Tales Of Herding Gods 653 Pitting Wits Across Space

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Ling Yuxiu's heart trembled slightly. She said in a hushed voice, "Grandmaster has lived for ten thousand years, and he is skilled in the divine arts of all of the divine arts! Aside from that, he had even gone to West Earth and Supreme Emperor Heaven, so he must have learned their divine arts too! Crimson Light Son of G.o.d could observe and learn all of the main paths, skills, and divine arts of Eternal Peace just from him!"

Qin Mu was still surveying the stone statue, and he said leisurely, "The paths, skills, and divine arts he sees are merely shapes. He can't see the spirit of Eternal Peace from Grandmaster. Grandmaster doesn't have this kind of thing because the strength of his character is too soft. If he wants to see the spirit of Eternal Peace..."

He raised his head and curled his lips in a taunting smile. "He can see it from me!"

Ling Yuxiu laughed. "Show-off!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor said with a smile, "La.s.sie of Ling family, Mu'er isn't bragging. I can show you his spirit."

After saying those words, he tapped gently on the heart of Ling Yuxiu's brows. Ling Yuxiu's eyes instantly dimmed, but the heart of her brows gradually brightened. She could only see a blurry sight in front of her.

"Look at Mu'er," First Ancestor said.

Ling Yuxiu turned her head to look at Qin Mu. She immediately saw his spirit, and it was blazing like fire. He was not afraid of heaven and not afraid of earth. He dared to fight, and he dared to struggle!

Her heart trembled slightly. After a moment, the vision in her heart gradually recovered, and only then did she no longer see the spirit on Qin Mu's body.

"If your father, Emperor Yanfeng, is in front of you now, you will also see this sight. His spirit is even more intense than Qin Mu."

First Ancestor Human Emperor said meaningfully, "As the emperor who found an empire, you don't have to be the strongest one, however, you have to be the one with the biggest spirit and heart. Emperor Yanfeng is such a person. He has great willpower and great spirit that are even stronger than Mu'er. I have met Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor from afar once, and he doesn't have such an intense spirit. Emperor Yanfeng is the spirit that represents one era!"

Ling Yuxiu was taken aback. She had never expected an existence like First Ancestor to have such a high evaluation of her father!

Emperor Yanfeng's cultivation was inferior to Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. His apt.i.tude and comprehension were also inferior to Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Qin Mu. In other words, he was outstanding, but he wasn't top-notch.

However, Emperor Yanfeng was a core figure in Imperial Preceptor's reform. It was Emperor Yanfeng who had pushed for reform—break the G.o.ds in their hearts, and break the G.o.ds in the temple—to let divine arts be used for the people, and to let G.o.ds be used for the people. Despite this, his s.h.i.+ne was overshadowed by Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor.

'I want to be a person like father, and do even better than him!' She thought to herself.

After ten days, Pangong Tso was invited back to the palace, and he fought the divine arts pract.i.tioners of the floating world once more. Not only were there divine arts pract.i.tioners of Life and Death Realm, but there were also divine arts pract.i.tioners on Celestial Being Realm and Seven Stars Realm, amounting to several thousand divine arts pract.i.tioners.

The divine arts pract.i.tioners of Life and Death Realm were tasked to challenge Qin Mu, and in just ten days, their cultivation had actually improved by a considerable degree. Not only that, they could also execute the divine arts, paths, and skills that Pangong Tso had used before. They were incredibly proficient as though they had been practicing it for tens of thousands of years!

Pangong Tso was astounded and overwhelmed. He tried his best to fight these divine arts pract.i.tioners, nearly using all of his methods, but he was still more skilled than them. In the end, he defeated most of them, but he had also lost a few rounds.

This time, Crimson Light Son of G.o.d gave him enough time to rest, so he was always at his peak before he challenged the next person; therefore the battles were all abnormally intense.

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d was high above them, looking down on the battle below. He tilted his head to ask, "What are the envoys of Eternal Peace doing these past few days?"

A G.o.d beside him bowed down and said in a low voice, "The envoys of Eternal Peace are all doing nothing. They're just loitering around the city. These envoys are very curious and seemed not to have seen the outside world before. They kept staring at the stone statues in the city, and they took a long time in front of each statue, especially that envoy with the surname Qin. He just lies on the stone statue to stare. This past couple of days, he isn't that curious, but he has been painting the stone statues."

