely on Mo Xie.

More importantly, the Evil Good Queen’s strength was rising, and if Chu Mu couldn’t keep up, his seal and soul pact wouldn't be able to restrict her.

Seeing Chu Mu agree to help the devil soul find its Home Searcher, Spectral Jinrou smiled gratefully and floated over near Chu Mu.

“I slept for so long…” The spectral Jinrou floated between the trees and gra.s.s like a b.u.t.terfly, humming a tune.

She indeed slept for a long time, and rarely could start moving around freely without any worry.

Sadly, as a ghost, she couldn't smell the gra.s.s, couldn’t feel the wind blowing, nor coulds he feel the cool water.

Bai Yu sat beside her. Seeing spectral Jinrou smiling, he couldn’t help but smile gratefully too.

However, Bai Yu could tell that spectral Jinrou was still let down in many places. Remembering Chu Mu mentioning that the Limbo Flower could revive Jinrou, a glimmer of hope came to Bai Yu.

Bai Yu knew very clearly that since the Limbo Flower was at the same level as Hades, to truly get the Limbo Flower’s help would require absolute strength. Or else, facing truly high ranking organisms, weak ants wouldn’t be able to make requests.

After Ye Wansehng and Prince Chao heard that they could get devil rank devil souls, they were all excited and couldn’t help but fly to Cloud City right there and then and find the Home Searcher devil soul.

After entering the cloud realm, their fighting strength clearly couldn’t keep up with Chu Mu and Bai Yu. They never want to be deadweight, especially after this Wen City battle. They all recognized that dominator ranks were top tier in cloud realm, but definitely not a true dominator of everything.


Their next stop was obviously Cloud City.

They still had a very important thing to do in cloud city, which was to make New Moon Ground independent. And after the fight with Wen City Border Commander Wu Zhen, Chu Mu realized that it indeed wasn’t a simple task. Before he could raise his other soul pets’ strengths up, the event had to be put away for later.

Going towards cloud city, everyone continued to train.

Soul pet trainers couldn’t exist without fighting. Ye Qingzi also needed many xuan qualities of all kinds to create xuan items.

Between Cloud City and Wen city was a large bewildering world, an empire that extended out of Guangtong Bewildering World.

A large group of travellers usually would decide to avoid this soul pet empire when entering cloud city. However, if they pa.s.sed straight through it, they could let their soul pets train and also save a lot of time, so all of them unanimously agreed to do so.

Before this, Spectral Princess brought Chu Mu and the others towards a short term resting ground of the devil soul species. This devil soul home had many devil souls that were waiting for their leader to come back.

The devil soul leader was heavily wounded. Up until now, it was still sleeping in Princess Jin Rou’s soul pet s.p.a.ce, sending messages through Princess Jin Rou to protect its species.

From Princess Jin Rou, they found out that the devil souls were escaping in ten packs. The devil souls in the Marsh Mountains were one group. The home searcher among them went towards Guangtong Bewildering World to look for a suitable place to live. Once found, all the scattered and hidden devil souls would start migrating towards their new location. When their resources truly expired, they would move to a new place again.

There was, in reality, more than one home searcher, but every searcher could only find a limited amount of place. To ensure more of their species survives, the devil soul leader must find this home searcher or else their species would slowly go extinct from being unable to find new homes.

“Every species has a period of downfall. They either renew themselves stronger than ever or get eliminated by the rules of nature in favor of better suited species. The stronger the species, the easier they are to go extinct because power causes their reproduction ability to be restricted. The soul pets that truly understand nature will look to get stronger at the same time it creates a good environment for its offspring. This way, the species can live on forever…..” Old Li conveyed this idea to everyone.

This wasn’t the first time Old Li spoke of the concept of species. Chu Mu slowly was understanding the meaning of nature.

“Young master, legends say that, other than reading minds, the devil soul also has somewhat of an ability to detect the future. Since such devil soul leaders choose to find them for help, maybe young master will have many unknown encounters with this devil soul. Being able to come in contact with an undead rank organism is a sign that young master may reach the true pinnacle of the world. Of course, young master can just act like I’m encouraging you with nonsense.” Old Li said.

“Old Li, what’s the strongest organism?” Chu Mu couldn’t help but ask.

Right now, Chu Mu’s mind had an idea of Undead Rank, as well as the supreme Upper Level Foxes. Adding on the ancestral level Limbo Flower and Evil Good Flower…..

Were they all the most powerful organisms? What was the difference between them?

“The strongest, this concept is too fuzzy. No one can give an accurate definition but one thing was for sure; Undead rank organisms are definitely at the peak of the natural world. Let’s take Hades Fox Supreme Purple Emperor. Young master, haven't you noticed that even now, you can’t give Mo Xie an accurate rank estimate?” Odl Li said.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded.

Chu Mu indeed didn’t know what rank Mo Xie was. High cla.s.s dominator rank? Yet why didn’t it feel like it? It was as if Mo Xie had some energy within her that couldn’t be released.

“This is because of young master. Normally, the little fox should have jumped from top tier emperor rank straight to top tier dominator rank. In reality, this Hades Fox Supreme Purple Emperor is indeed top tier dominator rank, but the young master’s soul pact is too weak to sustain such a powerful organism. Little fox is very attached to young master and couldn’t possibly betray you, so Mo Xie on one hand is restricted by the soul pact, but she also is self sealing her power to ensure the soul pact doesn’t break.”

“Then this means my soul remembrance is preventing Mo Xie from getting stronger?” Chu Mu asked.

Old Li nodded. “If young master were middle remembrance spirit dominator, little fox should be able to reach top tier dominator rank strengths. Then, defeating that rock wing dragon would have been a piece of cake….. That’s my estimate!”

“Alright, back to my remembrance.” Chu Mu rubbed his temples, silently annoyed about, without capturing a devil soul, how could he surpa.s.s the ninth remembrance spirit emperor bottleneck. One had to know that after they saved the home searcher, even Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao may already be in spirit dominator rank.


In the process of going straight through the soul pet empire, Chu Mu brought Ning and Ghost Monarch King’s training process to 90% and 100% respectively. WIth a bit of xuan item in the future, they could both enter dominator rank.

Also, Chu Mu slightly strengthened binding wind spirit and little hidden dragon’s training.

Binding Wind Spirit had just reached dominator rank and needed a lot of training to reach low cla.s.s dominator rank soon.

Little hidden dragon was truly just a pseudo dominator rank. With its many types, it could fight low cla.s.s dominator rank. Even if Chu Mu didn't reach spirit dominator rank, he could strengthen little hidden dragon. The only issue was the xuan items that little hidden dragon needed weren’t so easily found. Chu Mu could only put hope on the devil soul commander’s xuan item, which can hopefully bring little hidden dragon’s strength up.


Before entering cloud city, everyone first stopped in Guang City to rest.

Guang city was a third rank city and was slightly smaller than even wanxiang city.

Luckily, Ye Qingzi found third rank wind type xuan quality in the dominator arnk exchange rate. However, for these xuan items, they almost spent all the wealth they acc.u.mulated through training. Furthermore, it was merely for Ye Qingzi to experiment, meaning the success rate was near zero.

Everyone was prepared for Ye Qingzi to spend a lot of money, so they didn’t mind.

Both Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao liked this city a lot and wanted to stay for longer. The reason was simple; there were far more females than male in this city. This caused Ye Wansheng to want to go back again and again. He wanted to give up even the emperor rank devil soul request.

“Can’t you stop being this casual?” Ye Qingzi was used to Ye Wansheng being like this. However, hearing that he brought Prince Chao along too and thinking that her vulgar brother may influence Chu Mu, she had to warn him!

“There are three women in the team, and none of them are for Prince Chao and I. We’re normal people too.” Ye Wansheng said in a very matter-of-fact way.

Ye Wansheng said it loud enough for everyone to hear. Chu Mu decisively acted like he heard nothing. If he didn’t do anything wrong, there was nothing to be afraid of.

Mu QIngyi was slightly embarra.s.sed but acted the same way.

Spectral Jinrou laughed lightly, “I count even in this form?”

“Want us to find a prost.i.tute for you in the team?” Ye Qingzi said coldly.

“Uh, someone with good bloodline please. Chu Mu said that we have to come with the intention of bettering our offsprings and fighting for the extension of our species…..” Ye Wansheng slowly tapered off as he met his sister’s cold gaze, smiling awkwardly towards Chu Mu.

Chu Mu turned the other way, and acted like nothing happened. He firmly believed that angering Ye QIngzi was a deeply unwise decision.

The Charm of Soul Pets Chapter 1175: Soul Pet World Top Organism

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