Crimson Light Son Of G.o.d raised his eyebrows. His eyebrows were sharp like curved blades, and they were very nice-looking. He thought aloud, "What a terrifying opponent. It's quite a th.o.r.n.y problem to have a talent like this in Eternal Peace."

That G.o.d beside him didn't understand what he meant.

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d took out a mirror. He covered it with a black cloth before handing it over to the G.o.d. "Take this mirror and find him. Remove the black cloth and s.h.i.+ne this mirror at him from afar, then cover it with the black cloth again. Once you've done that, bring it back to me at once."

The G.o.d was bewildered, but he still took the mirror and left quickly. Crimson Light Son of G.o.d continued to observe the battle.

After some time, the G.o.d brought the mirror back and said, "I have shone the mirror at the envoy of Eternal Peace and hurried back at once."

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d took the mirror and gently removed the black cloth. While his eyes stared at the mirror, the vertical eye in the heart of his brows was looking at Pangong Tso—he was breaking down his moves and deducing them.

Suddenly, Crimson Light Son of G.o.d froze. All his eyes were now staring fixedly at the mirror.

In the mirror, Qin Mu's back was facing him while he was examining a G.o.d statue. Beside him, a young girl and two huge eyeb.a.l.l.s were standing. At this moment, First Ancestor turned around, and his face seemed large and very pale. He also seemed to be very close to the mirror and was looking at it.

What stunned Crimson Light Son of G.o.d wasn't First Ancestor, it was Qin Mu. When this mirror was shone on him, it wasn't entirely focused on him. He saw that Qin Mu had a normal head and two arms, but there was another aura coming from the mirror—a fierce fighting spirit.

That fierce fighting spirit roughly transformed into two heads!

Apart from that, Crimson Light Son of G.o.d could faintly see the apparitions of arms under Qin Mu's armpits—they were four other arms!

These four arms and two heads were transformed from his vital essence, so they weren't physical at all!

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d narrowed his eyes as the sight in the mirror gradually vanished.

"Chi Xi, have you imparted Anasrava Fighting G.o.d Technique to the envoys of Eternal Peace?" Crimson Light Son of G.o.d summoned Chi Xi and asked.

Chi Xi shook his head. "This brat has stolen my G.o.d Execution Mysterious Knife, poisoned me, and tricked me into giving my treasure, so why would I impart him my technique?"

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d said with a sigh, "He is about to master it... No, he's close to creating his own Anasrava Fighting G.o.d Technique."

Chi Xi was shocked and speechless.

"While we are researching the techniques and divine arts of Eternal Peace, this person isn't slacking off. He is deducing the technique and divine arts of our Crimson Light Era. Even though he might not be able to attain the marvel of these techniques and divine arts, he has received the fearless spirit of Crimson Light Era."

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d sighed again. "Why is there such a troublesome person? Could he be Emperor Yanfeng that's disguised as an envoy? No, that's not right, he doesn't have the air of an emperor, and his realm isn't high..."

Chi Xi hurriedly said, "I've seen Emperor Yanfeng, and he is already a G.o.d. That brat couldn't be Emperor Yanfeng. Son of G.o.d, this person is called Qin Mu. Is he really that hard to deal with? He has never learned the divine arts of our Crimson Light Era, and even if he cultivate three heads and six arms, he won't be able to execute the corresponding divine art."

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d gently nodded his head and smiled. "I understand. It's just that his apt.i.tude and comprehension alarms me. Come, my men, continue to watch the envoys of Eternal Peace and report all of their actions to me. I want no details left out!"

Several G.o.ds immediately bowed before vanis.h.i.+ng.

Pangong Tso coughed up blood and collapsed on the ground, feeling exhausted and terrible.

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d's voice came over and said, "Chi Xi, take your disciple and let him recover. Come back after ten days."

Pangong Tso, who was sprawled on the ground, twitched twice.

Not long after, Crimson Light Son of G.o.d received news. "Eternal Peace's envoys have gone to a private school and started seeking knowledge with the children. The teacher is at a loss as to what to do with them. May I ask Son of G.o.d if we should chase them out?"

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d was flabbergasted. After pondering for a moment, he shook his head. "Emperor Yanfeng has granted us land and allowed us to open up schools and academies. I can't be more stingy than Emperor Yanfeng, so let them stay."

After four days, a G.o.d came forward to report. "Eternal Peace's envoys have studied for four days then they stopped going to school."

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d replied, "Investigate again. See what they are up to."

Two days later, a G.o.d reported, "Eternal Peace's envoy paid a visit to Executioner's palace and visited Pangong Tso. He also offered medicine to him, but Pangong Tso didn't dare to consume them. He threw those pills into the drain after the envoy left."

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d frowned. "What's the meaning of this? Investigate this further!"

"Son of G.o.d, Eternal Peace's envoy teased some women, and he got beaten up by Eternal Peace's princess. They raised quite a ruckus. People are brawling on the streets!"

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d's expression changed slightly, and he shouted, "Check on the situation! Remember, focus on Eternal Peace's envoy and observe his actions!"

After a moment, that G.o.d came back to report again. "The situation is in chaos. There are several hundred divine arts pract.i.tioners fighting on the street, and Eternal Peace's envoy and Eternal Peace's princess are watching the brawl from the side."

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d's expression changed drastically. "It's done, he has done it..."

The G.o.d who reported to him was puzzled.

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d walked to and fro while saying, "He went to a private school to learn the basic battle techniques of our Crimson Light—sword moves, fourteen basic sword forms, knife moves, seventeen basic knife forms, fist skills, body movements, pupil skills, and finger skills! In just four days, he has finished learning all of the basic divine arts! Once he mastered the basics, everything else will follow. However, he still has to see which step our Crimson Light's divine arts has evolved. The best way to observe the divine arts of our Crimson Light Era is none other than creating chaos. With several hundred divine arts pract.i.tioners brawling on the streets, all kinds of divine arts would be executed while he watches from the side..."

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d laughed. It was a hollow laugh—there was no smile on his face.

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d paused and said, "Wait a few more days then summon him after Pangong Tso's fight with my Crimson Light divine arts pract.i.tioners. I want to see the abilities of this Eternal Peace's envoy personally!"

After four days, Pangong Tso was invited into the imperial city. Crimson Light Son of G.o.d said to him, "Little Friend Pangong Tso, may you seal your divine treasures and fight with the divine arts pract.i.tioners on Seven Stars Realm and Celestial Being Realm?"

Pangong Tso instantly understood his intention, and he said in an embarra.s.sed tone, "Son of G.o.d, I think there's no need to compete. On the same realm, even if the disciples of Son of G.o.d surpa.s.s me by much, you can surpa.s.s that person."

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d was bewildered, and he asked with a smile, "Little friend, why have you said such sad words?"

Pangong Tso shook his head. "The disciples of Son of G.o.d are all fierce in battle, and they are no weaker than me. With Son of G.o.d's guidance, they have improved by leaps and bounds in these thirty days. There are already quite a number of people who can defeat me. But, compared to that guy with the surname Qin, they are still far inferior."

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d listened quietly while Pangong Tso said sincerely, "I have not fought him for a couple of days. After my seclusion, I have been fighting him all the time. In the past, I could still be on a par with him, but after my cultivation became higher than his, I can't even take one move from him. And now, even though I can fight with any divine arts pract.i.tioners of Crimson Light, I still don't dare to fight him. If Son of G.o.d wants your disciples to defeat him, even if they are personally taught by you, it will be too hard for them."

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d looked around and saw thousands of divine arts pract.i.tioners staring at Pangong Tso. It was obvious that Pangong Tso's words had left an impression that Qin Mu couldn't be defeated.

This was very bad.

Pangong Tso said solemnly, "If there's anyone here who can defeat me while at a realm lower than me, then maybe that person has the power to defeat him."

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d frowned. Pangong Tso opened his mouth to explain further, but he couldn't say anything. At that moment, he knew that Crimson Light Son of G.o.d had prevented him from speaking, and he thought to himself, 'I've already said what I needed to say anyway. Whether you guys believe me or not, it's up to you. You guys think you are just kicking a rock on the ground, but you will never expect that you are actually kicking a Mount Meru!'

He was delighted at being able to witness their incoming misfortune. 'You want to get confidence from me, but you are all fools. You are not expecting the terrifying monster you are about to face!"

Crimson Light Son of G.o.d broke into a smile. "In that case, please invite Eternal Peace's envoy."

"Summon Eternal Peace's envoy for an audience—"

Tales Of Herding Gods 653 Pitting Wits Across Space

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